Pink perspective to automotive business

Right now I am trying to focus on totally something else and avoid writing on my blog. Because I have to concentrate on that subject! Anyway, as you are reading this post my concentration is diverted from that subject to this subject.
Enough with that and this game. I notice something very important for automotive business, I know none of the manufacturer will take it serious but I want to say it :) If you read any consumption report from shinny consultancy firms, you will notice that women don’t care about the price and they want to buy it when they see anything. Therefore, nothing is left on women sections of any department store. We can assume that, women buy with high price and ignore to wait until sales.
This is an important motivation to sell car which are hopeless or they don’t promise any muscular identity. Of course you cannot offer pink coloured Mercedes G Wagon, it has too much testosterone hormone for being pink. But there are some cars which have no hormones! For instance Nissan Micra. My dear blogger friend Iconjane has one. And I know many other girls who own a Micra. Micra is a women car, or in terms of German it has feminine article, Die. You cannot turn Micra into a VW Polo GTi! Micra’s target market is very clear, women!
For instance Fiat 500 is neutral car. It is neither male nor female. In terms of German, that is Das (neutral article). You can offer Abarth version with more horses and you can offer Barbie edition. It is very flexible product. 500 does not give the same message like Micra, “I am female or this car belongs to my wife”.
I cannot ignore the Honda Jazz also, that’s a women car and offers pink. Also Toyota Prius, kind of women car. Electric engine, no proper reason to buy, too silent, too boring; basically it does not offer any excitement. Actually that’s a hopeless car.
Anyway, my suggestion is to offer special women editions for these cars. Christian Louboutin edition, Chanel No.5 (I have no idea how to turn a car into a No.5), Louis Vuitton edition or pink edition. It should motivate women customers to buy! As usual with higher price, this is the basic of automotive business always charge more! So, if you have a women orientated or hopeless car focus on catching women’s’ attention, they would love it :)
By the way, men also spend pointless money on Ferrari Store and Porsche Design store. How do I know, I just look at the mirror !

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Do you want fake engine noise for your car ?

Since the hybrid phenomenon started a question popped up in my brain. The hybrid cars have the capability to drive through electric motor thanks to batteries. And also they are very silent, efficient and you know the rest. Hybrids are the tree huggers!
But there was a minor detail many people ignored! The electric engines are too silent, that’s not something bad but they too silent for pedestrians. You won’t notice this until a hybrid was one meter away to hit you.
The ultra silent hybrids emerged a new problem of car sound. Because, many of us understand that a car is approaching to us by hearing the engine noise. And hybrids do not have an engine noise while they are using the electric motor. So, we will not hear anything and hybrid might crash to us. I think there are some incidents have happened.
Today Toyota announced that, they will be coupling hybrid vehicles with virtual engine noise! I have never seen more ridiculous that this. A car is making faking noise !?! I hope they will be working with game companies. I cannot imagine this hilarious condition of automotive business. They are trying to find ways to make fake engine noise. I am sure some tuning companies will remap the noise and your Toyota Prius can sound like a Ferrari :)
I am sure some ladies are reading this blog, and I would like provide a different explanation. Hybrids situation is like making fake noises for your high heels and help other people to realize that you are approaching. It is that simple :)
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The best driving shoes on worst carpets !?!

