Kate Upton, Hannah Simone, Genesis Rodriguez at Gillette Commercial | Kate Upton Video Continues

Kate Upton at Gillette commercials. Actually this post is part of the Kate Upton videos and I know you missed Kate and she was silent for couple of weeks. Hopefully, I found the Gillette’s Kate Upton commercials! I am sure you know the Gillette brand or if you don’t know, you will know it now and start using it forever.

Gillette is well-known for its innovative shaving products and high priced spare parts. I always wondered why Gillette is charging like they are selling a replacement part of a Bugatti Veyron and now I realised why, they had to save money to make this campaign with Kate Upton.

After watching these videos, you subconscious will associate Gillette with Kate Upton and every time you visit a store to buy razors, you will be buying Gillette without your willingness, or with your willingness :)

And also you will listen her advices from the campaign subconsciously :)

Gillette did not employ only Kate Upton for this campaign, Hannah Simone and Genesis Rodriguez. Also, after this campaign I am sure we will be Googling Hannah and Genesis more often :)

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