Jay Leno Shows His McLaren P1

Jay Leno shows his McLaren P1 on his channel. He received the first McLaren P1 in USA and immediately released a half an hour video. 
I am not a fan of speed and most of the time bored of driving. Even though, I drove many engaging cars, so I know the feeling but I find it boring to drive. 
However, Jay Leno changed my mind. The way he represents the McLaren P1 motivated me to drive it. However, P1 is not available your closet car dealer and probably they don’t have any test drive cars available. 
The main reason I liked the way Jay Leno defines the P1, is the combination of electric motor and internal combustion engine. Personally, I found the exhaust noise a bit quite annoying. I can’t bare the Ferrari’s I am a Formula 1 mood. But if you wish to own a super car, you have to bear the noise. 
However, McLaren managed to harmonise the beauty of the electric motor with the internal combustion engine. So you can drive very silently at city centre and enjoy the engine noise at the highway. 
And the best thing Jay mentioned about the McLaren P1 is the feeling of enjoyment at reasonable speeds. Unlike many other cars, you don’t have to risk your own life and others whilst reaching a driving experience.
Lastly, Jay Leno explains why the McLaren P1 unleashes fire from the exhaust. McLaren P1 is designed by Frank Stephenson, I wish to say it because you google it :)
Anyway, you can find more at the video. Actually, I want one. I love the electric powered super silent super cars. They are like stealth planes.

How It Feels to Own a McLaren P1? By Jay Leno

How it feels to own a McLaren P1? I don’t think that many of you thought about this but I am sure some of you really wonder the ownership of a super car like a P1. And when it comes to ownership of super cars, there is not better address than Jay Leno. I saw P1 in real life, it looks way better than the photographs.