Shoes, one of the biggest business on earth after iPhone! Both for men and women, it is important for completing your dress and change the way you look. Therefore, every brand is offering many different types of shoes and changing them every season. Except the Prada sneakers for men, they are the same for last two thousand years! And everyone knows that, if it was sold by a company cold Mrada, nobody would ever buy it. Let’s back to shoes.
Recently my favourite magaine GQ UK, announced top nine (I don’t know why nine not ten) driving shoes which you can buy on their website. For men only! Why? If they try to find driving shoes for ladies the list will be like this; ankle boots, ballet flats, boots, clog sandals, closed-toe slip-ons, combat boots, flip flops, high-heeled boots, high-heeled sandals, high-top sneakers, laced shoes, mules, platform pumps, platform sandals, pumps with open toe, sandals, shoe boots, slingbacks, slip-on sneakers, sneakers, wedges, beach sandals, espadrilles, round toe, point toe, peep toe (List is from and As you could see the list is more confusing than a working schema of a hydrogen car! Even the hundreds of fashion magazines cannot solve this problem on their every issue it is a good idea to decide which women shoes are best for driving.
As expected GQ UK focused men driving shoes which is more easier to pick. Actually six months ago they selected best driving shoes from Kurt Geiger with pink colour, this is a totally different issue :) This time nine different shoes are selected placed on nine different car carpets. However there was a small problem. The carpet and the shoes did not match.
If you have lots of money, if you will change your car and then change your shoes !?! I don’t know but for now, I consider it like this. The first shoes is from UK brand Bill Amberg and this is the first I heard this brand. I guess they thought, if you buy a blue Mini Cooper this shoes will match the colour of your car. And from the carpet we can see that clearly. And if you will not buy a blue Mini Cooper, don’t buy these.
The next one is from Kurt Geiger with ridiculous colour on Mercedes AMG carpet. So the GQ suggested that; if you buy a enormously powered Mercedes AMG like SL65 AMG, you have to buy these shoes! Try to buy something else.
Our next shoes is from Giorgio Armani on unknown carpet. My recommendation for these shoes is Lamborghini. As the Armani brand is always highlighted its logo on their every product and it becomes impossible to ignore it by everyone, so you have to be driving something which cannot be ignored by everyone. Buy a Lamborghini :)
Red Hugo Boss shoes on Chevrolet plastic carpet. Oh come on! Where did you find this carpet from the Hummer (Hummer was a brand of Chevrolet) which you rented for your birthday! This is the most combination GQ ever made on man history. From this pictures, I can only recommend one car. Red coloured Mercedes C Class Estate, not a sedan model a proper estate model.
Finally GQ matched the shoes with the car. Tod’s from Italy and carpet from German Porsche, great combination. Porsche 911 Turbo, nothing to say more.
Car Shoe from Italy but with Land Rover !?! From the colour the shoes, they should have tried Range Rover instead. At least it looks more sophisticated, any with this colour nothing looks sophisticated :)
Salvatore Ferragamo, the brand which I adore the most! I cannot even pronounce the brand properly, unless you are Italian you cannot pronounce it properly. And GQ put on Lexus carpet. Great creativity. There is one car for this brand Maserati. It can be Quattroporte or GranTurismo, no problem. But not a Lexus which is advertising its faulty recalls on websites.
Gucci and Jaguar, great coupling. White Gucci shoes with Jaguar. I think there is no problem with this combination until the time white Guccis turn into white gray black Gucci.
And lastly and the worst combination. Paul Smith and Chevrolet !?! Come on, again the Hummer carpet. How did you emerge this emotional relationship with the Hummer !?! Paul Smith is a great brand with excellent and clever creativity on their products, okay this time it is not that good looking with this colour. But it still deserve to be coupled with an Aston Martin, instead of Chevrolet something!
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A new trend, animal print interior for pink cars

Last week I saw the pink Fiat 500 for the first time. Of course, this is not something very unusual; pink is normal colour like red, blue or white. The interesting point when you offer pink as a colour option in a car, you directly targeted to women customers. Probably no man will ever buy a pink coloured car! Okay, may be a very cheap pink Bugatti Veyron can find some men customers but in general terms pink is for women.
Offering pink in colour range of a car is a risky decision. Some of the potential men customers place the car into “ignore it” section and you might loss some customers. On the other hand, it can be beneficial! Women customers tend to shop quicker than men, this is something very clear :)
This can make the pink colour as a reasonable option in automotive industry. Especially I can suggest this for Mercedes CLC! As the CLC is a total catastrophe, what can go wrong more? Just add pink colour to option list and you might have some new women customers. Actually Fiat 500 and Nissan Micra are offered in pink colour, honestly I did not see them on street that much but I am pretty sure that some people bought them.
However, the car companies do not take more serious action. Once you ruined the image of car by offering pink don’t stop there! Continue! And animal print option for interior. I am serious, just imagine. A pink Fiat 500 with animal print interior. If this car does not sell, I will not talk about car again! How I came up to this point? Just look at Vogue or Elle, everything is in animal print. Cheap brand, luxury brands, all of them are offering this.
I guess after the collaboration with Land Rover and Victoria Beckham, we can see these kind of interesting combination in Land Rover vehicles.
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Small details makes the differences

