VW Touareg’s unusable iPhone game

VW Touareg has never been an adorable car for me. It was the break-even point for VW. It was the movement from peoples’ car to wealthy peoples’ car. And they achieved very successfully. Now VW is an expensive people car. Also it is very well made!
However Touareg was a disaster for me. I drove it once but it was not something special. Just a new VW. And many people shared similar feelings with me and VW introduced the new Touareg. It looks much much better than the older model. At least you won’t be scared when you see on street. I saw one last week, it was looking nice.
In addition to its new style, it is built much better than former model and offers very sophisticated technologies. Intelligent light system, 8 speed automatic, clever radar guided cruise control, accident prevent system which breaks by itself. Basically you cannot have an accident with new Touareg. But still it is senseless! I know Range Rover, BMW X5 and Mercedes M Class are not perfect but they offer something different. Range Rover is the castle with wheels, X5 is the sporty lorry, M Class is Mercedes.
In spite senseless character of Touareg, I am very optimistic for sales performance. It looks different, well built, I am sure that it is riding better than previous model. Customers do not care too much of details nowadays, they just own something special, unique and look expensive. VW knows the game.
Why I wrote this thing now? Last two weeks I am trying to finish VW Touareg iPhone game. But I cannot! I am using computer for nineteen years and I am terrible on games. However iPhone games supposed to be easy! But it is bloody hard! Actually the Touareg’s reactions on game are very similar to real life. Because SUV are not designed to be nimble expect BMW X5 and X6. And game is pushing you to be fast with Touareg in a circuit which was replicated from a carpet patterns. I am sure that you tried to play with your car on carpet with its ridiculous corners. This game is the same :) And if you are older than fifteen, just forget to finish it!

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Donut taste Mini application

I don’t like to consume or prefer pointlessly popular brands like Mini and Apple. I don’t say these brands are bad or worthless but they are over exaggerated. They might be offering very special functionality but their emotional benefits placed higher than the functionality.
However I own an iPhone 4 which drives me crazy all the time but I like the application very much. Especially there is one application that I was waiting for long years. It is like waiting for a hot donut from Krispy Kreme. iStore is not offering donut! It is the Mini’s iPhone application, Mini Connected!
This new application is offering very basic but very satisfying function. You can see what is wrong in your car by connecting your iPhone to your Mini. I know this sounds a bit weird but I always envy the machines in workshop which diagnosis the car’s problems. And it is nearly impossible to own one, because they are very expensive. However Mini is offering this satisfaction free by iPhone!
Also you can see the level of your fuel, range and total distance. These are board-computer functionalities but the diagnosis is a great function! Unfortunately I don’t have a Mini and I could not test the diagnosis function. But I won’t be buying a Mini to try this function. I just liked it :)
If you wish you to understand what is wrong in your Mini, you have the application! I hope that other manufacturers will also offering this donut taste application.

iTunes link: Mini

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Sex Sells: Ferrari

Unfortunately I could not write anything on my blog on Friday due to 12 hours of travel from UK to Turkey. Adverse effects of low cost airlines :)

Today I found a reason to buy an iPhone! I am sure that you will agree with me on this. Today my friend found a Ferrari application on iTunes for iPhone. It is not a driving simulation or to create your own Ferrari or race for less fuel. This application is bringing the pure pleasure of Ferrari!

You can drive the Ferrari you wish. You won’t be driving around a circuit or in a road. You will be seeing only rev meter and speedometer and real Ferrari sound. I am not kidding, there six Ferrari models are available (458, F430 Scuderia, F430 Cabrio, 612, 599 and California). All these each models has its unique instrument panel and you can speed up either with in manual mode or in automatic mode. You can rev up to limiter and feel the real Ferrari pleasure.

Unlike any car game, it is not very easy to see the maximum speed. You have to push really hard to see. Especially with 458, you can see 325kph but you should know how to push the gas pedal! And each model is offering its own engine sound, that’s really unbelievable, I am sure that Ferrari spent a lot of time to develop this application with appropriate engine sounds.

