Gucci x Adidas Umbrella, Sorry Sun Umbrella

Recently, Adidas and Gucci revealed a collection. You will find everything from high heels, to keyrings, to umbrellas – literally. This type of collaboration is expected; two brands reveal a collection together and boost their revenues. Nothing wrong with that.

However, the problem is when they sell an umbrella, it is not designed to be used in the rain. Gucci x Adidas Sun Umbrella is not intended to be used in the shower. If you try it, you will get wet for £870! I have seen many umbrellas from luxury brands, and all of them did their primary function – keeping you dry from the rain!

I understand that Gucci x Adidas wanted to introduce a product that can be used only under the sun and that’s fine on paper. However, when the product is released, the human brain’s basic function of heuristics kicks in (behavioural economics), and we recall rain and being dry. Unfortunately, this umbrella will not do this, and you will be paying a considerable price for it.

People started to mock this sun umbrella on social media, but I am sure people will buy it!

Here is the link to order it (if it is still available)

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Luxury iPad Mini Cases | Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Designer iPad Mini cases. This is the new problem with the iPad, there is a mini and you have to find a case that fits the iPad Mini. Does not sound like a serious problem but if you wish to keep your iPad Mini clean and without any scratches, you need to have a case.
So, I did some comprehensive research and found some iPad Mini cases. And don’t worry they are not ultra expensive, actually they are lower priced than I expected!

Marc by Marc Jacobs £50
Marc by Marc Jacobs £120
Gucci £160
Marc by Marc Jacobs £50
Louis Vuitton £230
Louis Vuitton £230
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Matte Red BMW X M50d with Designer Collection

Matte Red, the colour of passion! And the colour of BMW X5 M50d.. The most powerful diesel X5 ever produced! M50d is powered by a 3-lt tri-turbo diesel engine with 381 HP and 740 Nm of torque. And M50d needs 5.4 seconds to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) with the limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). When you consider the size of the BMW X5, these figures are ground breaking. However, I already wrote about M50d, why again?

This BMW X5 M50d is painted to matte red! Quite unusual to see an SUV in this colour, except it is ordered by fire brigade. And regarding to responses from Instagram and Facebook, I decided to create a story about it and try to make the story interesting for women readers.

As the colour of BMW X5 M50d is quite sexy, so I decided to give you five different dress, shoes and bags that offer the same colour as the X5.

If you are planning to buy this X5, you may easily can afford to buy these collections :) And this BMW X5 is available in BMW Park Lane, London dealer.

ALEXANDER WANG Ribbed Stretch-Knit Mini Dress £370
LANVIN Duchess Crepe and Silk-Satin Dress £2510
MICHAEL KORS Belted Stretch-Wool Crepe Dress £1140
DONNA KARAN Asymmetric-Pleats Satin Gown £3700

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI Asymmetric Ruched Crepe-Jersey Dress £1395
YVES SAINT LAURENT Tribtoo Suede Pumps 6′ £540
CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA The Dolly Suede Platform Pumps 6′  £595
JIMMY CHOO Quiet Patent-Leather Pumps £395
CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Interlopa 165 Fringed Suede Knee Boots £1495
GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Suede Peep-Toe Platform Ankle Boots £540
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Enameled Flower Box Clutch £1195
REED KRAKOFF Large Boxer Leather Tote £1095
VALENTINO Bow-Detailed Satin Clutch £530
GUCCI 1973 Leather Shoulder Bag £515
CHLOÉ Lucy leather clutch £1,765
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Adverts of Tom Ford

Tom Ford, one of the most influential fashion designers of this era. Unlike other fashion designers Tom Ford has the ability to think from financial perspective whilst designing the collection. Thus, Tom created his own empire, Tom Ford.

Before his own brand, Tom Ford worked in Gucci and YvesSaint Laurent. And Tom Ford improved both of these brands business strategies and market shares. No one can deny Tom Ford’s business success in Gucci.

After Tom Ford revealed his own fashion brand, he started advertisement campaigns. However, these campaigns are not like ordinary ones. Each of the Tom Ford advertisement includes some sexual content catch your attention all of a sudden. And I uploaded some of the Tom Ford’s advertisements, I know there are more but I couldn’t find them.

