10 Reasons to Love Ferrari

10 Reasons to Love Ferrari, I know there are more reasons to love Ferrari but this is my new content style. 10 Reason to…

1. That’s a Ferrari! 

No one can deny the attractiveness and the sexiness of a Ferrari. Even a 1200 HP Bugatti cannot create the same emotional feelings! A Ferrari is always a Ferrari.

2. Made in Italy! 

Italy is not an epic manufacturer in automotive industry. But no one would ever buy a Ferrari that is not manufactured outside of Italy. Probably Ferrari is the only Italian product to be purchased, because it is Made In Italy.

3. It is a dream! 

Yes, Ferrari knows this as well. Ferrari does not sell a product to travel from A to B, they sell a dream to live in real life. At some age, everyone dreamed to own a Ferrari. Don’t deny it :)

4. Power! 

Ferrari means power. But not too much power, Ferrari offers you the power that can be transferred to tyres! Ferrari does not manufacture the most powerful cars but they combine the ultimate level of power with the ultimate driving experience.

5. Design! 

Ferrari never looks ugly, never! That’s why you had five different Ferrari F40s when you were ten-year old (I had three F40s, two in red and one in black).

6. Formula 1! 

Ferrari means Formula 1. Every Ferrari has a Formula 1 DNA and technology underneath the bonnet. Literally, a Ferrari is a street-legal Formula 1 car.

7. Rare to spot! 

Ferrari is not a car that you can spot everyday. Some of the Ferraris, you only see once in your whole life!

8. Heritage! 

Ferrari was founded in 1947 but what they have done since that time cannot be achieved by many automotive companies.

9. Factory! 

Ferrari has the most environment and coolest factory on earth. They have trees and plants next to production line. Harmony of emotions and engineering.

10. Engine! 

That’s a Ferrari engine. No one can imitate its noise, no one can fake it. You always recognise the Ferrari’s engine noise. Even if you heard once, you will never forget it. 

Ferrari with Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is the latest feature from iPhone and available with your next Ferrari. I think the second part of the sentence hurts a bit. The CarPlay feature of iPhone literally, transfers your iPhone screen to your cars navigation screen. And you can use some of the apps on your iPhone through that screen. Quite cleaver and best way to avoid complicated car user interface. More applications will be CarPlay friendly, so don’t worry.
However, if you are gadget geek and want to play with this feature, you have to buy a Ferrari for now. But don’t worry; Mercedes, Jaguar, Hyundai, Honda and Volvo will be the first car manufacturers to offer this service with their vehicles. The list does not finish here; BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Kia, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Citroen, Peugeot, Subari, Suzuki and Toyota. But there are no brands involved from Volkswagen Group. This is quite interesting!

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McLaren P1 vs. Ferrari LaFerrari vs. Porsche 918 Spyder Specs

McLaren P1 vs. Ferrari LaFerrari vs. Porsche 918 Spyder. The most important question of the world! Okay, I know there are more important issues than comparing €1-million cars. But, the last time I saw this competition, there was no iPhone and Nokia was the leader of the market and Kate Upton was drinking her milk before sleeping. I mean the year, 2004! Ferrari Enzo vs. Mercedes McLaren SLR vs. Porsche Carrera GT. 
And during last one decade, we didn’t see any exciting cars like these. We had ordinary cars, except Bugatti Veyron and Pagani. As they are living on a different planet. I really love the competition between Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren. Which is my favourite? All of them :) 
But I will end up with a BMW i3, because it is cheaper to run. So, I have the words to compare these cars but, lack of the imagination to own one of them. Just compare the specs and decide which is your best.
Keep in mind, Porsche 918 Spyder is exempt from London congestion charge.

McLaren P1
Ferrari LaFerrari
Porsche 918 Spyder
6.3-lt V12
3.8-lt V6 twin turbo
Power / Torque
737 HP / 720 Nm
800 HP / 700 Nm
608 HP / 528 Nm
Electric Motor
179 HP / 260 Nm
163 HP / 270 Nm
281 HP / n/a
Total Power
916 HP / 900 Nm
963 HP / 970 Nm
887 HP / 1281 Nm
7-speed twin clutch
7-speed twin clutch
7-speed twin clutch (PDK)
Maximum rpm
> 7500
1395 kg
1255 kg
1685 kg
CO2 (No one really cares)
< 200 g/km
300 g/km
70 g/km
0-100 km/h
2.8 seconds
< 3 seconds
2.8 seconds
0-200 km/h
6.8 seconds
< 7 seconds
7.7 seconds
0-300 km/h
16.5 seconds
< 15 seconds
22 seconds
Maximum Speed
350 km/h
> 350 km/h
> 340 km/h


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Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia, I know this is not a very new Ferrari. And you can spot very easily around the world. Honestly, I have no idea how people can afford to buy a Ferrari 458 Italia so easily! Anyway, the reason I write about a Ferrari that was put into production on 2009 is, I never wrote about it.

