Ferrari with decent back seats: MiTo

Hundred years of Alfa Romeo! 2010 is the 100th birthday of world’s one of the most iconic and sexy car brand. Even the Enzo Ferrrari raced for Alfa Romeo before he established his business Ferrari. Everyone in automotive world had direct or indirect relationship with Alfa Romeo.
100th anniversary started on their website, I did not see any special 100th anniversary limited edition cars or anything else or any activity on Alfa Romeo dealers yet! I guess Alfa Romeo forgot that this year was the 100th birthday. At least they could have offered some limited editions to make this year unforgetable.
Actually they made a special logo and of course t-shirts and other thing with those logo on their online store. Actually I was going to buy a 100th anniversary t-shirt but the delivery costs 10€ and t-shirt costs 21€! Very interesting!
On Sunday, I went to a Alfa Romeo dealer with my friend. He is planning to buy a Alfa Romeo MiTo, which is my favourite sexy super car. For that price tag, you cannot buy something better. Forget Mini, it is just an overpriced German car, go buy an Audi A1 and you feel better inside.
The main thing which I like in MiTo is the DNA switch. This switch let’s you to change the character of car by choosing from dynamic, normal and all weather. By choosing these three programmes, you are able to change the reactions of the car. This is a basic or cheap version of Ferrari’s Manettino switch which you can find in F430, 458, 599 and 612 models. This also changes the driving character of the car by choosing different programmes.
There was something missing in MiTo and that’s was dual clutch automatic gearbox. And hopefully, now you can have it in petrol engine! I don’t want to discuss about engineering thing, basically this automatic is extremely quick to your responses and you will be changing gears like in F1 car. Actually Ferrari 458 and California have the same transmission. It is excellent, don’t buy the manual :)
All these technologies can be read from their website and you will not be shocked when you experience them. However MiTo has something which usually does not appear in coupé Alfa Romeos! It has legroom in back seat :) I am serious, 1,86 metre adult can accommodate without any problem at the back seats :) So MiTo is small Ferrari with proper back seat :)
By the way; don’t miss to check matte grey Alfa Romeo Brera, despite its huge weight more than the moon, this car looks really great this new color.

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Alfa Romeo and Ferrari Websites

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Addiction to boot by Mercedes and BMW

Mercedes and BMW have something in common; they love to put a boot into every car they produce. That’s not something unusual and people are looking for a boot in a car. However, boot is a very relative subject for cars. If you are planning to sell your car to families, you suppose to offer a boot which is big enough swallow everything inside. It is same for SUVs also, it should take everything inside :)
But you should not try to imply this mentality into cars with huge amount of horsepower or cars which are suppose to be remembered as fast car! BMW and Mercedes are the two very interesting car manufacturer which are trying to attach bigger boot as they create bigger horsepower. Especially Mercedes attaches a boot to every car except CLK GTR. SLR has a boot, SL has a boot, SLS AMG has a boot and E 63 Estate and BMW M5 are just boots nothing more. And those boots are huge, believe me. They are too big! I really wonder which customer is preferring a very powerful car based on its ability for Sunday family shopping.
If people care too much about boot size, nobody would buy a Ferrari or Porsche. They will be bankrupted due to lack of demand but they make huge amount money!
This situation can be summarized for ladies; boots are like handbags. It suppose to swallow everything inside but at the same time, it should be fashionable. You cannot be fashionable, if you are carrying a luggage with you all the time! It will take everything inside but it will looking extremely dull! You don’t choose handbags based on their ability to swallow things inside, you prefer for their design and their look. For fast cars, it is the same! Nobody cars about the boot size :)
Mercedes and BMW’s approach to fast car is like; Louis Vuitton’s attempt to integrate luggage and handbag together to make something very functional! If you are going to buy a Mercedes E63 AMG Estate or BMW M5 Estate car, you will be trying to buy a luggage handbag :)
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Mercedes, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Porsche Websites