And also you can test your ability to differentiate engine noise! You really don’t need to have a degree on music, you need the passion! Also there is a cheating function or a small bug. During the test, if you hold the gap between car models times is not counting!

This is the best iPhone application I have ever tried. I hope that they will be offering higher image quality but even this is enough to push adrenaline into your blood :)


Mercedes crashed to iPhone again

Once again Mercedes and iPhone. This time I am pretty sure this application is made by Mercedes! You might heard to new E Coupe which replaced the CLK model. Theoretically (in law of Mercedes) E Coupe is totally a different car than the old CLK! If you ask them, they can address hundreds of differences between E Coupe and CLK and why it cannot be named as CLK! This is Mercedes, like a science fiction movies anything can be possible.
As the E Coupe is something totally different, Mercedes followed a different marketing strategy. And involved with popular culture item iPhone. There is a special application for E Coupe! You might remember that E Coupe was introduced with models and this application is based on this. You suppose to find matching pictures against ticking time.
But there is a problem, during the intro of application it says “we can choose vehicle and model” but it is impossible. As I told you, Mercedes is very good at science fiction and cost cutting. And this application is great example for this. The vehicle and model button in options do not work. I tapped many times and nothing changes. I cannot choose neither vehicle nor model.
I don’t did anyone complain for this but it is a bit unfortunate for Mercedes brand.
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Mercedes C63 AMG inside your iPhone

Popular culture is something which we try to avoid but we cannot escape. Since 2007 I avoided iPhone, because everyone had it and it become more common than carrying your national identification card. Owning an iPhone became something like, entering an invisible group.
Also the other irritating popular culture icon is the new Mini. Like iPhone, everyone wants to own one and I don’t see a point to a buy a Mini. I can understand iPhone but Mini no way!
As you might understand, I own a iPhone4. Unfortunately the world mobile application business drag me to iPhone4. Nearly every brand has an application for iPhone and it is quite hard to experience them in somewhere else.
Anyway as I have the excitement of mobile application world. I immediately started to install automotive related applications starting from Rolls Royce Ghost. And Mercedes for sure. Interestingly Mercedes keeps its passion alive for making malfunctioning products. In 2000s, Mercedes was the king of producing malfunctioning car and it reach the peak in 2003. After that they revised their mentality and things became better.
Interestingly someone in Mercedes still has the passion of malfunction but in mobile applications. After installing the Rolls Royce application I found an application for Mercedes C63 AMG. The application was designed in US, you can understand from the bumper lights on both sides of the car. Application is very clever, you can experience sound of C63 AMG, pictures and videos !?! Actually you cannot watch videos because the software is trying to run flash based video on iPhone.
Unfortunately iPhone and Flash are not working together, everyone knows this thing. And the second funny thing is the non-functioning back button. You just enter a menu and you cannot go back, you have to exit the application and run it again! I have never seen these kinds of basic problems in applications.
But is this application belongs to Mercedes or Daimler AG? That’s main point, the application looks very corporate but does not function properly and this is very common in corporate applications. But is Mercedes this senseless to release an application like this? Actually I have no idea and I wrote this blog on purpose to see their reaction. May be someone from Mercedes tell whether it is real or not.
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Plastic Mini Countryman at real size