Because, I find Ferrari 458 Italia as a main stream Ferrari. Like Golf to Volkswagen, Focus to Ford. Very easy to spot everywhere, despite the state-of-art technology, it is like a new iPhone. Every loves iPhone but we all know that it is not something really special nowadays.

The mutual thing with Ferraris and Apple products; every single new product is way faster than the previous one. And they emphasise it all the time.

However, I have to be fair. Ferrari 458 Italia features Formula 1 technology, V8 engine capable of revving up to 9000 rpm and many electronic gadget that are transferred directly from Formula 1. Thanks to these technologies, 458 Italia produces 562 HP and 540 Nm of torque. And the engine is coupled by a double clutch automatic. Official results says, 3.3 seconds is enough to reach 100 km/h but unofficial people say, it is achieved by cheating (Ref. Chris Harris’s YouTube video). The top speed is 325 km/h.

In terms of technology, 458 Italia is a unique car but in terms of exclusivity, I cannot say the same. I am sure many Ferrari lovers will not agree with me but we all have different thoughts and that turns our world into a better place :)


The Best Looking Car at Night from the Rear-End

Cars at night, here is the photo of the supercars with their tail lights at night. BMW Z4 is not a supercar but I have no idea how it ends up on this list. And also, I really wonder why there is no McLaren and Jaguar. I am definitely sure that, both of these brands look fantastic at night.

Smartwatch | Nissan Nismo vs. Pebble, Apple iWatch, Sony, Samsung

Nissan Nismo smart watch is something really extraordinary for automotive industry. Due to heritage of the automotive business, they love to introduce digital technology after half a decade later. We still don’t have HD cameras on cars! Or the board computer interface is like first generation of IOS. Automotive companies are very good making thing from metal and create combustion inside chambers. However, smartwatch business is something extraordinary and slippery. 
Smartwatch business became popular with Pebble watch on Kickstarter website and managed to generate $10-million in less than a month. However, Pebble is pretty slow at manufacturing. After the Pebble, Sony introduced a smart watch, Samsung introduced a smart watch literally with no battery life and we were expecting to see iWatch but not yet. 
So the smartwatch business will be the hot topic of future and will be ignored by automotive companies because what is the point. Actually, there is a very solid point. Cars are gadgets, people are not looking forward to smell burning clutch or use manual gearbox in a start-stop traffic for three hours. People want to have the same comfort and innovation on cars similar to their iPhone. 
And Nissan got the point! They created a concept smartwatch called Nismo. It is a great gadget. It collects the data from your car and packs them in a very beautiful way. And there are lots of opportunities for smart watches to engage with cars. Such as; service interval, fuel level, where you parked and more. However, will you buy a Nissan watch? No! Will you buy a Ferrari smartwatch? May be. Will you buy a Porsche Design smartwatch? More than may be. Will you buy an iWatch from Apple? Definitely yes!
So there are two ways for car companies. They either make their own smart watch and create a dedicated team to develop that gadget to keep with Apple and Samsung, or offer apps for smart watches! My personal opinion, wearable car brand has a very limited scope and cannot compete with Apple or Samsung. I really will not fancy to wear a Range Rover watch. Range Rover is a watch brand or technology brand. It is a luxury off road vehicle brand. However, I wouldn’t say no to Range Rover app on my iWatch or Pebble. However, if Porsche Design makes a smart watch, there might be some potential. Because, Porsche Design makes watches already.
Literally, car companies should focus on smartwatch apps. I know many people will say, this article is senseless, waste of time to read, smart watch app never offers the same feeling like driving a Honda S2000 and this goes forever. However, world has changed! Yes, there are still people, who love to burn clutch whilst making a donut with a Honda S2000 but it is minority. Otherwise, how Pebble can make $10-million? And I am sure that some of the investors of Pebble have a car!
However, I really appreciated the innovative product of Nissan, well done :)

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Nissan, Pebble

New Mercedes S-Class Coupe | New CL Coupe?