Mercedes SLS AMG with a DVD Changer

Mercedes SLS AMG, the most important thing for Mercedes nowadays. There is nothing more important than the SLS, in every country Mercedes is doing a PR campaign, special events, social networking activities and many things!
As I mentioned earlier, I never liked the McLaren Mercedes SLR or SLS AMG. My all time favourite is CLK GTR! These models are just replicas of 300SLR and very bad replicas. Actually I am not writing these to complain about SLS’s terrific design. I am writing this to highlight a super ultra pointless features of SLS AMG.
A car which is delivering more than 570 horsepower with double clutch transmission and reaching one hundred kilometers less than four seconds does not have standard ceramic brakes, in terms of Mercedes C-BRAKE! Wake up Mercedes, this is a not a diesel E Class, you are trying to compete with Ferrari, Lamborghini and other super car brands. And you are not offering ceramic brake as standard! Mercedes claims, SLS AMG has a very short braking distance! Really? I guess, if you buy the ceramic brakes it will have a very short braking distance.
I know cost is very important for manufacturing but your are not manufacturing A Class or something like that. Mercedes is asking huge amount money for something which does not have a proper brakes! But you will have something which is extremely important, extremely vital! A DVD changer :) Yes, you will the most stupid feature in one most of the most expensive car on earth, a DVD changer.
This means SLS AMG is so boring that, you have to have a DVD “changer”, one DVD is not enough, so that you will find something more interesting the SLS AMG :) On the other hand, due to safety you cannot watch DVD while driving. So what are you going to do with that pointless machine !?!
None of the Mercedes PR activities, I did not hear any word called aluminium! This car is the first mass product aluminium Mercedes and they don’t say it anywhere! Why? Should people find out?
And lastly, this car can only rev up to 6800 rpm! Hello! Ferrari 458 can climb up to 9000 rpm, this is the super car market. You must rev more! Mercedes A Class can rev up to 6800 rpm. So what is the point of placing a rev meter which is showing 9000 rpm :)
Again, Mercedes thought about a super car and ruined by passion :) Honestly, I would definitely buy a Ferrari 458 or Porsche 911 Turbo S or Lamborghini Gallardo instead of SLS AMG.

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No Comment: Scuderia Ferrari One by Cabestan (Watch) vs. Ferrari 599 HGTE

Today I found something very interesting! Ferrari’s new watch by Cabestan. I am not going to write my thoughts about this, I will be just posting the price of a watch and price of 599 HGTE!
Ferrari 599 HGTE: App. € 260 000
Scuderia Ferrari One by Cabestan: App. € 248 000
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Ferrari and Cabestan Websites

Brand new Ferrari just for €8500 !!!

There are approximately 3,3 billions of men on this planet. And most probably more than half of them have some emotional relationship with Ferrari or they won’t say no to a reasonable priced Ferrari! Honestly, this is a dream; a reasonable priced Ferrari !?! I guess this could happen when the premium of exchange shifts from money to something else :) Practically impossible!
This impossible dream now possible :) You can have a Ferrari, actually a Limited Edition model just for €8500! This is not a joke and it is brand new. It has an engine, couple of wheels, it goes forward and backward also and this is not a toy. And it is not fake either :) All of these just for €8500 and you can order it from internet.
The ugly truth of this story is; €8500 Ferrari is a Segway! Segway was suppose to be the most impressive invention of 21th century, a new way of transportation. It has only two wheels and you stand while you are driving it. I am pretty sure that, you saw this thing somewhere. Once I had chance to drive and it was something very interesting. This interesting senseless invention can be ordered from Ferrari Store Website for €8500. Honestly, this is the only Segway which can be driven. It looks really nice, especially the Ferrari touching parts made it very sympathetic.
If you are planning to buy this thing, just order the Ferrari edition, at least you could a Ferrari which can be driven to everywhere :)
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Ferrari Website

Ferrari in terms of Quantum Mechanics

Every new Ferrari always claims to be faster than other models. Ferrari 458 is faster than F430 was faster than F360 Modena and story goes like this. And every time it is getting harder to claim the new car is faster than the other. Because, they are approaching to the limits of physics for rear wheel cars! You can see from the zero to one hundred acceleration performance figures. Every new models is lower the number just couple of milliseconds or something like that. Ferrari just revealed a new 599; 599 GTO and it is only faster than the normal 599 by just 0.35 seconds for 0-100km/h acceleration! 0.35 seconds cannot be understood by normal human being unless you can feel how far your hair grow every morning.
But in terms of marketing this 0.35 seconds means a lot :) It is technically faster than previous model and also it is much faster in circuit and it goes on like this. The problem here is being rear wheel driven, as the power is sent just to tyres, they are not able to cope with so much power and they start to lose traction despite the help of electronic systems. And it is becoming very hard to lower acceleration values. If you are saying Bugatti needs only 2.4 seconds to reach 100 km/h, that is four wheel drive car!
In near future, Ferrari might need to define their acceleration value in terms of quantum mechanics. Because, it will be nearly impossible to calculate and totally impossible to realize the difference but marketing team have to do something and they will evaluate the acceleration value with quantum mechanics. So that, we won’t understand how fast the new Ferrari but we do know that it is so fast that even the normal physics cannot be able to calculate.
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Ferrari Website

Environmental High Heels !

