How Volvo and Jean-Claude Van Damme Performed Split Stunt Video?

How Volvo and Jean-Claude Van Damme performed split stunt? I am sure you watched the video of Van Damme splits his legs between two Volvo trucks. It looks really scary. However, Volvo’s new steering wheel technology called Dynamic Steering system enables to control the vehicle extremely precise even on extreme conditions. And this is proofed by Van Damme, hopefully he didn’t fall off.

So how they did the split stunt video? There is a behind scenes footage and they explain the system and how safe it is for Van Damme. And Volvo emphasises that it will be performed by professional drivers without any automatic systems involved.

However, I am not that sure about that. Because, the split stunt is extremely risky performance and anything can go wrong. There should be a failsafe system to prevent any accident. For instance, the Volvo trucks may be equipped with a GPS system that controls steering wheel or guide drivers but we are talking about centimetres here. If the truck steers 5-cm more than it should, there will be a catastrophe. So there is another solution, the white lines!

If you noticed, the Volvo trucks are driving through white lines. My idea for the Volvo split stunt video is, the Volvo trucks were following the white lines. It is possible! I am sure you heard the lane assist system, they follow the lines on the road and warns you if you are leaving your lane. I assume, Volvo trucks were fitted with this system and steering wheels were controlled by the software. And pre-programmed to departure for a certain distance from the other truck.

Basically, cameras under the wing mirrors scan the white road lines and departure to second white line. Software can do this and it is very simple nowadays. As the Volvo Dynamic Steering system is computer controlled, so it is not impossible to perform.

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