Today Mercedes released a video of the upcoming S-Class Coupe concept. The S-Class Coupe is not something new, it is going to replace the CL-Class. As the new branding strategy of the Mercedes, they started to use Coupe word like E-Coupe, S-Coupe and leaving the CLK and CL brands.
New S-Coupe or S-Class Coupe will be based on the existing S-Class with two less doors. They might be a diesel engine option but I don’t think so. Because, Mercedes is trying to compete with Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari and Maserati with S-Class Coupe and these competitors do not offer diesel engines.
Anyway, the S-Class Coupe concept looks like beautiful but it is not production vehicle, so there will be minor and major changes. And also, S-Class Coupe will not be as boring as S-Class thanks to different customer audience but still a Mercedes, not a Bentley.
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Ferrari F12 berlinetta in London | Special Photos for #PinItForwardUK

Ferrari F12 berlinetta, the replacement of iconic 599. F12 is probably the first car with a bridge or a hole. I directly to jumped to this section, because it is unique and unusual to spot in any others vehicles. Ferrari F12 has an aerodynamic bridge to increase down force for better performance. More down force means better handling at higher speeds, objects have a tendency to lift off as they speed more! To avoid this, you need to increase down force aerodynamic tricks and this bridge on the F12 is the latest solution.

(Actually, these photos were taken specially for the Pinterest’s UK launch campaign #PinItForwardUK.)

I spotted this Ferrari F12 at HR Owen, London dealer. I was very lucky because their Ferrari circulation is higher than iPhone circulation at an Apple Store.

Ferrari F12 resembles to Ferrari FF from the front end but that’s all. F12 is a brand new vehicle with brand new technologies. Such as the air duck that opens when the brakes got hot too much. Cleaver Formula 1 technologies, 6.3-lt V12 engine with 730 HP and 690 Nm of torque. Brand new a 7-speed double clutch super fast automatic transmission. Also, lighter! New Ferrari F12 weighs no more than a 1,5-tonne. F12 only needs 3,1 seconds reach 100 km/h and top speed is over 340 km/h.

And offers the most complicated steering wheel on this planet. Ferrari F12 has the manetinno switch and nearly one hundred buttons more on the steering wheel! The individual suspension button on the steering wheel of F12 is for making the car drive softer at any manettino settings. I am definitely sure, if the steering wheel of Ferrari F12 breaks down, it will cost more than a small hatchback. And lastly, I loved the Formula 1 inspired rear fog light!

Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Ferrari F12 Interior Ferrari F12 Interior Ferrari F12 Interior Ferrari F12 Interior Ferrari F12 Interior Ferrari F12 Interior Ferrari F12 Interior Ferrari F12 Interior Ferrari F12 Interior

Ferrari F50 Burnout with Two Ferrari F50s

Ferrari F50 burnout, I really don’t have symptahpy to this type of videos. For me, it is childish and makes no-sense. However, there are some exceptions for burnouts! If there are two Ferrari F50s and tied up together with a rope, I call this an exception.

TaxTheRich100 YouTube user uploaded a new video of two Ferrari F50s. These F50s were tied up together and get what they are doing! Reverse burnout. Honestly, this is the most senseless video I have ever seen for a very long time but at the same time, it is interesting.

I have no idea whose Ferrari F50s they are and how they manage to do this. But they did it! And keep in mind, there are only 349 Ferrari F50s made in 1995 and two of them had a very bad burnout. 


Ferrari Manettino Switch: What is That Red Knob on Ferrari’s Steering Wheel?

What is that red knob on Ferrari’s steering wheel? I heard this question many times for quite some time. People don’t know what is the red knob or switch place on each Ferrari’s steering wheel. It is called Manettino.

Manettino switch enables Ferrari drivers to change the characteristics of their Ferrari between different settings. Except Ferrari California, Manettino switch settings are; WET, SPORT, CT OFF and ESC OFF. Driver can choose between these settings by moving the Manettino switch on desired position, however you cannot move the Manettino into ESC OFF settings. To choose ESC OFF settings, you need to hold the switch at ESC OFF position for couple seconds and the Ferrari selects that settings. ESC OFF means, everything is off except airbags and ABS!

Who designed the Manettino? Manettino is designed by Frank Stephenson and he was inspired by the knobs on the Ferrari’s F1 car’s steer wheel. Literally, Manettino switch is directly transferred from the Formula 1 technology.