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Tom Ford

500 by Gucci

Couple of months ago Fiat announced a limited edition Fiat 500 by Gucci. After that time, I did not hear anything about this car. Hopefully, I saw the new photos from Fiat. Unexpectedly photos are with a woman, called Natasha Poly. Instead of details of the 500 by Gucci, we can see the details of Natasha.
Let’s go back to 500 by Gucci, interpretation of 500 by contemporary fashion Gucci is better than my expectations. Except too many Gucci logos! The reason why I am surprised with by Gucci edition is the exquisite interior detail quality. Gucci reflected the high quality production inside the car also, this situation does not happen all the time. Some of the limited editions only focused on sticking its logo around the car and does not focus on increasing the production quality. However, Gucci realised how to interpret the car interior and we did not see any disappointing result. Even though I am not a Gucci fan, after 500 by Gucci edition I changed my perception towards the brand.
This sexy fashion item is going to be available on June with starting price of €17000. Honestly, for this price tag you cannot buy something special like this! But Mini by Goodwood edition is also a very strong rival ;)
If you are planning to reserve one, here is the website

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Fiat 500 by Gucci

Car and fashion brand engagements are very familiar things in automotive industry. But most of the time, nobody hears anything about that and it stays hidden forever. This time, it is different with Fiat 500! My favourite car and one of the best looking one on market, and probably the cheapest one.
Fiat and Gucci introduced the Fiat 500 Gucci model, this strategy is not limited with car but also Gucci has a special collection for 500. Sound really nice and creative. As a matter of fact, people who are planning to buy this car may not able to effort The 500 Gucci collection. Price tag of this car is only €17000 and that’s not something very expensive for a “car”, meanwhile a bag from The 500 collection might be more expensive than the car :)
I really don’t like Gucci brand because of show off style but 500 looks really nice with Gucci touch. As a matter of fact, the car on picture has a very high suspension setting! I hope they won’t sell the car with this setting, unless it will ruin the all picture!

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How to wear a BMW 5 Series ?

Today on Twitter, some people mentioned about the lunatic pricing strategies of fashion brands. With this motivation I did some research on internet, basically on Net-A-Porter website. And I found very interesting things!
Thanks to fashion brands, now you can wear a BMW 528i model on your body. I am not joking, there is a possibility to wear a BMW, thanks to fashion designers finance departments. BMW 528i is a 3-litre petrol engine which produces 258 horse powers with the top speed of 250 kph (155 mph)! This BMW is not an entry level model; it offers leather seats, lots of airbags, brake energy regeneration system, lots of electronic systems, air conditioning, heated seats, central lock and etc. And all these things are only costs £34 455 (€40 490, $55 145).
And let’s talk about the BMW 528i which I made on Net-A-Porter.
The dress; Alexander McQueen Embroidered silk-jacquard cape with a price tag of £28 660 (€33 680, $45 870)
The shoes; Gucci Python ankle boots with a price tag of £1 190 (€1 398, $1 904)
The handbag; Chloé Emma alligator shoulder bag with a price tag of £5 805 (€6 821, $9 290)
And the total is £35 655 (€41 900, $57 066)
As you can see, it is very easy to wear a BMW on your body. You don’t have to be very strong to handle the weight.
I did not add any jewellery or anything else, I did my best to match the colours :)
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Net-A-Porter, BMW

Agent Provocateur, Gucci, Dior and Nürburgring

When you look at an advertisement on magazine with great looking people you dive into a different world. Agent Provocateur lingerie with charming girls motivates to buy them and that advertisement gives the impression of “you will look like this” or Gucci advertisement with great looking man in a great looking suit gives the same message, Dior, Channel, Paul Smith and so on. The function of advertisement is very clear, give a message and motivate consumption, we all know this and we love to ignore it :)
What about the German town Nürburg? Nürburgring is the longest and toughest race track on earth. You could spot any kind of prototype is driven by its limits. This circuit is a open laboratory for automotive world. As its reputation grow day by day and the power of word-of-mouth, it turn into a dream for anyone who loves cars. Porsche, Nissan, Ferrari, Renault, Ford announcing their new records for their sports car. And always the circuit lap time is going down and down and down and down. Actually in order to understand what does that new time means, you should study one year for every kind of lap time :)
When you buy the car with that superb lap time, you think that you can do it with you novice driving skill. Of course no ! One of the other ugly truth of cars. Unless your name is Schumacher or you are a former F1 driver, that lap time could happen in your dreams.
Like fashion advertisements, what you see is just dream :) We just buy a dream to live with it, so lets enjoy it ;)
Pictures are from;
Agent Provocateur
Nürburgring Official Website