Sexy Fiat 500 Abarth Advertisement

I don’t know how this happened but I missed to post this advertisement of Fiat 500 Abarth during the Super Bowl. As I mentioned before, Fiat 500 is available in US and they also introduced the Abarth version. Abarth is involved with performance tuning for Fiat vehicles and they have been doing this for quite long time. Last time they tuned the 500, the engine was so big they had to cut the engine bonnet to close it proper. Basically, the engine was partially outside! Hopefully, this time everything is packed under the bonnet.
This advertisement is probably the best Fiat 500 advertisement. I really love the engagement of an attractive Italian woman with a performance focused 500. Usually, performance version is more focused on muscular notions and many brands never place a female character. However, Fiat tried to emphasise the attractiveness and elegance of the 500 Abarth through this way.
Before I finish, this advertisement has some similar bits with last year’s Alfa Romeo MiTo online advertisement. Alfa Romeo UK, released an interactive online advertisement for the MiTo and scenario was based on a sexy Italian woman. And I found some similar bits with MiTo’s advertisement such as her mood change. In MiTo’s advertisement, her mood was changing so rapidly and you had to control her. In 500 Abarth’s advertisement it happens in the same way.

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Fiat 500C Abarth Maserati

Here comes another sexy Fiat 500C! This model is based on the Abarth version and designed for Maserati. Abarth 695 Tributo Maserati, don’t ask me why it is called 695. I really don’t know.

This version is only limited to 499 units and powered by a 1,4-lt turbo petrol engine (180PS) with automated manual gearbox. Actually, design features are more distinctive than the technical features, you may see this through the precise accuracy of the stitches on the seats. Eventually, the quality of the production is really high inside the car; the instrument panel is made by British brand Jaeger LeCoultre, the leather is sand beige Poltrona Frau, exterior is three stage clear coat Pontevecchio Bordeux and looks exquisite. And also a very nice diffuser at the rear end!

This car is a competitor for Mini Inspired by Goodwood and Aston Martin Cygnet. Actually, it is much better than the Cygnet, I am sorry but this is the truth. Why? Because, this 500C has a specially designed exhaust to give the impression of Maserati style excitement in a small car.

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Jennifer Lopez Fiat 500 Ads

I noticed that Fiat did a respectful investment to Fiat 500 model through placing Jennifer Lopez on advertisements. We used to see this type of advertisements mostly in fashion industry and less in automotive industry. Land Rover did it with Beckham but she never played on advertisements.
However, Fiat changed the rule of the game and released advertisements with Jennifer Lopez. I think it will help to increase the awareness of 500 in many different markets, but also it may create women targeted product as well, and some men increase their attention to 500 by Jennifer Lopez. Actually, I don’t think that Jennifer Lopez will boost the sales of 500 for men consumers. But, I am sure that awareness of 500 will boost!
And the Jennifer Lopez’s Papi video clip features the Fiat 500 and also a new Volvo S60, an old Volvo, and old BMW 5 Series, and old Mercedes E-Class. I do understand the old cars in the clip but they shouldn’t be placing the brand new Volvo S60! 
Lastly, in UK advertisement the Fiat 500 is an European spec version. Usually, some agencies miss this minor detail and the advertisements sometimes look funny, but they didn’t make any mistakes here ;) Moreover, the targeted message for the US market is Sport and for the European market is Economy. You may see this through the buttons pressed by Lopez! US: Sport, Europe: Economy! For US market 500 is a Sporty car and for European market it is an economical car.
Here are the videos of Jennifer Lopez and Fiat 500, plus her song played on advertisement Papi!

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Interview with Frank Stephenson

My trip to McLaren Technology HQ and interview Frank Stephenson (Design Director of McLaren).

Firstly I would like to start with Frank. He is the design director of McLaren and worked in Ford, BMW, Mini, Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and McLaren. You can find more information on interview. I had a great time with Frank in McLaren; he toured me around the building and showed every single place. The McLaren is really huge and I cannot define how it looks wonderful! After today, I can clearly say, Frank is a great designer and also a very nice person; and passionate with this work. When you listen to him, you understand the meaning of being a designer. And explain the designing a car with very simple words. I cannot ignore his passion to motorcycle. Honestly, after I had chat with him my perception towards motorcycle are changed. I never approach to them from the perspective Frank described me. You can find more about him in interview where you can find below.

