A proper reason to buy an iPhone

iPhone became more popular than anything on earth. I am sure that at least five of your friends have already an iPhone. Despite this popularity, it has a special feature “accelerometer”. This feature helps to measure g-force and 0-100km/h sprints.
I think iPhone’s this function emerged an idea in BMW’s HQ to connect car and phone. Of course, not for talking! BMW announced “BMW M Power” application, this application lets you to see your g-force, zero to hundred acceleration, distance travelled, lap time and more. As I don’t have an iPhone and BMW M Powered car, I could not use the software and express my experience :(
This is very good motivation to buy iPhone! And we need to find a BMW M car to connect the phone.
By the way, the movie played on BMW’s website had a synchronize problem. BMW X6 M was eating the corner very fastly and the iPhone was showing only 50km/h.
The movie
Picture are from;
BMW Website