I am sure many of you will say, why someone would write something like this! For that reason, I will try to make an introduction to break your biases :)
When we buy something, especially something which is very expensive, we want to buy the most original product of that brand. I mean there should be some original touches in that product to be differentiated from the others. And many brands are very good at doing this!
When you ask a lady, what you call original! She would probably say Christian Louboutin shoes, because they have red soles! These red soles made accidentally and it became trademark for Louboutin, honestly it is saving his business also! Easier to differentiate from other :) So, Louboutin shoes are always a desire for ladies and they want to buy the most Louboutin one. When you read fashion magazines, they will be discussing about some particular models which are never be out of fashion, you can wear regardless of fashion trend. That is Pigalle model! And every detail in these shoes are attractive for ladies, because they are stylish !
Porsche 911 Turbo, an automotive perfection! From manufacturing plant to screen wipers, everything is in a perfect harmony. There is nothing irritating in that car, even the mosquito will not enter to a 911 Turbo to ruin this perfection. I wrote many thing about 911 Turbo but recently I discovered something very attractive on this car. Those are the wheel nuts! Yes, you did not read wrong. Because, this car only have one on each wheel. Unlike your normal car, 911 Turbo has the same style of wheel nuts which you can find in Formula 1 or Le Mans cars :) Even if you have a flat tyre, you will be replacing in a stylish way ;)
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Mercedes E63 AMG with High Heels | Susie Stoddart

Susie Stoddart, I guess many of your never heard of this name. She is probably the best looking racing driver. Yes, she is a racing driver and she is racing in DTM with Mercedes! When you first saw her pictures, you would definitely never think of DTM racing. However she is doing pretty well !

This blog is not about car racing, so why I am writing all these? A few days ago again Mercedes revealed a new footage for Mercedes E63 AMG Estate. The most pointless car of the century including BMW M5 Estate.

This car has more than five hundred horse power and it has a huge boot, which you can fill with many things. Actually, when you have five hundred horsepower why do you need to use the boot, I really don’t know. Anyway, Mercedes introduce this “family” for lunatic families probably. Unless, you won’t be speeding with your family or making donuts while your kids are at the back. Why do you buy this car? Buy E500, it has plenty of horse under the bonnet. I am pretty sure that, there are many logical, reasonable reason to produce this car.

The footage was very interesting like the E63 AMG Estate, Susie is approaching to the car with a casual dress and she looks at her shoes and thinks they are not for driving this pointless car. And changes her clothes and her shoes with sexier ones! Yes, she is going to drive the senseless car with high heeled shoes! Very interesting :) The car is black, she wears everything in black; what a great combination this reminded me Karl Lagerfeld who is wearing black all the time.
In footage, she is making donuts and pushing the family estate to its limits with the most inappropriate shoes for driving!.

But, there is a problem! Mercedes introduced this car for families, who want to do speeding while going to sunday shopping. No problem with that, the message is very clear! After this footage, there is a totally a different message is coming out! I am sexy, let’s have fun :)

Susie does not have any family or kids, she does not drive like a normal family; there are no problems at all! But the car is the problem, a lady like Susie will lost its mind and buy a E63 AMG Estate while there are plenty of much better looking cars are around.

Mercedes tells something else, senseless car is telling something else and footage is telling totally something else. Which wife would let her husband to a buy car which is driven buy a charming sexy lady? Really I would like to hear answer Mercedes!

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Environmental High Heels !

Recently I read a news about Ferrari’s hybrid future. Due to government pressure, Ferrari will reveal a hybrid model on 2015! Why? Because, emission levels must go down. Very reasonable! Ferrari was the mother of global warming and when they offer hybrid Ferrari, world will be saved :)
But I am pretty sure that, many people will disagree with me and they will say; do you know the emission created by a Ferrari! They are consuming our future. A Ferrari is consuming and polluting our future? What future! I think you never seen or heard of Ferrari. Ferrari cannot be used like a stupid Toyota Corolla every day. Because, it does not have even have a proper boot. Yes, you cannot go to grocery and shop when you drive with a Ferrari.
There is not space. Yes, there is but you have to buy nearly nothing to fill it. And Ferrari’s are not very comfortable for daily driving. They are designed for different purposes. So, many Ferrari live their life staying in garage for long time and been driven just for weekends. There are only very few people are using their full potential and they are not doing that all the time!
If Ferrari is destroying and polluting our future, Christian Louboutin shoes have the same effect on ecological system. As they are made from real leather and every lady wants to own one and they do everything to buy one, so this increase the demand on leather and ecological chain will be destroyed :)
In summary, hybrid Ferrari’s impact on emissions levels are less then Christian Louboutin’s impact on leather business.
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High Heeled Boots and SUVs !