Let’s go back to McLaren headquarters in Woking, UK. Woking is a very nice, small city, silent, relaxing and lots of green. Inside the green, there is the McLaren HQ. The structure of the building totally part of the nature, there is an artificial lake, precisely placed tree. While I was there, the view from the window was like a canvas. The building and nature so well integrated with each other and you would never think that McLaren is producing cars here, but they do.

I want to talk about the building a little bit more. It is a total perfection, everything is perfectly designed, measurement are precise. The air is in same temperature in each room, there is no thermal shock here. You don’t feel the cold weather from outside. And they achieved to isolate the smell in the food court from the rest of the building. By maintaining different air pressures.

The front part of the building is covered with glass and there are some curves. When it was first made, the wind was vibrating the glass. And McLaren F1 engineers designed a metal structure to eliminate this vibration through F1 technology.

And the corridors, when you first get inside you have the feeling that, I am in a James bond movie. Everywhere is perfect white, no dust or dirt at all. You go from tunnels, take lift with circular glass doors. There is nothing can annoy you with the building. Don’t think that, it is just limited with the management part.

I visited the manufacturing site of MP4-12C, where they produce the car. Manufacturing plant is usually involves with dirt, oil, bad odour. However, it looks cleaner than hospitals. I am extremely serious! The manufacturing site is so clean, and you started to question your personal cleanliness.

The paint shop? It is supposed to be dirty but it is cleaner than my five start hotels! Each car is painted by hand with people who are expert on their job. Perfection does not finish here, McLaren does not paint the parts of the cars separately. In order to sustain the same level of paint, all parts are painted together.

Later on, the rain test. I was expecting to see some water but no! They test each car with rain test and no single drop at all. And last, the high speed test inside a glass room. It is also supposed to smell exhaust gas but again there is no smell at all.

I saw manufacturing plants but I have never seen something like this on earth. And possibly cannot see in future as well. Even the manufacturing team wear Hugo Boss dresses from head to toe! They don’t have that ugly dresses like in other companies.

The MP4-12C, I witness to each stage of this car manufacturing. From naked chassis to ready for delivery. The manufacturing is so perfect, there is nothing wrong with the car. It is built like a luxury sedan. Parts are matching with no gap, the door is opened by sliding your fingers. The rear air brake works with hydraulic and acts as a proper air brake like in an airplane. One other example, navigation screen placed vertical to keep the car narrow!

The best part is the front head lights, at night you see the McLaren’s logo illuminated with LEDs and fins of sharks below it.

Lastly, McLaren is going to reveal more models! I don’t want to give more details. But I assure that, Veyron will not be alone anymore.

From what I see today, if you are planning to buy an exclusive sports cars. There is only one choice, McLaren MP4-12C. From design studio to customer delivery preparation, everything is perfect!

Is that all from McLaren, of course not ;) I want to keep some secret…

For more photo: Facebook Gallery

And here is my interview with Frank Stephenson


Fat Fiat 500

Fiat 500 ate too much fast food! Here is the Fiat Obsese, sorry Fiat Ellezero! I think Fiat feed the 500 with an unhealthy diet and turned into Ellezero. Eventhough, it is a new vehicle from Fiat for small MPV market, but it looks just a fat 500 and silently shouting “I want to eat that chips with burger and drink extra creamed frappuccino!”

The design should have been better!




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Frank Stephenson

A few hours ago, I found some interviews with Frank Stephenson on YouTube. If you don’t know Frank, I am sure you know his designs; BMW X5, Mini, Maserati MC12, Maserati Quattroporte, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 612, Fiat 500, McLaren MP4-12C and many other cars. In my opinions, he will be remembered as one of the most influential car designer in his era. Especially his interpretation of the new Mini and new Fiat 500 are the most remarkable cars of this century, and never getting old Quattroporte! 
We will find more about him on these interviews. And additional information to his Wikipedia page, he stayed in Istanbul, Turkey for six years!

Part 1

Part 2

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Smart in USA

Why Smart did not achieve the desired success in USA? The answer comes from the well-known rap artist Snobb Doggy and his security. They attempt to test drive a Smart but they cannot even manage to close the doors :) Actually, interior space is too small for two people :)
I am looking forward to see any viral videos for the Fiat 500! I still like Smart, it is a great drive to ride inside the city.

