GQ China May 2015

I am in GQ China May 2015 issue’s Car Supplement! You will find an interview with me.

Angelababy by Chen Man for GQ China May 2015


GQ Magazine at Selfridges Birmingham

This month, I visited the Selfridges Birmingham for a special event done by GQ Magazine. Recently, Selfridges Birmingham started to refurbish their department store in Birmingham. And to celebrate the opening of the men section, GQ Magazine hold a welcoming event. It was a great opportunity to met with people behind scene, men collection buyers from Selfridges and the retail editor of GQ Magazine (Giorgina Waltier). My favourite ones were from the Paul Smith, their collection is always amazing!


Kate Upton and Ken Jeong in GQ Magazine | Probably The Funniest Photos Ever

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A fashion statement from GQ UK

I have been reading GQ Magazine (UK Edition) for long time, and it is really well written and enjoying to read like a car magazine. Some people don’t have any idea about this magazine and in briefly; if you want to develop your intellectual level you should read it :)
And I like their comments on different things! Sometimes you never expect to read anything like this or never imagined that thought but they did it. In February, 2011 issue has something really interesting.
I am directly writing the phrase from the magazine;
“Any shoe made from read satin with a heel resembling a lethal weapon is a shoe her legs need to be attached to. Be warned though, these Gianmarco Lorenzi dazzlers will demand a taxi wherever they go. £590.
I mentioned this statement to my fashion blogger friend Moda Cadısı (Fashion Witch) and she just said, definitely true :)
But there is one point they missed to mention. If you hire a black cab in UK (I prefer for its spacious interior) you might be bearing the terrible back suspension made by leaf springs. Ladies, your feet will be comfortable but your back will feel the whole pot hole on road! If you are asking what is leaf spring? It is something designed to carry heavy weights, not human beings!! No comfort at all.
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GQ Sections

I have been reading GQ UK Magazine for long time. I like the way they combine different topics together in one fashion magazine. You can find whatever you want in each issue. It is like a Swiss army knife magazines, if you want to learn life style start reading GQ. Especially the UK edition, because it is better!
However I have some concerns about GQ, as I mentioned they talk about everything but not everything all the time! Their car section is written by Celia Walden and Jason Barlow. Celia drove everything from tank to private jets and we know Jason from CAR and TopGear magazines. Despite the respectful contributors to car column, but I’ve never seen cars in their Style section. There are lots of things expects car. Actually cars are placed under “Entertainment”! GQ’s placement for cars is very interesting.
I know cars are entertaining but the stylish people do not drive cheap and dull looking cars. They spent fortune on stylish cars. Like, Range Rover Autobiography, Mercedes’s bespoke Designo, BMW Individual and many more. I am not expecting to see a diesel Volkswagen Passat Estate in Style section but they can place some of the cars under it.


The best driving shoes on worst carpets !?!

