Justin Bieber’s Interpretation to Fisker

Have you ever listen to this song ?

If you are listening for the first time, this is Justing Bieber and now he is just 18-year old. He celebrates his 18th birthday with a car that is brighter than planet Venus at night. 
This is a full electric car with on-board power generator and covered with chrome. And Justin drove in to McDonalds to have vanilla milk shake and McChicken or BigMac menu with a state-of-art car.
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BMW i8: Hybrid

Here is the BMW i8. The future of BMW cars, i8 is a plug-in hybrid car. i8 has two engines onboard, one eletric (131 PS) and one petrol (3-cylinder 223 PS); this power combination creates a total of 354 PS power and 550 nm of torque. And all the power from the two different engines are transferred to rear wheel or all-wheel depending on the situation! As you would expect, the top speed is limited to 250 kph (155 mph) and accelerates to 100 kph (62 mph) in under five seconds. The electric engine can travel up to 30 km (19 miles) on electric power alone and making no noise at all! If power is required, the petrol engine will be charging the batteries.
Despite being a hybrid, BMW managed to equalise the front and rear weights of the car and created 50:50 hybrid car. Moreover, the i8 is manufactured by lightweight materials to reduce the weight and increase acceleration (carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic).
I totally forgot to mention, it is a plug-in car. You can charge with a plug like you charge your mobile phone. In some cities, there are free chargers available but don’t try to charge it in your university or at work. You might need to explain your cleaver way of reducing CO2 to other people!
The rest of the car is similar to BMW, you have the drive switches from ECO PRO to SPORT. It is a two-seater, does not offer a dull hybrid design. Actually, i8 is one of the best-looking hybrid cars on market. I mean in future! Most of the hybrid cars do not have a very appealing looking! And I can assume that, BMW does not wish to offer a dull looking hybrid and destroy its image.
Toyota, i models will be the most solid competitors in future keep in mind!

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Interview with Gavin Ward (BMW UK)

Today I visited the BMW UK Head Office for an interview with the PR Manager, Gavin Ward. Before I started, I want to mention one thing. If you are a real BMW enthusiast, you will love their parking space. There is only one car existing, and it is BMW. I have been to many car companies but I have never seen this type of fleet.
Since now, I did couple of interview and additionally I met with many PR managers from automotive industry. Most of them have similar working experience, the most exceptional ones have an engineering degree and moved to PR business. However, Gavin has an extra ordinary background! He has a journalism background, there is nothing unusual with this. But, he was war correspondent during the Kosovo war. Being a journalist during a war is probably one of the hardest jobs on earth. You need to search for news, then prepare it, send it and at the same time try to save your life. I think he is the calmest PR manager in this business, whatever happen cannot be as tough as those years.
This interview also was an opportunity for me to ask two questions that are inside my mind for last fifteen years! Why BMW never revealed a M7 and what happened to 8-Series. You will find the answers during the interview. Also, we talked about the Brutus. A car powered by an air plane engine. And explained why it was made!
I cannot skip the social media, he emphasised on the critical points of social media. BMW has one of the biggest fan communities in automotive industry and these fans can be their customers. Therefore, it places BMW brand into a different position. Ferrari might have more fans than BMW but, there is a little opportunity for fans to own a Ferrari. That’s the diversifying character of BMW community, a fan can be a customer. Therefore, I was curious how the social media has influence on the sales figures of BMW.
As usual, I asked what car he drives :) And I spotted a Bond car, BMW Z8!
And lastly, if you spot a BMW prototype on British roads don’t be shocked!

