Bugatti Galibier 16C Concept

Bugatti Galibier 16C concept is the future Bugatti with four doors. It started as concept car and recently Bugatti released new footage on their YouTube channel. Footage shows the design details of this possible new model after Veyron. And it is clear that it will be powered by a 1000 PS engine and it will feature very nice engine bonnet!
Also, when you buy this €1.83 Million car, you will receive a free watch, which can be placed on instrument panel or you may place it on your wrist! This is great bargain!
The nice thing with Galibier is the mutual design bits from the iconic Bugatti Atlantic model, especially in the rear end. Galibier might be the first features a vertical brake light thanks to its main centre line, starts from the  rear end and finishes at the front.

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