Enviromental Bicycle by Lexus :O

In automotive industry you can find many interesting things! As I mentioned earlier, you can have Porsche power drill, weird looking car branded shoes, pointlessly expensive car branded pencils and many interesting things, until now. Today, the world’s the most boring car brand announced something more pointless than Porsche’s power drill. Hybrid bicycle! Yes, a hybrid, an environmental bicycle. People who has nobody about hybrids, I would like to explain quickly. Hybrid is a technology which combine electric and petrol engine together to reduce CO2 level and offer more economy. This technology is designed for vehicle which are running with combustion engine not with feet!
Lexus’s obsession with hybrid concept helped to reveal this ultimately pointless bicycle. Who on earth will going to buy a hybrid bicycle. I know there are many people who bought Apple iPad without knowing what to do with that but this is more pointless than iPad. Bicycle suppose to be ride by feet for sport or for fitness not to save the earth! Or to show off that I care environment and I ride this pointless thing.
The batteries are charged by regenerative brakes, I hope that these brakes are working properly. And it has 8 speed auto gearbox with 240W electric motor. Actually there is one thing nice in this bike, its design. Lexus’s success on dull design on cars cannot be seen on this bicycle and I do hope that they will try this on their cars also ;)
Pictures are taken from;
Lexus and Worldcarfans Websites

Ferrari powered by battery !

Don’t re-read the title, it is true! Ferrari will reveal the hybrid 599 at Geneva Motor Show. Hopefully it won’t have a similar structure which can found in Prius :) Ferrari is transferring technology from Formula 1 to production cars. Ferrari’s are offering many technologies those are directly transferred from F1. This time Ferrari is transferring the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) and combines with hybrid technology.
Of course, Ferrari’s hybrid won’t be offering a slower Ferrari for more price! This KERS technology is currently used by F1 cars, by pushing a button the energy stored while braking can be used for boosting the car. And you will have a faster 599, also Ferrari is saying hybrid 599 %35 is more economical. I don’t think that, many Ferrari buyers will be influenced by this economy! Offering a hybrid means, while parking your 599, there won’t any engine noise; just an electric engine!
If I could ever have money to buy a 599, will I buy a hybrid version !? I can consider it after I have a test drive with non-hybrid and hybrid models. May be this KERS technology can offer same feeling from F1.
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Varta Website
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How to fuel future?

In 1890s, internal combustion engine was a fresh technology and it was a great opportunity to replace inefficient horses which have limited top speed of seventy km/h. There were some electric engine cars and plans to run diesel engine with peanut oil but they were all died by petrol. End of 19th century was the rise of the petrol, people find out that petrol is something very vulnerable  and can be used in cars. It can be considered as petrol is invented a bit earlier than petrol engine! And this made it very easy to fill the cars’ tank. Engineers did not invent an engine which is using something that does not exist!
However the case is totally opposite now! We are trying to find ways to use electric cars and hydrogen cars. But both of them cannot be filled very easily. Honda’s fuel cell car works on hydrogen and it does not emit any emissions at all :) That’s a great news but producing hydrogen is an expensive and complicate process. It will take decades to have hydrogen filling stations like petrol stations. So the car is ready but its fuel is not ready!
With electric cars, situation is a bit complicated. We can charge our e-car by plugging into our wall at home but it takes very long time to charge and electricity is not something cheap and you still emit emissions while charging it. One other fact; if we all drive electric cars and charge them at night, we could end up burning the whole electricity network which is not designed to charge whole countries’ cars! So, there should be a huge investment to upgrade electricity network for charging our cars.
In the two alternative cases, invented technology is moving faster than the fuelling technology. I cannot say the exact for hydrogen cars but I could see one thing clear, we will drive petrol engine for quite some time.
Picture is from;
Honda Website

Lexus: MUJI Edition

I cannot agree more with Top Gear about Lexus and its achievement in perfection in dullness! I don’t think that any kid on this earth would have never imagined to drive a Lexus, if someone did, she/he never saw a Ferrari yet. Lexus is very equipped, very safe, very environmental, very green with its 1980s style green digital watch, very senseless, very boring, boring and more boring. I am not saying Lexus is a bad car but there is no reasonable instinction to buy a Lexus. You should say “I want a stupid huge V8 hybrid and save the planet” and there you go, it is Lexus LS600h.
Also for long years, Lexus had accidental similarities with German cars. Probably designers dreamed the same cars in different parts of the world. The things are different in US; American people love Lexus! Lexus was made for US and they achieved the status for Lexus. However, in Japan and Europe nobody cares Lexus! Actually in Japan, Japanese people don’t prefer Lexus as it is domestic car :)
However, everything from Japan is not boring :) Hopefully! As I mentioned earlier, Japanese brand Muji is a very good example of minimalist design philosophy in various goods with no-brand strategy. As I can see, Muji is doing better in Europe than Lexus. And I started to think; why Lexus does not offer any Muji Editions of their boring cars! For example; Lexus LS600h Muji Edition. The interior will be designed by Muji’s designer instead of Lexus’s :) Most probably, it will look much better and they could have new customers.
Lexus needs this kind of marketing tactics to increase their competitive power in Europe. People cannot be impressed by digital green watch in here.

Hybrid Ferrari 599

On May 2009, Ferrari’s hybrid designs leak to internet. And it made clear about the future Ferraris. However Ferrari didn’t deny about hybrid technology on their new cars, their strategy to use hybrid is to increase performance not to save the world like Prius. The idea of hybrid Ferrari does not sound nice ! Honestly I would not prefer a hybrid model.
Now Ferrari 559 has a hybrid, actually Ferrari is planning to announce it on Geneva Motor Show. Previous speculations about hybrids were based on four wheel drive concept but there is not clear informaiton about this for hybrid 599. This technology will help to reduce consumption up to %35 !!! Great economy for Ferrari drivers, they were expecting this for long years :) And KERS, braking energy regeneration system and some other systems for increasing efficiency.
There will one advantage from the electric motor, except economy electric motors provide high amount of torque at any rpm level. This means, Ferrari’s acceleration might benefit from this technology but there will be extra weights like electric motor and batteries.
I am pretty sure that, Hollywood start will drive their hybrid Ferrari and stay enviromental. “I have a Ferrari and it is economical”; sounds like I have a lion at home and it is on diet !

Hybrid, Electric, Battery, etc

Last five years, we realized that the whole world is mess and we did lots of wrong things. Hopefully we realized after decades later. And as soon as we realized this, we jumped into our hybrids and save the planet. Or we thought that we were saving the planet.
Everyone has something to say about hybrid and electric cars, which company will make more profit, German or Japanese be dominant and it is going like this. However nobody is asking, where does the lithium is coming from. Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere in our life, from laptops to mobile phone and electric cars. In current technology, it is the most effective way to store energy.
But lithium does not grow on soil or you cannot find in Gulf countries unlike petrol. %50 is in Bolivia ! I don’t wish to comment about the condition of Bolivia. However, this hybird, electric or whatever technology will do something very clear; create new rich people in Bolivia. As the lithiums demand is increasing, we could see some aritifical islands made by Bolivia.
In addition Chile holds the second biggest lithium reserves.