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500 by Gucci

Couple of months ago Fiat announced a limited edition Fiat 500 by Gucci. After that time, I did not hear anything about this car. Hopefully, I saw the new photos from Fiat. Unexpectedly photos are with a woman, called Natasha Poly. Instead of details of the 500 by Gucci, we can see the details of Natasha.
Let’s go back to 500 by Gucci, interpretation of 500 by contemporary fashion Gucci is better than my expectations. Except too many Gucci logos! The reason why I am surprised with by Gucci edition is the exquisite interior detail quality. Gucci reflected the high quality production inside the car also, this situation does not happen all the time. Some of the limited editions only focused on sticking its logo around the car and does not focus on increasing the production quality. However, Gucci realised how to interpret the car interior and we did not see any disappointing result. Even though I am not a Gucci fan, after 500 by Gucci edition I changed my perception towards the brand.
This sexy fashion item is going to be available on June with starting price of €17000. Honestly, for this price tag you cannot buy something special like this! But Mini by Goodwood edition is also a very strong rival ;)
If you are planning to reserve one, here is the website

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Future of Transportation! Be Careful

Last one decade we see very interesting concept vehicles as the future of transportation. Segway Ginger was revealed as something state of art and it should have changed the way we mobilise, but it didn’t! Later on, BMW revealed a motorcycle with a decent roof. This was also failed. The failure of future transportation never demotivated people to invent new things.
Last night I watched the Gadget Show on Channel5, which is presented by Jon Bentley. I mention his name because, readers outside of UK can easily remember him from Fifth Gear and Top Gear.  There are four more people on the show :) They don’t involve with car that much but they show something technologies for future transportation. And in last episode, Pollyanna Woodward drove or wore or rode something which allows to mobilise human beings. Technically you cannot get into this motorcycle looking vehicle. And it does not have a steering wheel. In addition, it does not have ABS, traction control, electronic stability control, hill hold function, radar guided cruise control, pre crash sensors, parking sensors, rear view camera. Actually you have to do all these things by yourself, because you are the vehicle.
This interesting thing works with electric motor and it can either rear wheel or front wheel, depends on your mood! As a result of this, you can have enjoyment of oversteering and feel the excitement in your internal organs! And all these happens with a small tire. The reality of the vehicle is, you sit on the tire and your weight determines the level of traction :)
It is the funniest looking vehicle I have ever seen. If you want to ride or drive in sitting position, you have to sit on the tire and create a very unique look and motivate people to look at you. In the meantime, you can oversteer in this position but I would not recommend. The consequences are definitely catastrophic and you will be on the cover of the newspapers. Moreover, you must be extremely careful while trying to move forward on hills. If you cannot manage to go straight, keep in mind you are sitting above the engine and tire. Try not to crash! It would not be very pleasant.
This unfortunate condition may happen again, if someone crashes you from the back. As the vehicle does not have anything to protect you, the result is going to be terrible. Good part, your feet are the steering wheel and you can show your Formula One style driving ability in everywhere.
If you are planning to live your life in danger and find some excitement, this is your vehicle. Or just buy a Fiat 500 cabrio or Smart. They are small, efficient and you don’t have any serious risks while driving :) However, it is still state of art design and technology. I am sure that, it will be presented in technology museum in future. Moving the traction wheel from rear to front while driving is something innovative.

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Keenan Cahill and Fiat 500

When I think about the one decade, the Internet technology changed many things even though we could not realise it properly. We can share any moment of our life with our mobile phone through Twitter, YouTube or Facebook. We can even publish our book through blogs! Especially YouTube allowed us to create our own global TV channel. Technically, when you open your YouTube channel, you have your own TV channel. I cannot guarantee about the ratings but you have the whole internet audience for you.

Recently I discovered someone called Keenan Cahill on YouTube. He opened his YouTube channel and received more than two hundred millions viewers and took videos with 50cent, Jennifer Aniston, David Guetta, and Katty Perry celebrate his birthday with a video. Basically, he is a YouTube sensation! Unfortunately, he has an illness but this adverse condition did not stop his ambition and passion. Like many people I respected his performance. Sorry, I forgot to mention what he is doing on YouTube. He is lip-syncing songs, but his style is amazing and received two hundred millions of hits!

Now Fiat is focused on 500 model for USA. This car is something really unusual for US Market. Fiat 500 is introducing something totally unexpected for US and focused to increase the attention. My suggestion is; Fiat can make videos with Keenan for 500. Fiat 500 is a part of popular culture and Keenan is one of the most popular people on YouTube. He is incredibly creative and he is really passionate for his work. I cannot thing anyone better for fiat 500! Passion and creativity!

His Website:
His Twitter:!/keenancahill

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