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New Mercedes S-Class: 2025

Wondering about the next Mercedes S-Class? Unfortunately, I don’t know the next S-Class, but I know the S-Class for 2025! Here is the technical information!
It will powered by four electric engines, no internal combustion (unfortunately) and generating total of 231 PS sustained and 313 PS peak. I don’t know the why two engine output is given. Acceleration is 4.9 seconds to 100 kph (62 mph), thanks to lightweight structure that is only 1760kg. Also, it is capable of accelerating from 80 to 120 kph (50 – 75 mph) in 3.2 seconds! As the electric engines need electricity, it is produced by hydrogen. And hydrogen consumption is 0.79kg/100 km and CO2 is zero! Estimated range is 1000 km (620 miles). I hope until 2025, there will be more hydrogen filling stations. I don’t know why, but they also provided the luggage capacity, 470 lt. This hydrogen powered light S-Class is capable of achieving 220 kph (137 mph). Batteries are made from lithium-sultur and contents 10 kWh of energy. So, don’t put your finger or mess up with the batteries. And hydrogen tank is capable of accommodating 7.5 kg hydrogen. I guess, it is enough for 
1000 km :)
These figures are amazing, and Mercedes is planning to manufacture this car 14 years later. I am sure that, they are capable of manufacturing this vehicle but I am not confident with the hydrogen filling stations. Still, I don’t see any hydrogen stations are built around or replaced the ordinary stations. And 14 years is not a very long time period for this type of infra-structure change. 
In terms of automotive language, 14 years means two generations. Each seven years, every model is renewed and 14 years is too soon for every manufacturer to move hydrogen technology.  

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Greenness for Green Cars

I am sure you all heard of green vehicles. Hybrids, electric and hydrogen powered ones. I am not going to argue, which of them is more cleaner or are they really environmental. But I will argue on something else! The colour. All these environmental cars are considered as green! Because, green is associated with the grass, tree, leafs and plants.
However, it is quite hard to spot a green car with green paint on! Have you ever think why manufacturers never offer green colour option for the green cars? Because, green colour looks terrible on a car! In my whole life, I have never seen a green painted car. It looks so catastrophic even the most desperate car manufacturer offered the green!
By the way, don’t confuse the green with British Racing Green. It is a totally different green, what I am trying to emphasise the green that is annoying and turns anything into ugly.
Hopefully, I found a solution for green car dilemma. Thanks to GQ UK magazine, there are two options to reflect your greenness. There is one option for men and one for women. If you are men and driving something green and willing to reflect your greenness, here is the opportunity by Cambridge Satchels. British bag manufacturer offers wide range of colours for different bag and they have the exact green for a green car. For women, Sonia By Sonia Rykiel saves you and offer a purse with a wonderful green colour.
From now on, you don’t need to worry on how to reflect your greenness ; you have the opportunity :)

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An electric car in 1899, is it real ?

Actually I wasn’t planning to write for today but ideas kept coming to my mind!
Recently Charlie Chaplin’s one of the movie turn into a global phenomenon for time travel. A lady is passing in front of the camera and she is holding something to her ear and seems like she is talking with that thing. Interestingly this video revealed just couple of weeks ago, since 1920s nobody ever noticed this fact. I don’t wish to talk about the possibility of time travel but I would like to warn for a similar situation.
Nowadays electric cars promoted as something “new” and many people think that they are new technology. Actually they are not! It is a really old technology older than the mobile phone in Chaplin’s movie. In 1899 Ferdinand Porsche produced the first hybrid vehicle on earth. The wheel were the engine, there is no transmission. And it was producing around seven horse powers in 1899! Also it was four wheel drive!
The system is very basic; wheels are the engines, energy comes from battery and battery is charged by petrol engine. Very simple and effective technology. Interesting the Audi A1 e-tron uses the same technology platform. 110 years has passed and this car is not available yet!
If one day a video appears in YouTube and tells, there is a time traveller in Ferdinand Porsche’s video, don’t believe it. We just forgot what have done in 110 years ago!
Note: Toyota Pruis uses a different system, petrol engine can engage with during the drive and also acts as a generator. Ferdinand’s Porsche concept excludes petrol engine from the drive train.

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Do you want fake engine noise for your car ?