Recently I read a news about Ferrari’s hybrid future. Due to government pressure, Ferrari will reveal a hybrid model on 2015! Why? Because, emission levels must go down. Very reasonable! Ferrari was the mother of global warming and when they offer hybrid Ferrari, world will be saved :)
But I am pretty sure that, many people will disagree with me and they will say; do you know the emission created by a Ferrari! They are consuming our future. A Ferrari is consuming and polluting our future? What future! I think you never seen or heard of Ferrari. Ferrari cannot be used like a stupid Toyota Corolla every day. Because, it does not have even have a proper boot. Yes, you cannot go to grocery and shop when you drive with a Ferrari.
There is not space. Yes, there is but you have to buy nearly nothing to fill it. And Ferrari’s are not very comfortable for daily driving. They are designed for different purposes. So, many Ferrari live their life staying in garage for long time and been driven just for weekends. There are only very few people are using their full potential and they are not doing that all the time!
If Ferrari is destroying and polluting our future, Christian Louboutin shoes have the same effect on ecological system. As they are made from real leather and every lady wants to own one and they do everything to buy one, so this increase the demand on leather and ecological chain will be destroyed :)
In summary, hybrid Ferrari’s impact on emissions levels are less then Christian Louboutin’s impact on leather business.
Pictures are taken from;
Ferrari and Christian Louboutin Websites

Sunday Surprise, Ferrari Enzo

If you are not living in UK now, I am pretty sure that weather is very nice and you are not reading this blog :) However, if you are in a place where the weather is totally catastrophic, I have a surprise for you.

Last year, I spotted a Ferrari Enzo in Knightsbridge, London. Due to low quality of Nokia E71 mobile phone, pictures are not that good but at least I wanted to share my photos with you.

For those of you who have no idea about Ferrari Enzo, that’s the Ferrari last super ultra sport car. Built in 2002 until 2004. It is producing 660 horsepower with 675 nm torque (that’s something very strong) and has a red line in 8000 rpm. This car is a road version of F1 car! And capable of doing 320 km/h without any hesitation!

Rapid(e) end of sexy Aston Martin ?

If you find this blog from Google (most probably), there is nothing going with Aston Martin! However, everything is not going very well either. Why? Recently I was reading about Ferrari’s new model 458 and 599 GTO. And I noticed, like many other people Ferrari is offering something totally different with every new model. Actually even the new variation of current models have something in different. Or more improved is the better word for that.
However, I cannot say the same with Aston Martin. Since Vanquish, I did not realize a serious technological in Aston Martin models. Sure; they are offering better quality, better design and more technology but not that much. DB9 and DBS; they are too much similar! Their interior, their gadgets, buttons and many other things. I was expecting to see double clutch auto or 8 speed auto gearbox. The main differentiating point of DB9 and DBS is their price! Yes, DBS is a replacement of Vanquish but it looks too much similar to DB9.
And I am checking Aston Martin website often to see something new about their cars and I was disappointed for a long time, until the Rapide! The four door Aston Martin is the best Aston Martin. Sorry Clarkson! It has two extra doors and may not reflect the Aston Martin heritage like DB9 but it is a harmony of contemporary technology with sophisticated heritage. And that’s what Aston Martin should do! Combination of past and future. The Rapide is the flash forward of Aston Martin and telling what the future models can offer! But please, try to engage the double clutch gearbox, even the VW Polo is offering that!
But whatever happens to Aston Martin, it will always be the most sexy car on earth! Not charming, totally sexy!
In order; Ferrari 458, Aston Martin DBS, Aston Martin Rapide
Pictures were taken from;
Aston Martin and Ferrari Websites

Enzo Ferrari: The Movie

Recently the movie business started to release movies related with brand creators. Karl Lagerfeld, German fashion designer; Valentino Italian fashion designer and Anne Wintour, Vogue’s legendary editor.

Sure, these movies are not like block buster ones, which you can watch in everywhere on earth but they are effective to understand who they are and what their brands are.

Founder of legendary Italian brand Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari has a movie also. It was shot in 2002 but nobody knows it. Actually it is quite hard to find its DVD even on internet. I don’t know why! And even in Ferrari Store’s web site, there is nothing called Enzo Ferrari Movie. They helped to make this movie but they are not selling the DVD, this is quite unusual for a company which is even selling paper weights with Ferrari logo.
This movie is explaining how the Ferrari brand was born and what sacrifices Enzo Ferrari suffered. It is not about just cars or engines, it is about a person’s life that is devoted to create a car. After this movie, I started to interpret Ferrari brand in a different way. I could see what is underneath this heritage. Hopefully we could still see the trace of this heritage in every Ferrari car and Enzo Ferrari’s sacrifices achieved the success.