The New Ferrari GTC4Lusso and The GTC4Lusso T

Ferrari’s very unfortunate model – the FF – was replaced recently. I assume Ferrari realised that FF mean #FridayFollow and that may not match the Ferrari’s brand identity. In order to make the new FF unique, they preferred a new brand name – the GTC4Lusso. Basically, it is a better and a more refined version of the FF. The navigation and the infotainment system is way way better than that of the FF. The engine is better and more efficient (I really wonder who cares). Still, the V12 is a naturally aspired engine.

The GTC4Lusso still offers enough for four people. Why do you need to carry four people inside a Ferrari? Two seats are more than enough – one for you and one for the additional boot space. An all-wheel drive system is still available to tackle the snowy roads of Monte Carlo but it doesn’t snow over there. And it still looks like a hatch-back. A Ferrari owner once told me that the Ferrari FF looks like his son’s BMW 1-Series. He has a point.

The GTC4Lusso T? For the first time, Ferrari offers an affordable version, the V8 Turbo engine, rear-wheel driven Ferrari GTC4Lusso.

Actually, it should have been called the GTC2Lusso to emphasise the lack of an all-wheel drive system and the naturally aspired V12 engine. This is a very smart move on the part of Ferrari to reach their annual 10,000 car production target. And I am sure it will work.

However, I would never buy a GTC4Lusso in the two-wheel drive option. The GTC4Lusso was created as an all-wheel drive car. A rear-wheel drive GTC4Lusso T will always remind me of two things, that the car’s owner has no idea about the Ferrari brand or couldn’t afford to buy a proper A GTC4Lusso.

Ferrari Gtc4Lusso T Ferrari Gtc4Lusso T Ferrari Gtc4Lusso T

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Ferrari FF, Ferrari California-T and Ferrari F12berlinetta

Ferrari FF, Ferrari California-T and Ferrari F12berlinetta. They were under the same room, in the same place, at the same time. Sounds like a extremely rare occurrence but it is possible. And thankfully, I manage to spot these three breathtaking Ferraris at HR Owen’s dealership in Knightsbridge, London.

I have written many times about Ferraris. I didn’t think that you’d be bothered about the lack of radar guided cruise control or if you could expect an extremely smooth ride from a Ferrari.

Just look and praise.
Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari California T Ferrari Brake Calibers Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari FF Ferrari FF Ferrari FF Ferrari FF Ferrari FF Ferrari FF Ferrari FF Ferrari FF Ferrari FF Ferrari FF Ferrari FF Ferrari FF Ferrari FF


Ferrari FF at Knightsbridge London | HR Owen

Ferrari FF from Knightsbridge, London. Actually that’s the expected habitat of the all-wheel drive Ferrari. However, I didn’t spot the Ferrari FF on the street, instead, it was at HR Owen Knightsbridge dealer. Personally, I really like the Ferrari FF, even though it is a bit ugly but the technology lying under the bonnet for the all-wheel drive system turns the ugliness into a charm!

Also, Ferrari FF is quite functional car! A proper boot, all-wheel drive, four seats and it is not a poser’s Ferrari!

Ferrari FF is powered by a 6,2-lt V12 engine with 660 HP and 683 nm. The top speed of FF is 335 km/h and only needs 3.7 seconds to reach 100 km/h! And the engine is coupled with a 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox with pedals behind the steering-wheel!

Ferrari FF offers a very distinctive and a unique driving experience, which you cannot find very easily on a sports car!


Practical Ways of Using Ferrari FF | Carrying Lumber

Practical ways of using Ferrari FF. The FF is the first hatchback from the iconic Italian brand Ferrari and also the first four-wheel drive on their product range. FF offers a large boots space, four proper seats and opportunity to use at any weather condition.
When a car company reveals a hatchback, there is always a risk of picturing the car with funny conditions. And it happened with the Ferrari FF in Virginia, USA. A Ferrari FF was carrying lumber, that’s what I call a proper way of utilising a hatchback :) And thanks to DMV Supercar Nation for the photo.
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DMV Supercar Nation

Luxury Holiday in Lake Garda: Villa Feltrinelli

Villa Feltrinelli is a hotel placed in north of Italy and next to Lake Garda. It is a great destination to have a holiday and experience your GT car such as; Bentley Continental GT, Ferrari FF or Bugatti Veyron. If you have Aston Martin or a diesel Mercedes S-Class, they will be welcome as well.

Villa Feltrinelli was opened to business on 1892 and its designed was inspired by neo-gothic. It was built by the Feltrinelli family and during the 1990s was acquired by the Bob Burns and since 2001, it serves as a world-class hotel.

Villa Feltrinelli offers 21 rooms with each of them features antique furniture and just a few steps away the Lake Garda. Vacations next to Italian lakes were well known by elite people around the world until George Clooney promoted the Lake Como and they became popular.

The price of staying in Villa Feltrinelli is not over expensive but also not that reasonable. If you can afford to drive to Lake Garda with your GT car, the pricing will not a be problem for you.











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