How Can I Show My Number Instead of My Email on iMessage! I Want to See My Number!

How can I show my number instead of my email on iMessage! This is quite common problem since the Apple introduced the iMessage technology compete with WhatsApp and Blackberry Messenger. 
The structure was very simple, you can use iMessage by both mobile number and email address at the same time, however things did not end up that simple. We started to receive text messages with email address instead of mobile phone numbers into our iPhones! As a result of this, we tried to guess that person based on the email address.
So how to solve this problem? Literally, I want to show my mobile number instead of my email address!
Do this from your iPhone not from other devices to avoid things go worse.
1. Press Home Button (The circle button) to switch Home Screen where the Settings icon is present.
2. Touch Settings button.
3. Scroll down and find Messages and touch it.
4. Scroll down and find Send & Receive and touch it.
5. Find Start New Conversations From and touch to your mobile number.
6. If you cannot see your mobile number or cannot change the settings, go back to step 3.
7. Now turn off the iMessage by touching On and now touch Off.
8. This process restarts the iMessage and go back to Step 4.
When you see the tick next to your mobile number, your mobile number will appear on iMesssage instead of your email address. 
If you cannot see your mobile number or the Start New Conversations From section, just turn off and on your iPhone.