What My Friend Wore Today? Janset Meltem

What my friend wore today? Usually, it is called What I wore today, but I did a minor revision and focused on my friend’s fashion collection. What I wore today does not match quite well with the men fashion.
Today from Florence, Italy my friend Janset. As you can notice very clearly the streets of Florence are not very clean. Honestly, it is a mud covered and the road needs serious repair. Despite this adverse weather and street condition Janset managed to keep her fashion statement in bold condition.
Animal Print Jacket: Stefanel
T-Shirt: Luisa Via Roma
Jeans: Guess
Heels: Romano


New Aston Martin Vanquish All Press Photos

Aston Martin Vanquish, the new Aston Martin to replace DBS. I recently wrote about the new Vanquish but I did not upload the all press photos. Now you have the all!

Again, Vanquish is not my dream because I cannot find the electric steering wheel or 18-way seat adjustments and my other comfort gadgets, but this does not make Vanquish a bad car! Actually Vanquish does looks nice from both outside and inside!

And I still stick my old statement, all Aston Martin looks the same from the distance but they have the soul and the passion. This is the reason why people still buy Aston Martins despite their disadvantages.

For the press photos, I assume these photos were taken in Florence, Italy. But I am not sure!

Brief technical information: 6-lt V12 with 573 PS of power and 620 Nm of torque. Accelerates to 100 kph (62 mph) in 4,1 seconds and achieves 293 kph (183 mph). Acceleration is improved by the DBS but the top speed is lower than the DBS (305 kph – 190 mph).

For all press photos of Aston Martin Vanquish: Cars & Life Facebook Page























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