Ford Discontinued the Fiesta

At the end of October 2022, Ford announced its decision to discontinue the Fiesta from June 2023 onward.

The Fiesta is one of the longest-standing vehicles in the industry, having been produced for 47 years. Unfortunately, the trend and addiction to driving SUVs has forced Ford to stop manufacturing the Fiesta.

This segment of Ford will be replaced by Puma’s electric version. Honestly, the Puma looks weird, and in the early 2000s, the Puma brand used to be a car based on the Ford Ka.

The original Ford Fiesta was launched in 1976, and since then more than 18 million units have been built around the world. Recently, Ford discontinued the Mondeo, Galaxy, and S-Max models. Honestly, I never liked MPVs (Galaxy and S-Max); they can be gone for good!

Anyway, I’m hoping that one day, the Fiesta will be back again. Until that time, we will miss you, Fiesta!

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World Record Attempt for New Ford Fiesta: #FordFiesta24

Ford Fiesta, one of the oldest Ford model still on production for 35 years. Probably one of the longest production car on the market as well. And during the Paris Motor Show, Ford revealed the new facelifted Fiesta.
At the same time Ford started a new campaign and tries break Guinness World Record. Ford plans to break record for world’s largest mosaic image by asking people to tweet their photos with a Ford Fiesta using twitter hashtag #FordFiesta24. And there is a chance to win a personalised 3-D printed  1:20 scale model of a Ford Fiesta with your twitter printed name on it. And you have a chance to win a Ford Fiesta!
If you want to win 1:20 scale 3D printed Ford Fiesta and learn more about the campaign, please log into
New Fiesta offers the Ford’s new design bit the chrome engine grills. Like its competitors, Ford now offers common design language and we can see this through the chrome engine grill in Ford vehicle range. After the facelift, in my opinion Ford Fiesta became one of the best-looking cars on this segment. Don’t forget Ford Fiesta is not an expensive car!
New Ford Fiesta offers new engines as well, starting from 1-lt EcoBoost petrol engine (100 PS / 125 PS), 1-lt petrol engine (80 PS) and 1.5-lt diesel engine (75 PS). These engines are the new range for the Fiesta, however you may still have the previous engines. 1.25-lt petrol engine (60 PS / 82 PS), 1.6-lt petrol engine (105 PS) and 1.6-lt diesel (95 PS). But, buying new Fiesta with old engines does not make any sense and old engines are not efficient like the new ones. So, avoid them. The new engine will also offer the six-speed double clutch automatic gearbox (PowerShift). Again, my suggestion is to go for the automatic gearbox. New Fiesta offers start/stop technology, Active City Stop (Prevent collision in city traffic), LED headlights.
New Ford Fiesta will become a strong rival for its competitors with these features and new design.

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Ford Fiesta with two air conditions!

New Ford Fiesta is one of the best looking cars on its segment. When you think about its price and its design level, it is really a great car to buy. Also, Ford recently added some new features like rear view camera, key less access, new sound system and some other things. The most interesting one is the air conditioning!
When you look at the Ford Fiesta’s UK web site, you can see that Ford was really excited while preparing the list. Because, you can have two individual air conditioning system in a Fiesta! And also you can choose manual or automatic for each one. More interestingly, first manual condition is standard on Edge model and second one is not available.
Of course, Fiesta does not offer two air conditions. Someone totally messed up the list and got confused. It is really obvious, they just repeated the same option with different condition! I see, you were in hurry but pay a bit more attention. You cannot offer an air condition, standard and not available at the same time.
I still like Fiesta, if they offer a double clutch automatic, instead of primitive four speed one, that would be a great pleasure to drive it ;)

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