Ferrari SP12 EC by Eric Clapton

Ferrari SP12 EC is recently revealed by Ferrari. This is a new car but not totally new! It is based on a Ferrari 458. Ferrari 458 is also a new car but Eric Clapton decided to have something fresher than 458. Why mentioned Eric Claption, because he wanted to have something totally different. And Clapton went to Ferrari ‘s One-Off Programme to have a car that is really exclusive!

Ferrari One-Off Programme offers the opportunity to customise your car from the scratch. And Eric Clapton wanted to have a Ferrari 458 that looks similar to Ferrari 512 BB. As Clapton is a very loyal customer and ready to pay lots of money, so One-Off Programme designed Ferrari SP12 EC with Centro Stile Ferrari and Pininfarina.

Ferrari SP12 EC has the same technical details of Ferrari 458. 4.5-lt V8 petrol engine produces 570 PS of power and 540 nm of torque. Ferrari SP12 EC accelerates from zero to 100 kph (62 mph) in less than 3.4 seconds with the top speed of 325 kph (202 mph).

If you are planning to buy Ferrari SP12 EC, it is possibly impossible because it is designed under the Ferrari One-Off Programme. So, SP12 EC is really exclusive and Clapton wants to keep it exclusive as well!

What Clapton said about designing a car? Following the project through from what was, essentially, a blank canvas, was ‘one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done.” Unique and irreproducible like the final car.

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