Jawbone UP and UP24 Product Reviews

Jawbone UP and UP24 product reviews. I had the UP24 for less then 24-hour. The main reason for this, UP24 has a Bluetooth system to connect with your iPhone through a wireless connection. However, the Bluetooth does emit electromagnetic radiation, even though the UP24 has a very low voltage model Bluetooth. This situation freaked me out and I decided to replace with the old version, UP.

In case you wonder, Bluetooth in UP24 cannot be turned off. So it is on all the time, that’s why I didn’t wish to use UP24. Also, I reported this situation to Jawbone and they stated to take this into consideration.

What about Jawbone UP? It shows your sleeping habits, how long you slept, how far you walked everyday. There are more functions that I haven’t used them. I am more interested on its sleeping features. And smart waking up feature, which detects the right time to wake you up. Especially, at the light sleep stage so you won’t feel sleepy all day like waking up at the deep sleep stage. UP also calculates the optimum power nap time for you based on your sleeping habits. Also, you can follow a diet with the UP. If you are planning to lose some weight.

Basically, Jawbone UP is an on-board computer of your body and if you are wondering what I am doing all day, it is a very useful gadget. The IOS app works really well and very easy to operate, so you won’t struggle with any problems.

iPhone has the same hardware to offer the same features but it is not recommended to sleep with an iPhone and using additional app on your iPhone’s background will reduce your battery life even more.

For the Bluetooth issue, I assume Jawbone will release a firmware upgrade and you will be able to turn off the Bluetooth whenever you wish. Because, this is quite easy to operate through the control button.

Lastly, both Jawbone UP and UP24 are very stylish wearable gadgets!  Don’t forget to choose the colour wisely :)