Since the hybrid phenomenon started a question popped up in my brain. The hybrid cars have the capability to drive through electric motor thanks to batteries. And also they are very silent, efficient and you know the rest. Hybrids are the tree huggers!
But there was a minor detail many people ignored! The electric engines are too silent, that’s not something bad but they too silent for pedestrians. You won’t notice this until a hybrid was one meter away to hit you.
The ultra silent hybrids emerged a new problem of car sound. Because, many of us understand that a car is approaching to us by hearing the engine noise. And hybrids do not have an engine noise while they are using the electric motor. So, we will not hear anything and hybrid might crash to us. I think there are some incidents have happened.
Today Toyota announced that, they will be coupling hybrid vehicles with virtual engine noise! I have never seen more ridiculous that this. A car is making faking noise !?! I hope they will be working with game companies. I cannot imagine this hilarious condition of automotive business. They are trying to find ways to make fake engine noise. I am sure some tuning companies will remap the noise and your Toyota Prius can sound like a Ferrari :)
I am sure some ladies are reading this blog, and I would like provide a different explanation. Hybrids situation is like making fake noises for your high heels and help other people to realize that you are approaching. It is that simple :)
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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell: Soundless sport car :(

Today Mercedes released another amazing footage for Mercedes SLS AMG. The ultimate sport car, the ultimate driving passion and the ultimate car not to buy when you have the Ferrari 458! I cannot manage to love this car sorry :( I tried everything but it does not work. This is like forcing yourself to fall in love with someone. We all know that, this does not work! SLS AMG is sport cars which is trying to be retro.
Anyway, Mercedes’s new footage is from the SLS AMG E-Cell. The ultimate electric car, sorry electric sport car. As far as I realized, this car is fully powered by electricity not a hybrid. It will be a mile stone for electric sport car and a mile stone for drivers. Having more kilometres or having more power will be directly related with electric gadgets. More basically, if you are listening Britney Spears you might loss some range or power. Reducing the heat by sophisticated climate control will definitely kill your batteries and range; using headlights, brake lights and many more. Mercedes might also offer Mercedes Benz Generator for SLS AMG, as you will be running out of batter all the time. You will have generator to keep charging it :)
Okay, it is enough! The interesting thing in footage, there was no engine sound. All the time sport car footages are dominated by muscular engine noise and we all love it. This time, we could only hear some electric engine and tyre scrolling! I really didn’t like it. I won’t definitely buy a sport car which does not sounds like a sport car. No way! That’s the main point for buying a powerful, to hear the sound. Unless nobody is using those horses! So the future will be more quite and senseless to buy sport car.

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Mercedes Website


Environmental High Heels !

Recently I read a news about Ferrari’s hybrid future. Due to government pressure, Ferrari will reveal a hybrid model on 2015! Why? Because, emission levels must go down. Very reasonable! Ferrari was the mother of global warming and when they offer hybrid Ferrari, world will be saved :)
But I am pretty sure that, many people will disagree with me and they will say; do you know the emission created by a Ferrari! They are consuming our future. A Ferrari is consuming and polluting our future? What future! I think you never seen or heard of Ferrari. Ferrari cannot be used like a stupid Toyota Corolla every day. Because, it does not have even have a proper boot. Yes, you cannot go to grocery and shop when you drive with a Ferrari.
There is not space. Yes, there is but you have to buy nearly nothing to fill it. And Ferrari’s are not very comfortable for daily driving. They are designed for different purposes. So, many Ferrari live their life staying in garage for long time and been driven just for weekends. There are only very few people are using their full potential and they are not doing that all the time!
If Ferrari is destroying and polluting our future, Christian Louboutin shoes have the same effect on ecological system. As they are made from real leather and every lady wants to own one and they do everything to buy one, so this increase the demand on leather and ecological chain will be destroyed :)
In summary, hybrid Ferrari’s impact on emissions levels are less then Christian Louboutin’s impact on leather business.
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Ferrari and Christian Louboutin Websites

VW China, hybrid bicycle !

Nowadays bicycles became very popular to car companies! May be focusing on China market and involving with their culture influence the manufacturers and they decided to manufacture bicycles besides cars. Yesterday I mentioned about the pointless and good looking Lexus hybrid bicycle and today VW announced their hybrid bicycle!
However, VW’s bicycle looks quite descent. It worth to be tried at least once. But I would not planning to buy it! VW’s bicycle might be good for riding for once but if I wish to own a bicycle I would be buying from bike company! I guess, VW and Lexus are focusing on how to increase our market share in China with whatever product we can make :)
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