There is a new battle in automotive industry and it is between small sized SUVs. A decade ago small sized SUV was something totally ridiculous and pointless, one decade ago we were not able to able to do no more than talking from our mobile phone and now we can do nearly everything. Nobody would ever predicted this kind of huge change in mobile phone technology. Like SUV market, nowadays nobody wants to buy an SUV for off road, they just want to buy it because you can park on pavement, no problem while snowing, it is easier to get in and bigger boot.
The definition of car totally changed by the SUVs. They are the iPods of automotive industry, once they appeared nothing remained the same. However SUV trend became more complicated and a bit boring. Any company which is able to assemble four wheels and one engine is offering an SUV. And they are becoming smaller every year, BMW X3 was suppose to be the smallest SUV but now it is a kind of mid-sized model.
When the size reaches Mini, Mini will in business! That’s only car which is big and Mini. Honestly, I don’t like Mini that much. The technology underneath the car is excellent, very cleverly made and very well engineered. But there are some problems like spotting too many, ridiculously high priced, people who are driving them is another issue. The iconic Mini turn into I made money and I wanted to buy something expensive thing, and anyone who has enough money to buy Mini immediately bought one. Mini became a symbol of wealth but this erodes its spirit. Instead of Mini, I would definitely go for Alfa Romeo MiTo or Fiat 500. I know they are not as good as Mini but I don’t want to be labelled by Mini!
Anyway, let’s forget my emotions about Mini and discuss about the huge Mini, Countryman. Today in Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham I spotted this new SUV. But it was fake, partial. Tyres were real and the rest was plastic. They placed lcd screen on windows and showing people. Those people are the ones who recorded their face during the event. I really don’t know the details, I am not that kind of person. This new Mini actually looks better than a normal Mini and probably more convenient than the normal one. It is more spacious, easier to get in, bigger boot, optional four wheel drive. That will be line between poor Mini Countryman owners and rich Countryman owners :) In general a good car which has a huge potential to fail.
Fail? Yes! Mini made a huge success when it was first revealed and sustained it for nearly one decade but as the product range extended the success did not extended that well. The Clubman which is a four door hatchback did not manage to achieve the same sales performance because that’s a big weird car and a bit further away from the Mini concept. Does this stop BMW to extend the range? Of course Nein! As the BMW loves to extend everything to its limits, they introduced the Countryman. Of course many snob people will buy this car and they will defend its character and etc. But Countryman has a very big competitor! This competitors boots as big as a Mini! And it is called Range Rover.
Range Rover Evoque, the new small SUV on market which will be available next year with Range Rover brand! As BMW knew this thing they rushed and introduced the Mini Countryman earlier ;) So they could eat the market before Range Rover arrives. However Mini may not compete with Range Rover like it compete with other small cars. Even though the Mini is a premium brand, Range Rover is the king brand! Unfortunately Mini never made the same impression like Range Rover.
Just, try with someone. Say Mini and say Range Rover and observe the facial differences. Unfortunately Range Rover means luxury, status, heritage and expensive! Mini also means similar thing but in a small scope. People bought Mini, because it was something different, interesting and part of popular cultures. But they buy Range Rover because it is comfortable, good off roader, exquisitely designed. And Range Rover brand is associated with these attributes, therefore it will have an absolute advantage over on Mini Countryman and also on BMW X1. X1 is the small, ugly SUV from BMW.
Mini Countryman will not a be huge failure but it won’t be easy to sell customers when there is an alternative called Range Rover! Objectively consider yourself in that position, you probably wish to own a Range Rover instead of a Mini. The team in Bullring was great, I can say better than the Countryman :)
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Dear Rolls Royce;

I think this is the best of writing a post about Rolls Royce. Even you like it or not, Rolls Royce is the most respectful car brand on earth, may be one of the most respectful brand on planet. Unfortunately some customers tend to paint their Rolls Royce in pink but these are exception.
British icon Rolls Royce started a new era for their marketing strategy. It is social media! Yes, after the new Ghost model they realized that there is a new world called internet and people use it for everything. Actually I haven’t met with Rolls Royce Twitter page or blog site but I saw their application for iPhone.
This software is one of the main reason to shift from Nokia to iPhone. You have a Rolls Royce logo in your mobile phone and it is free! That’s unbelievable. However that’s all for that application. Unfortunately it does not offer more than Zara’s application! With Zara’s application, you can look at shirts, t-shirts, shoes and etc. Of course you cannot try them from your mobile phone. And Rolls Royce did the same, you can configure your Rolls Royce Ghost and that’s all!
I am sure Rolls Royce will say, what do you want more? For instance, virtual experience of driving a Rolls Royce and how comfortable it is. That’s very complicated to achieve. You need to design an application like a game and people will drive the Rolls Royce in various terrains and experience how excellent comfort is offered. In order to understand the level of comfort, you can place a glass of champagne and it won’t spill to anywhere despite adverse road conditions. Also people can experience the power reserve dial which is only available in Rolls Royce.
Rolls Royce have many opportunities for mobile applications but even for now what they have done is excellent. I am expecting to see a new application from Rolls Royce that will go beyond Zara’s. Unfortunately I have to have an iPhone to use this application!
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Fiat 500 cover by Louis Vuitton

