New Ford F-150 Pick-Up Truck

Ford F150 Pick-up! If you are not living in USA, you probably never saw one or heard of it. However, if you are from USA, you know Ford F150 since you were born.
Ford F150 pick-up is one of the oldest pickup truck in the world. For long decades, F150 helped Ford to recover from financial crisis. Also, it is the benchmark of the market and each competitor designed their pick-up truck to compete with Ford F150. 
Even though I am not a fan of pick-up trucks, I really like the exterior design of Ford F-150!
And recently, Ford revealed the new F150! There are few things caught my attention. Ford SYNC connectivity system and MyFord Touch information system are available. Unfortunately, there are no diesel engines available but in USA, diesel is not popular like in Europe! Hopefully, Ford America now features the European technology called EcoBoost.
Here are the engine options for Ford F-150. Unfortunately, all these engines are petrol powered and cannot offer the same level of torque from a diesel engine. As I mentioned before, diesel engine market is totally different in USA than Europe.
3.7-lt V6 306 PS and 376 Nm of torque
3.5-lt EcoBoost V6 370 PS and 569 Nm of torque
5.0-lt V8 with 360 hp (268 kW / 360 PS)
6.2-lt V8 with 416 PS and 588 Nm of torque

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