Mercedes with Illuminated Star: Really Necessary?

Mercedes with illuminated central grill star. Mercedes recently started to offer illuminated star with M, GL, C, CLS and E-Class models. Unfortunately, this feature is not available with A, B and GLK-Class models. Basically, if you are wealthy, you can blind your star. 
Actually, I was planning to write something funny about this feature but I changed my mind. Because, I was trying to understand why Mercedes offers a feature, which is mainly aimed for posing. I am sure illuminated star is a part of the design element but customers will not perceive in the same way. Therefore, identify of the feature will not match with the image.
Does Mercedes need brand awareness? I really don’t think so, everyone on this planet knows Mercedes. There is always a Mercedes in everywhere on this planet, so the three-point star does not have any problem with brand awareness. So, why people should need to represent their Mercedes even at night? Actually, is it necessary to do? Even at night, we can understand a Mercedes very easily, it is not like Pagani only few people know the brand name. 
I know after this post some people will say, there are brands doing this as well. But Mercedes is a cult, an icon. It is associated with wealth and success. Yes, other brands also mean this but no one can emphasise like Mercedes.
My opinion instead of getting this feature, go for Distronis Plus system. It will save your life and more functional then illuminated star.

Mercedes GL 63 AMG Photos

Mercedes GL 63 AMG is finally revealed. Unfortunately, there are no information regarding to technical details. Only images were released to Mercedes-AMG Global Fan Page. However, Mercedes GL 63 AMG will definitely have the same engine that is available on Mercedes ML 63 AMG; 5.5-lt V8 petrol engine produces 525 PS of power and 700 nm of torque. Engine will be coupled with an AMG Speedshift Plus 7-G Tronic automatic gearbox and definitely the top speed will be limited to 250 kph (155 mph).  Unfortunately, I cannot guess about the consumption or CO2 levels. As soon as the more detailed will be published, I will revise the post. Until that time, enjoy the photos.

Here is the official technical details, Mercedes GL 63 AMG has more power and torque than ML 63 AMG. So my prediction was not accurately correct.

The key data at a glance:
5461 cc
Bore x stroke
98.0 x 90.5 mm
Compression ratio
410 kW (557 hp) at 5250-5750 rpm
Max. torque
760 Nm at 2000-5000 rpm
Engine weight (dry)
204 kg
Fuel consumption, NEDC combined
12.3 l/100 km
CO2 emissions
288 g/km
Acceleration 0-100 km/h
4.9 s
Top speed
250 km/h*
My opinion about Mercedes GL 63 AMG is, a bit senseless vehicle. Because, Mercedes GL is promoted as an off-road biased SUV and it is one of the biggest SUV on the market and does not have a very strong sales figures. Thus, it is a relative high risk to introduce Mercedes GL 63 AMG, when there are very vague competitors are available and the demand to huge big SUV with aggressive engines! It is better to keep Mercedes GL exclusive rather than engaging with AMG.
In addition, the exterior design of Mercedes GL is not biased on sporty character like Mercedes ML. And, extending AMG brand to each product is not a very good as well. Because, this will reduce the exclusivity of AMG. If Mercedes can keep the AMG brand in fewer models, it will be more beneficial in future to sustain AMG’s exclusive image.
I hope it won’t share the same faith of Mercedes R 63 AMG; a bit of failure! And don’t forget, Mercedes GL 63 AMG was cancelled before going to production, when Mercedes GL was firstly introduced to market. It is obvious that Mercedes does not wish to take risk with an aggressive exterior design with Mercedes GL 63 AMG scare some of the customers. Mercedes GL 63 AMG is the only calm looking AMG!

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New Mercedes-Benz GL

Here is the new Mercedes-Benz GL! Thanks to world of Twitter, I found the leaked pictures of the upcoming new GL. As you can see, Mercedes kept the main lines of the vehicle and did not go for a radical change. This shows that, Mercedes does not wish to lose the present customers with a radical new design. And they created a Bentley atmosphere in interior, you can clearly see this by the cross stitching in leather! 
However, the rear end of the vehicle looks similar to BMW X3. A bad coincident! Based on the pictures, this new model will offer lots of LEDs light and less muscular looking.
Unfortunately, I could not find any information about the engine options but I can assume that Mercedes will stick to present range. And I don’t think they will offer the 2,2-lt diesel engine. Most probably Mercedes will be offering 3,0-lt petrol (306 PS), 5,0-lt petrol (408 PS) and diesel (258 PS).

