Taking Back My Love with two coloured Maserati

This summer’s one of the most popular video was from Enrique Iglesias Ft. Ciara’s Taking Back My Love. As we could see from the video clip, they were breaking and throwing every object in their home as they had some problems.
Ciara throw paints to swimming pool, Enrique clear the fridge and so on. But the final shot comes from Ciara! When we look at the video clip at 3:18, we could clearly see that Enrique’s grey Maserati Quattroporte turns into black and grey Quattroporte. The goods side, car has two colours ;) However the this new colouring style may not be welcomed by Enrique.
I think Guggenheim will be happy to accept this post modern art which reflect the anger of lady expressed contemporary transportation object.
However, as the EU and some other countries apply regulations to paints and chemicals inside them. Most of the paint are based on water. So Enrique may clean that paint before it turns into solid. And he will be thankful, Ciara did not throw brake fluid ;) Brake fluid doesn’t have mercy on any kind of paint!