Nowadays the products and their names are not meaning the same thing! Their functionality and their name suppose to fit with each other. If they were named as boots, you suppose to wear them when you have to wear boots! Also a four wheel drive SUV is suppose to be driven in places where you need four wheel drive! But the marketing tactics and evolved demands of customers changed everything. Nothing is doing what it suppose to do. I know you will be saying, this fashion and it is dynamic, it is changing all the time. That’s the nature of fashion. I do not disagree with this and I like the way how the fashion is changing over the years. Unless everything will be boring and nobody would like to buy anything! Also our incentives for buying will be blinded.
It is very usual to see unusual things in fashion and people are buying those unusual things as they knew those are unusual. Sorry, it sounds very complicated! In short term, nobody cares what its functionality, they just want to buy it :) You can easily see this by Versace’s new high heeled boots! Yes, these are boots and they suppose to be used during cold winter or while snowing. However, wearing these boots during winter, especially during snowing is a bit crazy! They are not designed to be worn during winter and nobody is expecting this. Boots is just a word to define these shoes. And I am sure that nobody is going to wear them during winter!
Automotive business behaves like fashion business. Every year a new car is introduced and the other models looks like pre-historic. Fifteen years ago, everything was very simple. Family sedan was a family and four wheel drive was a four wheel drive. Now family sedans are capable of doing more than 300 km/h and four wheel drive vehicles especially SUVs’ off road ability is limited to climbing pavements. They are like the fashion boots, name and functionality do not match with each other. Nobody will ever try to climb a mountain with a BMW X5, because it is not going to climb! It does not have that ability. It is like wearing these Versace boots in winter, your feet will be frozen. However their names are promising to be worn during winter and reaching top of the mountains.
Actually, nobody is expecting to walk with Versace high heeled boots in winter and they do not wish to do it. These boots are not for that purpose, they have totally different purpose of usage. If Versace was offering boots for winter, it would sound weird. Boots just a name to differentiate the product from other shoes. And it is the same for SUVs. Nobody is willing to do off road with BMW X5 and if they try, you can see what happens in YouTube. If BMW was offering something for serious off road, they would be weird! Like the high heeled boots, SUV is just a name to differentiate the vehicles from others.
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What to wear with my Aston Martin Cygnet ?

I do know that Aston Martin is a very sexy car! But there is a minor issue with Cygnet, it is based on a Toyota iQ. The best looking small car with pathetic infrastructure, welcome real world :)

I really admire the work of Aston Martin design team, they have created the best looking small car from a Toyota, and I consider this as a great achievement!

A few hours ago, I have just seen the new pictures of Cygnet! And I assume that, it will be ladies the most favourite car :) Cygnet is offered by various paint jobs. You can have animal print, your favourite paint or anything else. It is totally unlimited! This is very good way to add a character to a car, and differentiate it on market. Cygnet seriously needs this!

Everyone knows, that’s a Toyota, but offering a unique character to each individual model will help people forget the Toyota factor hindered inside the body!

Anyway, after this unique paint job offering, I am pretty sure that, many ladies who never thought about the Cygnet will be yearning to own one with their favourite animal print. Why? Because, it will be matching with their hand bags and shoes ;) And you might see this kind of fashion photo in Vogue in near future :) Which shoes fits with your Cygnet best ! Cars are becoming part of fashion ;)
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Smaller Engines, Higher Heels

Ten years ago, we had relatively different world! Google was not in our lives, we were using mobile phone just for talking, Subaru Impreza was looking very cool, turbo was something you could find in Impreza also, Adidas was not selling Porsche Design shoes in every shop, high definition TV was nothing, Wikipedia was not around us.
Year 2000 sounds very close but ten years passed just blink of an eye. We did not realize but our life dramatically changed with technology. Now we are searching everything from Google, we try to save our relationships with Google search, we communicate with Skype, we are shopping in huge malls, marketing turned into something very vital.
How I come to here? Again I will connect cars with fashion :) Ten years ago BMW 520i was producing 150 horsepower. Today VW announced the Polo GTi, which is producing 180 horsepower from 1,4lt turbo engine. Peugeot 308RCZ will have 1,6lt turbo engine with 220 horsepower. Ten years ago, Mercedes S320 was producing 220 horsepower from 3,2lt petrol engine.
Last summer; while my Cypriot friend was shopping. She was looking for high heeled shoes and she told me that ten years ago these shoes were not that high! I realized during last decade not only engine powers are raised, also heels’ of shoes are raised. Very interesting relation :) However shoes sizes did not downsized like engine! This is also another fact! Now engines are producing more power in small space :) So, ten years ago Yves Saint Laurent shoes had only ten centimetres of heels, now it has fifteen centimetres :)
By this interesting relation; I can definitely say, cars and fashion has influence on each other ;) But please do not try to attach turbo on cloths :)
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VW Website
Net-A-Porter Website