Shoes, one of the biggest business on earth after iPhone! Both for men and women, it is important for completing your dress and change the way you look. Therefore, every brand is offering many different types of shoes and changing them every season. Except the Prada sneakers for men, they are the same for last two thousand years! And everyone knows that, if it was sold by a company cold Mrada, nobody would ever buy it. Let’s back to shoes.
Recently my favourite magaine GQ UK, announced top nine (I don’t know why nine not ten) driving shoes which you can buy on their website. For men only! Why? If they try to find driving shoes for ladies the list will be like this; ankle boots, ballet flats, boots, clog sandals, closed-toe slip-ons, combat boots, flip flops, high-heeled boots, high-heeled sandals, high-top sneakers, laced shoes, mules, platform pumps, platform sandals, pumps with open toe, sandals, shoe boots, slingbacks, slip-on sneakers, sneakers, wedges, beach sandals, espadrilles, round toe, point toe, peep toe (List is from and As you could see the list is more confusing than a working schema of a hydrogen car! Even the hundreds of fashion magazines cannot solve this problem on their every issue it is a good idea to decide which women shoes are best for driving.
As expected GQ UK focused men driving shoes which is more easier to pick. Actually six months ago they selected best driving shoes from Kurt Geiger with pink colour, this is a totally different issue :) This time nine different shoes are selected placed on nine different car carpets. However there was a small problem. The carpet and the shoes did not match.
If you have lots of money, if you will change your car and then change your shoes !?! I don’t know but for now, I consider it like this. The first shoes is from UK brand Bill Amberg and this is the first I heard this brand. I guess they thought, if you buy a blue Mini Cooper this shoes will match the colour of your car. And from the carpet we can see that clearly. And if you will not buy a blue Mini Cooper, don’t buy these.
The next one is from Kurt Geiger with ridiculous colour on Mercedes AMG carpet. So the GQ suggested that; if you buy a enormously powered Mercedes AMG like SL65 AMG, you have to buy these shoes! Try to buy something else.
Our next shoes is from Giorgio Armani on unknown carpet. My recommendation for these shoes is Lamborghini. As the Armani brand is always highlighted its logo on their every product and it becomes impossible to ignore it by everyone, so you have to be driving something which cannot be ignored by everyone. Buy a Lamborghini :)
Red Hugo Boss shoes on Chevrolet plastic carpet. Oh come on! Where did you find this carpet from the Hummer (Hummer was a brand of Chevrolet) which you rented for your birthday! This is the most combination GQ ever made on man history. From this pictures, I can only recommend one car. Red coloured Mercedes C Class Estate, not a sedan model a proper estate model.
Finally GQ matched the shoes with the car. Tod’s from Italy and carpet from German Porsche, great combination. Porsche 911 Turbo, nothing to say more.
Car Shoe from Italy but with Land Rover !?! From the colour the shoes, they should have tried Range Rover instead. At least it looks more sophisticated, any with this colour nothing looks sophisticated :)
Salvatore Ferragamo, the brand which I adore the most! I cannot even pronounce the brand properly, unless you are Italian you cannot pronounce it properly. And GQ put on Lexus carpet. Great creativity. There is one car for this brand Maserati. It can be Quattroporte or GranTurismo, no problem. But not a Lexus which is advertising its faulty recalls on websites.
Gucci and Jaguar, great coupling. White Gucci shoes with Jaguar. I think there is no problem with this combination until the time white Guccis turn into white gray black Gucci.
And lastly and the worst combination. Paul Smith and Chevrolet !?! Come on, again the Hummer carpet. How did you emerge this emotional relationship with the Hummer !?! Paul Smith is a great brand with excellent and clever creativity on their products, okay this time it is not that good looking with this colour. But it still deserve to be coupled with an Aston Martin, instead of Chevrolet something!
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Land Rover Discovery 4 or 3,5 ?

Land Rover Discovery is one of the most iconic off roaders on market. GQ Magazine even placed Discovery 4 as the 83th best thing in the world. Yes, Discovery 4! Like most of the people, you think that Discovery 4 is a new model but no! That’s a facelifted Discovery 3, actually Discovery 3,5 is a better definition.

When Discovery 3 was introduced in 2004 and like other cars, its product life cycle was seven years. In 2011 we expect to see “real” Discovery 4. But they changed their mind and introduced the facelifted Discovery 3 as Discovery 4. This confusing branding tactic definitely confused the customers. Because, a new number means this vehicle is something new and previous is old. However, the case is different with Discovery. Discovery 3 was a very good off road and invaded by heavy plastic interior, despite its off roading ability it does not able to offer any comfort for that price tag and everywhere inside the car is mostly covered with plastic. This is not something good, if you are trying to sell your vehicle as premium off roader! So, Land Rover people revised the vehicle, introduced new engines, new interior and more option and to create more impression they also introduced a new name.
People will perceive this a new Discovery and when they notice the Discovery 3, they will be confused and they will ring the dealers and ask millions of questions. What I am curious about is; what will happen in 2011? Will Land Rover introduce Discovery 5 or Discovery 4,5 or New Discovery Forget the Rest model!
Discovery 3 had to have a heavy facelift but it was not that desperate to have a new name. Facelift the vehicle, focus on marketing and don’t confuse people. In automotive business, renaming a very good product is the last option and most of the manufacturers don’t try to do this, unless it is inevitable. In the end, Land Rover will be confused to new name in 2011!

This is the Discovery 3!

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