Ferrari F12 All Around the World from Instagram

Ferrari F12 from Instagram. F12 is a fresh new Ferrari from Maranello and quite rare spot one. However, some parts of the world is the ideal territory for exclusive Ferraris like F12. Hopefully, we can see these car on Instagram.

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Ferrari LaFerrari’s Official Videos

Ferrari released videos of LaFerrari yesterday. I have placed all the video down here. Starting from the official launch video. The seconds video is “focus on architecture” with some YouTube ads placed under the video. Focus on vehicle dynamics, focus on the HY-KERS for hybrid technology details. Focus on the chassis, you know it is chassis.

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Ferrari LaFerrari: Why Ferrari Named Ferrari F70 as LaFerrari?

Ferrari LaFerrari is the name of the Ferrari Enzo predecessor. Until now, we all thought that LaFerrari name was not under consideration and F70 or F150 names were rumoured on internet for very long time. I think it was a very good tactic and Ferrari managed to keep the LaFerrari brand secret, it is a bit Apple style. So Why LaFerrari? I will tell you the secret in the last paragraph.
So, LaFerrari is basically a road legal Formula 1 car with an extra seat and proper doors and a boot. All the technology available in LaFerrari is transferred from Ferrari’s Formula 1 experiences. 
LaFerrari is a hybrid vehicle like McLaren P1. The core of the LaFerrari is harmonised with a V12 petrol engine (800 HP and 700 Nm of torque) and an electric motor (163 HP and 270 Nm of torque). V12 engine is capable of 9250 rpm. Combination of the V12 and the electric motor, the total output is 963 HP. Thus, LaFerrari can accelerate to 100 km/h less than 3 seconds, and only needs 7 seconds to reach 200 km/h and 15 seconds for 300 km/h. And the top speed is more than 350 km/h. Unfortunately, Bugatti Veyron is still faster than Ferrari but that’s a different car.
Hybrid system of LaFerrari, the HY-KERS is capable of supplying energy to electric motor and recharging the batteries on braking and excess torque from the V12 engine.
LaFerrari will be sold only 499 units and will cost around €1.3 million. 
And where did the inspiration come from for the LaFerrari name? LaFerrari unfortunately resembles the fashion brand LaSenza and also does not sound that bold. But I know where the inspiration came from; the epic song L’Italiano from Toto Cutugno. If you don’t believe me, just listen the song :) 


What Are The Talents of Kate Upton? The Ultimate Solution to Monday Stress

Kate Upton and Monday morning the perfect contradiction, don’t worry I have the solution; The Many Talents of Kate Upton video from Terry Richardson. We all know who is Kate Upton, if not you can Google her name or just check the video in this post.
I really love the fun and the creativity of the video and I can hear some of the comments inside my ears at the moment. But just accept, this is a fun video :)
So, what are the many talents of the model Kate Upton?
1. Lifeguard & Running on The Beach: You really wish to get drowned in the ocean just to be rescued by Kate Upton :)
2. Skateboarding: What else I can say.
3. Hula Hooping: The laws of physics are pushed to boundaries and you can observe through the video.
4. Shooting Hops: Kate is the next star of NBA.
5. Riding Rollercoasters: Kate should try the super fast rollercoasters at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi
6. Dancing: We all love the Cat Daddy style ;)
7. Wet T-Shirt Contest Champion: Water, the H2O has adverse effects on white t-shirts on human body.

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Ferrari is The Most Powerful Brand vs. Apple ?

Ferrari is the most powerful brand in the world. There is no typo or I accidently wrote Ferrari instead of Apple
Today, Brand Finance announced that Ferrari is the most powerful brand. Sounds a bit interestingly. How a brand can overtake the most powerful company Apple? I mean horsepower is not adequate to achieve this manoeuvre. Apple has more money than most financial institutions and Apple’s product levels are on the top. No one can come near to Apple.
Moreover, no one can provide the same level of customer service like Apple. Just give a try! Buy something from a very well known brand and try to return ten days later, because you didn’t like it. You will see what will happen! Collapse of a dream.
I really love the Ferrari brand but cannot understand how it became the most powerful brand!?! 
According to Brand Finance; Ferrari’s profits rose by 7.6% to €152m, from turnover of more than €1.75bn. I think Apple made more money from the iTunes store than the whole operations of Ferrari! 
Here is the original statement from Apple;
CUPERTINO, California—October 25, 2012—Apple® today announced financial results for its fiscal 2012 fourth quarter ended September 29, 2012. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $36.0 billion and quarterly net profit of $8.2 billion, or $8.67 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $28.3 billion and net profit of $6.6 billion, or $7.05 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 40.0 percent compared to 40.3 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 60 percent of the quarter’s revenue.
I don’t have any problem with Ferrari, however I wanted to have a look this situation from a different perspective to under more comprehensively. 
In my personal opinion the most powerful brand is the one, which treats us the best. It might be Apple, Ferrari or a local store. Those figures do represent important and vital knowledge to scale a brand overall the market but when you focus on micro level, consumer level, our powerful brands can be different than the ones that are published.


Fake Ferrari F70 Photo from Fake Instagram Account

Ferrari F70, or F150 or the next Ferrari Enzo; whatever the name the Ferrari will give it became an internet phenomena recently. And I also contributed to this. Last week, a picture of Ferrari F70 was released on Instagram by the Official Ferrari account. However, there was a minor problem, Ferrari does not have an Instagram account!

