New Bentley Grand Convertible / Mulsanne Convertible

Bentley Grand Convertible is recently revealed to public. In case you have no idea what is Grand Convertible. Basically, Grand Convertible is the two-door cabrio version of the four-door Mulsanne. And this shows us, Bentley skipped the Mulsanne Coupe and shifted to Mulsanne Convertible (Grand Convertible).

Grand Convertible is powered by a 6.75-lt V8 with 537 HP and 1100 nm of torque. And eight-speed automatic gearbox is coupled. This car will be really fast! And I am sure, the potential owners of Grand Convertible are more focused on the wood and bespoke customisation than the horsepower!

I really like Mulsanne, it harmonises the Bentley heritage with modern touches. Similar to Mulsanne, Grand Convertible does the same. It is still a Bentley but it is doesn’t look dull or too traditional. Also 1100 nm of torque will increase the entertainment factor.







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