Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense is an amazing fragrance. I never thought that the Intense word was not a marketing trick, it is really intense. You wear the scent for a very long time and I did not experience something like this before.

Most of the fragrance with intense word ends up with nothing. However, Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense is a different planet. I thought it was a pure perfume! If you are planning to buy a new fragrance for a vivid and long lasting scent, try the Gentleman Only Intense! You won’t regret it.

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Latest Fragrance from Fendi | Fan Di Fendi

Fan Di is the lates fragrance from the Fendi for men. I have recently had chance to try it and I can one thing, it is amazing. I wish that there is a mobile app that you can experience the scent but not possible at the moment. 
One of the first thing I liked at Fan Di Fendi was the design of the bottle. It features an invisible spray pipe and I did everything to take a photo of it but it was impossible. When you have a look at the bottle of Fan Di Fendi, you see nothing else than eau du Toilette in the colour of the Sun. And also, the bottle looks like a building thanks to its design. From the front, it is as elegant as a contemporary building. Just imagine the bottle like a building, it could be the head office of the Fendi. 
I know this has nothing to do with the experience of the scent but it is important to see experience this type of details with a fragrance. For my point of view, the bottle, the pump and the packaging of the fragrance is a part of the experience.
Anyway, how it smells? The first note of the scent is tangerine from Sicily, it is followed by bergamot from Calabria and basil. Rose hips and cardamom are followed by. Geranium is harmonised with cedar from Texas. And the base note comes from leather accord, tonka and drop of chic patchouli.
I highly recommend you to try the Fan Di Fendi!


Montblanc from Instagram

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Mercedes-Benz Perfume

Mercedes released another interesting product to market, a men perfume! They mention that, it is the first fragrance from Mercedes for men! And I hope that it will be the last!
I still cannot get the point of smelling like a car brand. I tried couple of times with Ferrari but never made a sense. Cars do not smell nice, they are made from metal, plastic and sometimes wood and leather. Wood and leather might smell nice but I don’t think that anyone is willing to smell like a leather.
I really wish to receive a tester from Mercedes to try their new fragrance. According to Mercedes’s product life cycle, there will be a face-lifted version of this fragrance around three years later and a new one seven years later :)
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The Coolest Porsche!

I know that, you were waiting for this. You get bored of Adidas Porsche Design shoes, they look the same! Here is the new era for Porsche Design and I am pretty sure that, you were looking for this ;)
The Porsche Design’s 2010 shoes collection. This season’s main difference is the manufacturer. They are not from Adidas; this time they are produced in Italy by a German company Muller & Meirer Lederwarenfabrik GmbH. Sounds a bit interesting, half Italian half German. It sounds like Lamborghini Murciélago, half German half Italian. The good thing is, like Panamera; Porsche Design extended its range to offer different tastes. I hope they won’t end these shoes production like they are planning to end Panamera in 2012.
Now there are four different models; Tokyo, Milano, New York and Berlin. For me the best looking ones is the Tokyo model. Unlike other Porsche Design shoes, it looks contemporary and elegant. Some of the Porsche Design shoes are too much sports and they cannot be worn in everywhere. However, this new collection broke that limit and you could wear your Porsche to anywhere at any time ;) That’s what I was looking for long time!
And one of the coolest thing about these shoes is their soles, the Porsche Design labelled metal part underneath the shoes looks are really nice!
Also Porsche Design offer new fragrance for your cars, hoppss sorry not for your car. That’s for you, you could have the Porsche smell all time. I really wonder, why someone wants to stinks like a car! Anyway, its bottle looks very nice. I could buy an empty fragrance, just for its bottle.

Chanel, D&G and Audi

I know Audi does not fit with those other brands. Of course Audi is very respectful brand like other and older than others.
However they share something in common. They name their products in number.
D&G and Chanel are naming their fragrances with number, not all of them but some of them. We know the story about Chanel; Coco Chanel is presented with various frangrances and each of them had a number to be identified easily and she didn’t wish to change the No.5 and it became an icon.
D&G named its new fragrances with number and names; 1, 3, 6, 10 and 18. Unfortunately, I didn’t have chance to try them all. And also I really wonder the story behind this naming.
And Audi is naming its products with number and putting eihter A, S ,R and Q in front of them. Unfortunately, Audi’s products do not smell very nice or nobody is going to spray any liquids from those cars to their body. However, as the times passes Audi’s products are turning into better products. May be one day, they will be like Chanel No.5