So, how it can be true? Very simple. We all jumped to this fake news with a photo, which is already leaked to internet and believed that Ferrari made a press announced on Instagram with some typos. According to Jalopnik website, the whole story was fake.

What was my reaction to this? Here is the photos of everyone who was fooled the fake Ferrari Instagram account. I think we all looked like Kim Kardashian’s crying face.

Don’t miss the show Keeping Up With Kardashians :)

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New Ferrari F70 Confirmed on Instagram

Ferrari confirmed the replacement model for Ferrari Enzo on Instagram. Yesterday, Ferrari released the official photo of upcoming F70 on their Instagram account (oficialferrari). Instagram is an image based social networking sites owned by Facebook. You upload your photos from your mobile and tweak by different filters, write some words and many hashtags and that’s all!
Millions of people uses Instagram everyday and it became a part of modern photography !?! And Ferrari used this mobile app to announce their new model.
Here is the words from Ferrari’s Instagram account for F70;
Geneva Motor Show I am coming to take your hearts away. The Most Powerful HyperFerrari on its way to take your breath away, a hypercar which can eclipse any competition. Formula1 technology direct inhereted into this masterpiece, a car which can turn into a cornor as quick as a Formula1 car, a car packed with downforce as a real Formula1 car. #destroythecompetition #forzaferrari

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Ferrari F12berlinetta will be on Autosport International 2013

Ferrari F12berlinetta, the car that replaced the legendary Ferrari 599! F12berlinetta is just recently revealed to public and technically impossible to spot it around the world. Also I tried to spot the F12berlinetta in Ferrari’s London dealer but they haven’t received the car yet.

So this makes things more complicated! However, here is the solution to see the Ferrari F12berlinetta. Autosport International Show 2013 in Birmingham, UK. Autosport is the biggest motorsport show in the world and features many countless cars. Last year, it was the first time I saw the McLaren MP4-12C and many other very unique and niche cars.

This year stand is going to feature the Ferrari F12berlinetta. If you are still not excited here are some figures of Ferrari F12berlinetta! Powered by a 6.2-lt V12 engine with 740 HP and 690 Nm of torque and needs 3.1 seconds to reach 100 km/h and the top speed is 340 km/h.

You may find the tickets and more information on Autosport International 2013 from here.

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Ferrari FF: Probably The Best Ferrari

Ferrari FF, the four-seat and four-wheel hatchback inspired Ferrari. From my definition, Ferrari FF does not sound that charming and when you see the press photos, the tendency to love this Ferrari vanishes very quickly. I used to be supporting the idea of ignoring Ferrari FF as the first Ferrari. FF was a four-seat, four-wheel drive, hatchback inspired Ferrari that cannot be called a Ferrari. But I was wrong!

Last week, I visited the HR Owen’s new Ferrari dealer in Knightsbridge, Ferrari  Atelier! And they had the Ferrari FF! It was my first time with the FF and I was expecting something really disappointing from every aspect. But I was wrong!

Unfortunately, the press photos of Ferrari FF in red does not emphasise the lines and you cannot see the depth of the details on FF. In my opinion, if you are planning to buy a Ferrari FF, go for a different colour than the red. Don’t worry a Ferrari is always a Ferrari regardless of its colour.

Ferrari FF does look definitely different from the Ferrari models. You can easily identify the GT character and spacious interior before you get inside. The interior is high quality as you expected and you have the all Ferrari toys, which you expected to see! Seats are really comfortable with the heating and ventilation option and memory function. Steering wheel is adjusted electrically with memory function.

The back seats are not as spacious as a four-door large sedan but they offer plenty of legroom for a Ferrari. It may not be that comfortable for long journeys but still it is impossible to accommodate two people at the rear seats.

The boot is the main handicap of Ferraris. However, FF offers plenty of space at the boot and rear seats can be folded! I guess this is the first time in a Ferrari. And with folded rear seats, there is a huge loading space!

And lastly, I like Ferrari FF because it is not designed to be a posing car. Someone who doesn’t know cars very well may not realise that, it is the latest Ferrari. Basically, Ferrari FF gives you the opportunity to be stealth without sacrificing the experience of a Ferrari.

Ferrari FF vs. Bentley Continental GT ? This is a very tough question! I may go for a FF and keep a Continental GT at the garage :)

Ferrari FF is powered by 6.2-lt V12 engine with 660 HP and 683 Nm of torque. Only needs 3.7 seconds to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) with the top speed of 335 km/h (208 mph). Engine is coupled with 7-speed double clutch pedal shift automatic gearbox. And a special four-wheel drive system that does not kill the pleasure.

If you can afford to buy one, go for it ;) I didn’t have chance to drive it but I am sure that it will be an amazing experience.

And thank you very much to HR Owen Ferrari Atelier for the hospitality.


More Powerful, Faster Bugatti Veyron: 1600 HP

Bugatti Veyron, Volkswagen Groups’s state-of-art lunatic car is going to have more power than ever according to
Bugatti is going to introduce 1600 HP Veyron based on an 8-lt or 9.6-lt engine with the top speed of 463 km/h and 1.8 seconds acceleration to 100 km/h. Moreover, Bugatti will be increase the amount of carbon fibre parts to reduce the weight up to 250 kg to achieve 1600 kg.
Why Bugatti is making a faster Veyron? The main reason is the image! Veyron has to be the most powerful mass production car on planet. And this reputation is going to be vanished by McLaren P1 and upcoming FerrariEnzo replacement. Both of these cars are capable of destroying Veyron’s reputation. And the basic solution to prevent this, introduce a more powerful version.
Price? Around €2 Million! 

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