Apple iPhone 6s Charger Review

My review of the Apple iPhone 6s charger—you should buy one. This charger is a milestone for Apple; for the first time they officially admit that their battery performance is not that great. Basically, an iPhone is thirstier than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

The unstoppable desire to use our iPhones all the time has resulted in the emergence of the iPhone battery case business. As you would expect, most of them are plastic and literally ugly. Even the pretty ones were not cool and were ruining the iPhone’s design experience. In addition, they were making your iPhone the most un-ergonomic device on planet.

As Apple was losing market share from the battery case, and they couldn’t find a better solution, they decided to release the iPhone 6s battery case, and it is amazing.

It does look a bit awkward, but the bump of the case fits your palm perfectly. You have the lighting connector at the bottom of the case. It is very easy to flip in and out of your iPhone. IOS integration of the case shows the existing battery level (Case has an 1875 mAh battery). It does not make your iPhone very heavy, and lastly, it does look cool and fashionable. Unlike other brands, Apple managed to make a good looking battery case, and that’s why I was excited to own one.

If you need more battery power, go buy one.

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