Gold Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes just revealed the most interesting car. Gold covered Mercedes G-Class! G-Class is the tough SUV of Mercedes and nothing really changed since it was first built in 1979. Despite its old look, it is one of the coolest SUVs on market.

After this gold layer, G-Class shifted into a different dimension. I have nothing to say! A car covered with gold, what is more to come?

Based on my experience in automotive industry, you may see this car in London this summer. I am sure some customers of Mercedes will insist so much, they will have chance to own a gold covered G-Class.

There are two mistakes with the photos. First mistake is, Gold G-Class is photographed next to a Porsche 911. And second mistake is, anyone who buys a Gold G-Class will never ever lives in a house like this :)

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Mercedes G Class vs. Ferrari FF (Follow Ferrari)

Since I started blogging, Mercedes always provided me something to write. Thanks to their marketing and engineers, I always found something and honestly I am sure some of them are not adored by Mercedes too!
Recently Ferrari decided to introduce interesting materials by starting a car called as FF, in terms of Twitter world this mean “Follow Friday” or we amend to “Follow Ferrari”. Since the live press conference which was heavily involved with a word called “innovative”, offered excellent materials for me.
And Ferrari did not stop this! They introduce a very unusual footage of FF. And this footage is very similar to Mercedes’s the one and only coolest vehicle G Class’s advertisement. In both videos scenery starts with snow and both of the vehicles are doing artistic moves on snow. For G Class, that’s something really normal. Because, that’s designed for that! However jumping and sliding on snow with a Ferrari is really “innovative”. I salute the Ferrari marketing team.
I hope that they won’t reveal a bullet proof FF, as a result of innovative technology!

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Mercedes G-Klasse vs. UAZ Hunter in terms of advertisement :)

This started with SUV and keeps going with SUVs. Last week I found a very very interesting advertisement on YouTube. Again on YouTube, I agree I watch YouTube more than TV. Actually I cannot watch TV in UK, people who live in UK understand the joke :) Anyway, YouTube suggested me a video (I really don’t know why YouTube suggested this video) and it was really worth watching!
This suggested advertisement is a copy of Mercedes-Benz G Class advertisement which was aired in US. It is the same one, nothing is different except the vehicle. Instead of Mercedes-Benz G Class, here we have UAZ Hunter. UAZ is a Russian car manufacturer and they have a model called Hunter.
I think PR agency did not hire any creative team to maximize profit and directly focused on Mercedes’s advertisement. I am not saying anything more, just watch both of them.
Additional information: Mercedes-Benz G Class is one of the real off road vehicle on sale today. It is really annoying to drive in daily basis but in terms of travelling places with no road, this is the best thing!


Mercedes G-Wagon: Celebrity Wagon!

When you became a celebrity in Hollywood, there are customs which you must fulfil! You suppose to buy a very very big house with many rooms which you will never ever use it. You must buy many shoes, bag, hats, t-shirts from luxury brands. You should attend to every kind of party. You must pose on cameras and attend some pointless interviews. And many other things! It is obvious that you need to comply many rituals in Hollywood celebrity world!
However the most important thing custom to fulfil is to buy a Mercedes G-Wagon. Yes, you must buy the most off road oriented vehicle on earth, regardless of where you will drive! This is a must for any celebrity candidate. If you don’t buy a Mercedes G-Wagon, you won’t be a long lasting celebrity.
Honestly; G-Wagon is a great car, offers unexpected off road ability, contemporary retro design and many more things. And they are mainly focused on off road abilities. With G-Wagon, you can travel on every kind of terrain on earth, basically the best to drive around the whole planet. Unfortunately, these abilities do not come in a comfortable way. G-Wagon is basically designed for driving on place where there is no road exists. Therefore, everything is designed for that! Doors are heavy, steering is heavy, suspension is for off road, there is no electronic climate control, interior is angled, there is no sense of aerodynamics as it can be considered as a moving wall and there is no parking sensors for front. These might not sound ridiculous but when you start drive this car, you will notice all these things in your heart. Because, much cheaper alternatives will be offering much better comfort! But I don’t know why, Hollywood stars want to exercise their muscles while driving a G-Wagon.
Actually, G-Wagon is one of the coolest car available. For more than thirty years, its designed never changed and it is a very iconic car. And most probably many Hollywood stars prefer this car because it is cool! Like everyone says, appearance is more important than sense of facts! I think for that reason, many celebrity do not drive G-Wagon for very long time.
Here is a small list of celebrities who are driving G-Wagon;
Ashley Tisdale
Audrina Patridge
Beau Dunn
Hilary Duff
Jennifer Garner
Megan Fox
Nicole Richie
Renee Zellweger

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Mercedes G-Class: Mercedes Hercule Wagon

For long years, you have been searching for a car which could reflect the Hercule inside your soul and you could not find it :( All the car catalogs are filled with extremely sharp and clean pictures of vehicles. And you motivation for finding your soul mates flatten outs!
But it is over now! This is the picture of Mercedes G Class! Yes, this is a real four wheel drive and it is really good at off road! You can do whatever you want to do. After seeing this pictures, you will definitely feel yourself like Alexander The Great and travel until the end of the world! While going end of the world, consider the fuel prices :)
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