Greek Summer from Greek Blogger

Today I want to share my Greek blogger friend, Dionysia! As you can see from the photos, she spent her holiday in Greece with sun! If you are reading this blog from north part of the world, sun does not mean anything to us :( But it does shine in other parts of the world.
I really appreciate her dedication to her blog and express her fashion style. If you wonder about her clothes or shoes or anything else, just click the post links or ask her on Twitter!

Taxi Free traffic space

Last week, during my trip in Athens something very unusual has happened. Taxi drviers disappeared from the traffic! No, they were not sent to somewhere by molecular transportation. They went on strike!
To protest working condition and taxes, they did not work one day last week. I think many drivers were happy even for one day :) However, not all of them were not unhappy with the conditions; some of them took out their taxi sign on top and worked while other taxi drivers were on strike.
The only thing I was missing, I should have picked up the Mercedes S350 taxi ;) The Mercedes in the picture is E Class, S is even bigger!

Athens in diesel ? Impossible !

Today I visited MAN Hellas in Athens. And found out something really unbelievable!!!

If you ever visited Athens you will notice something, everyone is rich!?! Why? Because, you don’t hear any diesel engine noise. Exactly, in Athens there is no diesel car except commercial cars and taxis. Every SUV is powered by petrol. No, they did not explored petrol next to Syntagma Square.
Don’t think that, every Greek won the lottery. Actually driving a diesel is verboten (forbidden) by government. Yes; the best tree hugger, the most environmental engine is forbid by the law. As I found out, nearly forty years ago, Greek government does not allow the diesel powered passenger cars in Athens to sustain the quality of air. However; world has changed, even the world has changed but the law did not change! Even if you want to buy a super ultra efficient German car with diesel engine, it is not allowed!
So, if you wish to see any kind of petrol powered SUVs in Europe, just go around Athens ;) Actually north of Athens is the best place to spot superb cars.
Pictures are from;
Mercedes Website
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Greek Mercedes GL

Today I am in Greece. As we all read from the newspapers, Greece is suffering from economic crisis.
Interestingly, I saw the first Mercedes GL 500 in my life in Athens and ten minutes later, Bentley Continental GT. It was not GT Speed, sorry :( These two vehicles are designed to burn petrol without any hesitation :)
Driving a GL 500; that’s the easiest way to say “ohh there was an economic crisis around, I did not know that” :)


Most of my friends are always asking which car I should buy and I am suggesting some brand which could satisfy their needs.
My Greek friends Stratos is looking for a car and he doesn’t like easily. But he is very lucky, there is car absolutely designed for him. Lancia Stratos; the only problem is, car is not produced anymore.
I hope that Stratos will read this when he comes back from military :)