Realistic Dream! Grand Cherokee 1,3 lt Diesel

Grand Cherokee is one of the icons of SUV segment. End of 1990s and in the beginning of 2000, it was one of the most competitive vehicle on market despite its huge V8 petrol engine. However, as the petrol prices rised and new SUV introduced to market, Grand Cherokee’s power diminished and turn into a inferior SUV. More basicly, people tend to prefer Grand Cherokee, because it was cheaper than its rivals. They were not choosing it, because people willing to drive a big SUV and they don’t want to pay too much money to Mercedes or Range Rover. And they preferred Grand Cherokee!
Grand Cherokee lost its market power very dramatically! As Chrysler could not keep up with customers demand and they could not developed vehicles which is good enough for market. And everything collapsed. However they still have chance, but how?
Now, Chrysler and Fiat started to work together and soon we will see Fiat’s diesel and small petrol engines in Chrysler range. And we could see something very interesting ;) Like; Fiat powered Grand Cherokee !!!
As we all know that Fiat is very good at small diesel engines. Also during last decade, diesel engine became nearly forty percentage more powerful. So; in following years Chrysler could come up with Grand Cherokee 1,3lt Diesel. I know 1,3lt Fiat diesel is only producing 95 horsepower but when we consider the sudden increase in diesel engines, Fiat could introduce 150 horsepower version of the same engine. Or, they could offer this small diesel in small Cherokee and introduce 2,0lt diesel in Grand Cherokee.
All of these are just predictions, however there is something very obvious about Cherokee’s future; it will have very small diesel engine to survive! Sorry Cherokee, you have to get use to small diesels ;)
Picture; Grand Cherokke, Jeep Website

Want to be snob quickly? Here the chance! Mini First

Unlike Fiat 500, Mini turn into a snob icon as soon as it revealed to market again. Since it was first revealed with its “over priced” price tag, people rush into Mini. Some said, Madonna drives one; this is a cool car. So Madonna is doing yoga every day, are you doing it? Of course no! And Mini obsession spread to whole world. Especially in Turkey, East Asian countries, China, Gulf Countries; Mini turned into something which you must buy when you have a lot of money. Mini became a status symbol. I drive Mini, I have style. Matter of fact, you don’t have a style, you just copy someone else and try create an impression “I have a style”.
Of course, Mini is very good British German car. Drives well, good equipment, equivalent of go-kart, etc. As Mini became more popular than public buses on earth, its image started to be eroded. As a luxury good, or exiquiste brand we shouldn’t see Mini in every corner in everywhere on earth. And a typical Mini stereotype emerged; rich (or trying to look rich), young (sometimes old), stylish (relatively) and some of the have the impression of Alexander the Great when they go out of the car. And BMW understood this fact very well and expanded the model range, which I totally agree with them. If people love it, give it more ;)
And the Mini is First. When you don’t order with tech or design or salt package, what you will get is chilly Mini or raw Mini. As you could see from the picture below, it has plastic wheel covers like in Ford Transit. But I still salute BMW. There is a huge demand, they created a Minilogy and they are making money ;)
With the help of Mini First, people who desire to be snob has a cheaper alternative ;)
Honestly I like Mini, it offers really good technology and features and safety but it is very expensive for that car. I would rather go for Alfa Romeo MiTo which does not have the same quality with Mini but it has more passion. I know, you will say Alfa Romeo will break down, it won’t have the same quality, etc but it look better ;) We are not rational always in our decision!

Contemporary art in navigation holder design: Fiat Punto EVO

Nowadays we read lots of news from Italy and we watch MediaSet. However there are some other thing happened!

Fiat Punto EVO is the new product in Fiat range. I didn’t have the chance to try the new multi air engine or experience with its driving characteristics. However one caught my attention, the TOMTOM navigation on the centre. I don’t have any problem with TOMTOM, I also own one. But this one inside the EVO is piece of art.

As you could see the picture below, one Italian designer forget that, there would be navigation inside the car. And as soon as he may be she remembered this, immediately put the navigation with the worst design elegance. What is the column under the navigation? You are Italian car company, not Asian. You suppose design every bit with passion. However they ran out of passion as you can see. If the rest of the car was rubbish, I wouldn’t mind to write here. The rest is great, navigation is piece of art. I am pretty sure, that upcoming navigation will disappear and they will find a different way to put navigation with more style.

And here is the impression when they realized it; “quello che è successo alla navigazione” VW Touareg did something similar to this. When they first revealed the Touareg, the place to put your mobile was ten centimetres away from your eyes. They vergessen sorry forget to find a place for mobile and they just put it on somewhere. Later, they marvellous mobile phone holder disappeared.

And what is that picture in aircraft carrier with helicopter? You are not selling Hummer! The impression, when you buy Fiat Punto EVO, you will feel like in aircraft carrier?! Take pictures in Como Lake with girls from MediaSet ;)


Paul Smith & Mini

I really like the British designer Paul Smith but I could not manage the same feelings for Mini.
Paul Smith has a range of collection with Mini print on them. But I still prefer Fiat 500 !