Yesterday Fiat announced their new micro sized petrol engine. 0,9lt engine with just two cylinders and producing up to 105 horsepower. Yes, it is less than one litre and two cylinders. Technically it is slightly bigger than a iPad!
This new TwinAir micro sized engine is also greener and producing less CO2, but I don’t know how much it is. Fiat did not provide any data for this. 0,9lt engine with two cylinders cannot make more CO2 than a couple of trees.
Fiat 500 is my most favourite car. Unlike Mini, this car has its own unique soul. You can find the excitement of the original 500 and touch of quality with reasonable price. That’s main point that diversifies from Mini, a normal price not a price of a small island for a small car.
Honestly, Fiat 500 is giving you everything which you can need in a car. Electronic climate control, glass roof, leather seat, automatic gearbox, micro sized engine, excellent design, xenon headlights, safety features and many other abbreviations. All of these things are packed in a very normal price! Apple is offering many thing with iPhone 4 but charging catastrophic amount of money.
When we talked about iPhone, we cannot ignore the sexy stuff of iPhone. Actually major reason to own one. Louis Vuitton accessories! LV is offering very sexy and expensive bag for iPhone, iPad and iPod. High quality finished leather is covering your ridiculously expensive gadgets. When I thought about the size of two cylinder Fiat 500 engine, I guess LV can make a bag for it. As you can see from the pictures, engine is that small.
Actually I have a better idea for LV. They should start to offer car covers and start from Fiat 500. You will have a leather car cover which will fit exactly to your car. For example; Fiat 500 cover will fit only to Fiat 500, nothing else! Of course it will be leather with LV logos everywhere. I guess many people will buy this cover, even if their car is parked somewhere inside.
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New Emperor: Ferrari 599 GTO

Ferrari 599 is one of my favourite car. It has everything which you are looking for in a supercar. Technology from F1, V12 engine, enormous amount of power, comfort, luxury, heritage, offering sportiveness and comfort at the same time and many more things. For me it is quite hard to compare with any other car. Of course this uniqueness has a very huge price! And that’s one of the main obstacle between the car and people.
Hopefully a new 599 edition will be introduced, 599 GTO. It will have the DNAs from 1960s with stripes and exterior colours and unbelievable 700 horsepower engine! Yes, 700 horse power! Forget Aston Martin DBS, McLaren MP4 player, Mercedes SLS AMG or anything else. This will be the best GT on planet! It has both heritage, F1 technology and 700 horse power. Ferrari 599 GTO is ultimate car and best for its price. I know that it is really expensive but compare with others and compare what 599 GTO is offering :) I know that you can be between Aston Martin DBS and Ferrari 599. And it is really hard to resist Aston Martin’s designs. It is directly influencing the part in the brain which is avoiding anything else rather than design. When you see a DBS, you forget everything but this new 599 GTO will be a very strong memory in sub consciousness! And it will be serious competitor ;)
So, Ferrari 599 GTO is a great car which offers everything including iPod connectivity. I really wonder who cares about iPod in a Ferrari 599!
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Ferrari and Worldcarfans Website

A proper reason to buy an iPhone

iPhone became more popular than anything on earth. I am sure that at least five of your friends have already an iPhone. Despite this popularity, it has a special feature “accelerometer”. This feature helps to measure g-force and 0-100km/h sprints.
I think iPhone’s this function emerged an idea in BMW’s HQ to connect car and phone. Of course, not for talking! BMW announced “BMW M Power” application, this application lets you to see your g-force, zero to hundred acceleration, distance travelled, lap time and more. As I don’t have an iPhone and BMW M Powered car, I could not use the software and express my experience :(
This is very good motivation to buy iPhone! And we need to find a BMW M car to connect the phone.
By the way, the movie played on BMW’s website had a synchronize problem. BMW X6 M was eating the corner very fastly and the iPhone was showing only 50km/h.
The movie
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