Geely: A Safe Chinese Car :O

Shocking news from Chinese car manufacturer Geely. No, they didn’t reveal a competitor to Rolls Royce :) Actually, this news is more shocking than the Rolls Royce competitor, they achieved 4 stars from EuroNCAP crash test!
You didn’t read wrong, Geely Emgrand EC7 received 4 stars from the latest EuroNCAP crash test. According to results; Emgrand EC7 received %75 from adult occupant, %80 from child occupant, %42 from pedestrian and %86 from safety assist. As the EuroNCAP mentioned, Geely is heavily investing on safety and trying to improve their image for being the least safe car on planet!
If you still have doubts about the news, here is the original link to EuroNCAP. Honestly, I highly recommend to check the website ;)

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New Geely is very Geely !

Recently Geely announced its face lifted luxury car. The previous model was looking very similar to Rolls Royce Phantom, a very interesting incident! I guess this car did not have a very good impact on automotive market and Geely decided to introduced a face lifted model. Autocar mentioned this as Rolls Royce look alike but they were wrong!
This new model is totally new has essence from different brands. The front grill is looking very familiar with Maserati Quattroporte’s front grill. The real end, especially lights are very similar to Mercedes S Class and very similar boot lid. This new model is not look similar to one car, it looks similar to many cars. Honestly, one rear seat option is very creative. Some people might wish to have only one seat in the rear! Contemporary way of king transportation :)
Pictures are from;
Worldcarfans, Maserati, Mercedes Website

New Volvo S60 Coming Soon from China!

Volvo is bought by Chinese company Geely in recent weeks. And Volvo released the pictures of new S60 model. I could say, this is one of the best looking car on market now! I am really looking forward to see the real one. I never felt like this for a Volvo.
I don’t know what to say! Ford, why did you wait so long for this car? You could have introduced new S60 before everything turned into chaos.
We could see that, Volvo still has potential and Ford could have benefited from this. As they ignored to revise Volvo’s range for long time, Volvo could not have enough money to survive.
Chinese Volvo S60 will be very popular car and like Jaguar XF, there will be more demand than expected. I think Ford is very good at selling brands which have high potentials hidden. An advise to Geely, try to introduce new S80, as soon as possible! Like, Geneva Motor Show on march ;)


Volvo 中国商品 (Made in China)

Todya Ford announced their plan to sell Volvo to Chineese car manufacturer Geely. This news was expecting to be announced for long time. For nearly three years, Ford was willing to sell Volvo but always denied this fact. As the financial pressure increased this strategy started to rise. As expected a Chineese manufacturer would buy the Volvo, this business deal between Ford and Geely is a milestone for Chinese automotive industry. By this way, Chinese jumped to luxury car maket with Volvo brand. Even though, Volvo is suffering serious problem in competition and could not keep up with Germans, Geely’s motivation to enter luxury market will play significant role in following years.
However; there is a very important fact, does Geely has enough know-how to compete with Germans? This is one of the main reason why Volvo lost its competition power as the Germans revealed much better cars with same safety features. Therefore, Geely should also find very intelligent engineers to increase the competition power Volvo brand.
As everyone is concerning, what will happen to platform sharing with Ford? Ford Focus and Volvo S40 are basically same cars and this means, Geely also bought the some of the Ford’s know-how!!!
Volvo promises future and right decisions would help to go back to good old days :)