New Seat Toledo is here!

New Seat Toledo is unrevealed today. I was waiting for the new Toledo for quite long time. Since the Seat revised their design concept, I was expecting to see the brand new Toledo with a unique design characteristic. And Seat achieved this!
Honestly, New Seat Toledo does not offer very aggressive design but, at the same time New Toledo offers unique details. Especially the angles of the A and C Pillars, rear stoplights are the key design items, which will help to distinguish Toledo from its competitors. On the other hand, Toledo looks a bit more conservative from the front. I was expecting see more aggressive front look. My assumption, Seat positions Toledo as a sport family sedan and expecting have different demographics for Toledo than Ibiza. And there is one thing I cannot ignore, New Toledo looks very high quality from exterior. In terms of numbers, new Toledo is 8cm longer than the previous model, which enables to increase the rear legroom!
As usual, Seat Toledo is packed up with Volkswagen technology. Current engine range starts from 1,2-lt petrol TSi engine (75 PS, 116g/km CO2), 1,4-lt petrol TSi (122 PS), 1,6-lt diesel  TDi (105 PS, 104g/km CO2). And in future there will be 90 PS diesel engine as well. I am more interested on the 1,2-lt petrol engine in Toledo, because new engine technology trend is focused on getting smaller and being stronger. Ford introduced the 1-lt petrol engine lowered the bar into a new level. I think in near future, we will see 1-lt engines from Volkswagen group as well. Anyway, New Toledo also offers double clutch automatic gearbox (DSG) through the engine range.
New Seat Toledo looks tempting for young families. Toledo looks nice, offer new technology and sportive. If you need extra space, Toledo would definitely satisfy you. Overall, Seat introduce a new benchmark for its brand! Me? I go for Ibiza ;)

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Interview with Mike Orford, Seat UK PR Manager

Last week I visited the Seat UK Head Office for an interview with Mike Orford, PR Manager. It was the sunniest interview I have ever made. The weather was like in Spain and totally matching with the Seat!
With Mike Orford, we talked about future of Seat, new Ibiza with amazing design touches by the former Lamborghini design director. Seat Ibiza’s fuel filler cap! The Ecomotive brand of Seat that is concentrated on low CO2 emissions and better fuel economy. Also I didn’t miss the Seat Mii, the new city car with amazing spacious interior, super-efficient 1-lt engine. And avoid congestion in London thanks to low CO2 level! 
Lastly, Mike talked about how he perceive the social media for automotive industry and how he manages the Seat UK’s Twitter account, which is started on 2009 after a MIPAA Social Media Workshop. And great explanation of the difference between marketing and public relations by Mike Orford; “marketing talked at customers and say the message, public relations engage with journalist and try to influence and put the best”.

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