We will know more about the new GL in following motor shows. Most probably in New York, as the GL is quite popular there!

Today Mercedes revealed the new Mercedes GL in New York Motor Show. And some of my predictions were right, such as the engine options. The new GL will be offered with two engines; one petrol GL 500 (408 PS) and one diesel GL 350 (258 PS). After the vehicle will be offered more engine options will be available! This time Mercedes improved the interior quality of the GL, however I was expecting to see a S-Class interior but, it still looks luxury and exquisite. On the contrary, it shares the same interior with the ML, which I found it as a downside.

Anyway, this time Mercedes placed the GL as the S-Class of the SUVs. I can understand this by their press release related with air suspension (Air Matic), steering wheel and driving dynamics. Probably Mercedes designed the GL to act like a S-Class. That’s really good! So, it could be a real good alternative to Range Rover.

New GL offers some new technologies such as; Steer Control as steering assistance and to avoid over-steering due to steering torque, Collision Prevent Assist, 360 Degree Camera view and Active Parking Assist (auto parking system) are the new feature. Auto parking feature will be very useful for a vehicle at this size.

Similar Range Rover’s Terrain Response system, GL offers six different types of on-road and off-road programmes with low range transmission and a locking centre differential. Unfortunately, they are not offering locking rear differential. It was a bit interesting. They removed the rear differential lock from ML and  GL. I was expecting to see rear differential lock in GL, because that’s the feature that defines a real off-roader or not! And Mercedes claims on the press release that, new GL is a real off-roader, without rear differential lock !?!

Also, the interior space is bigger, more boot space, more luxury, better fuel economy, start-stop function 7-speed automatic gearbox (7G-Tronic Plus). And similar to Aston Martin, GL has the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound sound system with woofer mounted on the A-pillars! Looks really nice.

Overall, it is a new nice but they did not change the design so dramatically, and lost its muscular look. In addition, I was expecting to something different. This shows that Mercedes does not wish to make existing American (Sold 27,000 GLs last year), Chinese and German customers upset with a new radical design. On the other, hand it will make harder for Mercedes to capture new customers! Interior looks really but we need to wait for the new Range Rover, in order to evaluate more precisely. Will I buy one? Hmmm, hard question. I am sure it would be nice to drive but buying is still a question mark for me when it comes to GL. The design is the main issue, sorry!

For more photos: Cars & Life Facebook Page


kW/hp at rpm
Nm from rpm
0-100 km/h (s)
Vmax km/h
l/100 km NEDC combined
CO2 g/km
GL 350
190/258 3800
620 1600-2400
300/408 5000-5750
600 1600-4750


* Provisional figures for the international model range which may vary from country to country













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Maybach: An Automotive Tragedy

Finally, Maybach’s future is getting clear. Mercedes’s cash burning luxury brand, which was revealed to compete with Bentley and Rolls Royce did not manage to compete as it was expected. When Rolls Royce revealed the Phantom, Maybach could not resist to this pressure and started to lose market share rapidly. Furthermore, recently global economic crisis made things worse. Maybach became the brand, which is funded by Mercedes to keep alive. Usually, a brand generates profit and keep business floating. Unfortunately, Maybach did the opposite.
As usual, rumours started for Maybach; it can be removed, a new model can be produced and designed with Aston Martin. However, these entire alternatives were emerged after the new Maybach products, which also failed (Zepelin, Laundrette). Recently, Mercedes decided on an another option. Turning Maybach brand into stickers! Similar to AMG, customers will have chance to turn a regular S, CL and GL Classes into Maybach class luxury and they will have the Maybach sticker at the back end. Bentley does this with Mullinear and customises to vehicle with customers’ demand and turn it into a more luxury vehicle.
Within current condition, this is the best option for the Maybach brand. It nearly impossible to compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley, and there is no reason to pour money into this business. However, customers can bear an extra cost to have the Maybach class luxury without bearing the Maybach style price tag.

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