Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen for 2025

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen for 2025. G-Wagen is the oldest production vehicle of Mercedes-Benz, which did not change its design philosophy at all. Actually, Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen never changed since it was introduced in 1979.
Despite the over conservative look of Mercedes G-Wagen, I always loved this vehicle but I never considered as a car to buy unless I really need to off road. Because, G-Wagen is very expensive due to its off road ability and manufacturing costs.
Anyway, Mercedes-Benz recently announced a concept vehicle as the future G-Wagen and it is called Ener-G-Force. It does sound like an energy drink :) The Ener-G-Force name comes from the hydro-tech converter. Like in Back to the Future movie, Ener-G-Force will be able to run on different energy resources that will provide 800 km of range. Also Terra-Scan 360-degree topography scanner will be scanning the surroundings and adjusting the suspensions, springs, damping rates and other driving parameters to ensure the optimum traction on different terrain conditions.
Lastly, Ener-G-Force concept is considered as a police or emergency vehicle, you can understand this by the flashing headlights. Also, the small glass area protect the occupants from potential hazards. In my opinion, those small glasses were inspired from the 1940s American Locomotives!
If the Mercedes Ener-G-Force is designed for police and emergency purpose, I can assume that it will be preferred by Dubia and other Emirates states, as the price of Ener-G-Force will be quite expensive for rest of the state’s budget. 
Ener-G-Force looks really charming, hope to see this car on production. And please check the police office on sketch design :) 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mercedes Unimog

Mercedes Unimog! Forget Range Rover, ignore Mercedes G-Wagoneven don’t mention Toyota Land Cruiser. Mercedes Unimog is the king of off-road. And many people never heard of Unimog, however they saw it many times.
Unimog is the four-wheel commercial vehicle of Mercedes. However, Unimog has a unique design and character since it was first built. Unimog always had the pick-up design, huge wheel and enormous off-road capabilities. For me, it is the best for off-road! Therefore, nearly whole countries in the world prefer Unimog for emergency services.
Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger bought a $250.000 Mercedes Unimog to replace his super-efficient Hummer H1. Firstly, it is good to hear that Arnold realised that Hummer H1 was useless and secondly, it is not good to see that Arnold will be turn Unimog into pimp my ride car. And I really wonder what Arnold will do with Unimog? Provide public services such as; clearing snow in California, towing vehicles, towing trains, moving heavy items, cleaning road with special extension. Whatever Arnold tries to do with Unimog, there is a limitation! Unimog cannot do more than 120 kph (75 mph)
After Arnold’s move, I am definitely sure that, many Hollywood star will replace their Range Rover and Mercedes G-Wagon for an Unimog. But keep in mind, Unimog is huge!

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Chris Harris Mercedes G63 AMG Test

Chris Harris and Mercedes G63 AMG. Chris tested the new Mercedes G63 AMG and I watched the video yesterday, I know it is a bit late. As a person who loves the Mercedes G-Wagon so much and I do know that Mercedes G-Wagon does not have a responsive steering wheel, still manufactured by chassis frame, there is no sense of aero dynamics.
But G-Wagon looks amazing! I understand Chris, he compared the G63 AMG with its competitors but G-Wagon’s competitors were not even on planned production when G-Wagon was revealed. Also, G-Wagon has its own style of roughness, people do not buy G63 AMG to go around the Nürburgring faster or corner harder.
Again I agree with Chris, G63 AMG does not promising a good cornering ability, on the other hand 544 PS and 760 Nm of torque would definitely be fun to drive.
Mercedes G63 AMG is a combination of contradiction, therefore you can accelerate and off road like crazy!

Goodwood Festival of Speed: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes SL 63 AMG









Mercedes 300SL





New Mercedes A-Class / Yeni Mercedes A-Serisi









Mercedes C63 Coupe Black AMG



Mercedes E63 AMG



Mercedes Formula 1 Car / Mercedes Formula 1 Aracı


Gold Mercedes G-Wagon / Altın Kaplama Mercedes G-Serisi







Mercedes ML63 AMG







Mercedes Concept Style Coupe CLA


Mercedes CLS 63 AMG


Mercedes SLS AMG



Goodwood Festival of Speed: Gold Mercedes G-Wagen

Gold Mercedes G-Wagen, finally I saw this shiny interesting SUV. This is the new Mercedes G-Wagen 350 CDi model covered with 24-carat of gold. I have no idea why they did something like this but it looks interesting and catching lots of attention. 
Gold Mercedes G-Wagen is powered by a 3-lt turbo diesel engine produces 210 PS of power and 540 Nm of torque, and coupled with 7G-Tronic Plus automatic gearbox. You can have all types of safety and luxury features with this new G-Class.
However, there is one contradiction with gold G-Wagen! Why do you want a gold covered G-Wagen with a diesel engine. If you can afford covered the car with gold, I am sure you can afford to fuel the tank with petrol instead of diesel :)

And when I saw this car, I remembered the song of Amr Diab Nour Alain.