Jaguar F-Type #YourTurnBritain vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee Manifesto | No Comment

Jaguar recently introduced the F-Type advertisement campaign called #YourTurnBritain. I am not going to make any comments about this, instead I placed the Jeep’s 2010 advertisement from USA. 
This article is not about cars or brands, it is about two different campaign in two different nations with totally different sociological backgrounds. And try to remember the year 2010 while Jeep was struggling to recover from a huge downfall. Jeep had to recover the sales figures. Thus, you will understand the Jeep Grand Cherokee advertisement’s context. 
However, Jaguar created a campaign with a similar context with Jeep! 
Both Jaguar and Jeep are iconic automotive brands, in order to survive in this environment the solution is innovative engineering. Attention to details always wins!

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The Most Sympathetic Car Show, Москва 24!

The most sympathetic car show, Москва 24! You probably never predict the answer, sorry it is not the one starts with T or F. The most sympathetic car show is from Russia by Anastasia Tregubova. According to my content, you may think I have a biased view. But No! This is a very objective judgement. Until Kate Upton starts a car show :)
I watched many car shows since I started to watch TV. There were some terrible, some excellent, some creative, some boring, some inspiring and some nothing! However, most of the shows had a similar concept. More or less they were the same or they reached their creative boundaries and entered into a loop!
The thing I like with Anastasia’s Москва 24 is the naïve character of the show. She is not trying to burn tyre or racing with F35 jet plane or pushing boundaries to make us laugh. What Anatasia does, a car show made by a women :) Москва 24 is like Maserati GranTurismo; combination of feminine curves with muscular lines. I really don’t find interesting to see smoke coming from the tyres at 200 km/h inside a corner, because it is the loop which I found not anymore interesting.
Москва 24 is in Russian and I have no clue what Anastasia says during the show, actually YouTube translates it but, still I have no clue. But I like the concept of the show and the scenario, simple and elegant. I am expecting Anastasia to do the show in English in future :)
And now you can jump to news from Das Neu Mercedes S-Klasse! Sorry the new Mercedes S-Class.
You can watch Москва 24 on YouTube | Anastasia Tregubova on Twitter | Instagram

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New Jeep Cherokee 2014: Designed by Aliens

New Jeep Cherokee 2014; the most interesting car of this year. Why? Because new Jeep Cherokee was designed by Aliens. Why I say this? When you look at the front of the new Jeep Cherokee, you can clearly see a very thin line of headlight inspired by Aliens face, which we see on Men In Black movies. I know this sound really idiotic but I ran out of words to describe new Jeep Cherokee.
Actually I cannot justify the headlights of new Jeep Cherokee. They all look weird and probably impossible to differentiate their functions. And I really don’t like to say this to any vehicle but Jeep Cherokee does not look charming!

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Car of the Day # 12 Jeep Commander

I should have posted this yesterday, but I did wanted to give two days for Range Rover Evoque Live event.
Today’s car is from year 2006, a Jeep Commander. Many people may not know this SUV. Jeep produced this ugly thing since 2006 until 2010 and realised that, it is ugly and useless.

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Nowadays there are rumours about Ferrari. It is not about the Formula One championship, it is about the Fiat’s tendency to sell it. You didn’t read wrong, Fiat is considering to sell the most iconic brand under its management. This lunatic behaviour is a result of Fiat’s CEO Marchionne’s dream to be the biggest automotive manufacturer and become a remarkable person. Honestly, he did a great job recovering Fiat from bankruptcy to profitable condition. This is a real miracle, nearly seven years ago GM did not wish to buy Fiat because it was in a very condition but now Fiat bought some parts of Chrysler!
Machionne wants more from Chrysler, he wants to buy more shares but they need lots of money. Even though Chrysler is excellent at producing terrible and rubbish cars, it costs a lot of money to buy its shares! And the best option is to sell Ferrari and make money and expand the Fiat brand into US.
Expansion to US is a real big gambling, it is a different market. Actually it is a different continent! What works in Europe do not work in US! American may not wish to buy a car called Lancia which sounds like a pasta sauce. Alfa Romeo has potential but it is very hard to create a brand image and inform customers and motivate them to prefer this brand and etc.
Machionne has a very interesting plan; in 2014 he is planning to produce six millions of cars under Fiat brand! Six millions, in four years! I don’t have anything to say to this. He is planning to use Grand Cherokee platform to produce Maserati SUV, which would definitely fail. Also use Chrysler’s chassis for next generation Alfa Romeos. This does not sound very promising for six millions target.
In meantime, VW is interested on Ferrari. They thought, we destroyed Lamborghini and it is not enough for us, let’s destroy another Italian brand. Let’s put Audi A8’s buttons to Ferrari, replace the instrument panel with stupid looking Audi’s Red LCD screens. Then replace the keys with same keys from Skoda, add some more senseless Audi technology and use the VW EOS chassis for next generation Ferrari. This is a flash forward of Ferrari, if it is owned by VW. Also Lamborghini would be annoyed by the presence of Ferrari and they will try to sell to someone else.

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No Comment: Range Rover vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee Advertisements

You will find two advertisements from two different companies from two different countries. Range Rover is one of the best selling SUV in global market and Jeep Grand Cherokee is doing well in some markets.

New Jeep Grand Cherokee by Fiat

I am sure most of you heard the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. One of the most senseless SUVs on earth. More than one decade ago, it was very popular and “cool”! Because, there were no proper alternative and we weren’t able to compare Grand Cherokee with something else and it was cheap like today. However, lots of things have changed since 1997! Silicon Valley nerds introduced an electric car called Tesla, we cannot live without Google and socialize with Facebook.
As you can see, nothing is the same but the Cherokee is same :) I have no idea how they managed to do this but it is the same thing. Okay, they added some new features but the concept is the same. Also Chrysler (Jeep) is now owned by Fiat and I was expecting to see something much better. The tendency to write this article came from the five-speed automatic transmission technology of Grand Cherokee!
I want to discuss it very basically, this is a pre-historic technology. It is as old as DaVinci’s designs, also I am suspecting he might have designed the first five-speed automatic transmission! So this is not something good to feature in a brand new car but Jeep made it. Now the sales are going well as I read on Financial Times but I have never seen this car in Europe. I think it is doing well in US not in somewhere, may be in China.
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Realistic Dream! Grand Cherokee 1,3 lt Diesel

Grand Cherokee is one of the icons of SUV segment. End of 1990s and in the beginning of 2000, it was one of the most competitive vehicle on market despite its huge V8 petrol engine. However, as the petrol prices rised and new SUV introduced to market, Grand Cherokee’s power diminished and turn into a inferior SUV. More basicly, people tend to prefer Grand Cherokee, because it was cheaper than its rivals. They were not choosing it, because people willing to drive a big SUV and they don’t want to pay too much money to Mercedes or Range Rover. And they preferred Grand Cherokee!
Grand Cherokee lost its market power very dramatically! As Chrysler could not keep up with customers demand and they could not developed vehicles which is good enough for market. And everything collapsed. However they still have chance, but how?
Now, Chrysler and Fiat started to work together and soon we will see Fiat’s diesel and small petrol engines in Chrysler range. And we could see something very interesting ;) Like; Fiat powered Grand Cherokee !!!
As we all know that Fiat is very good at small diesel engines. Also during last decade, diesel engine became nearly forty percentage more powerful. So; in following years Chrysler could come up with Grand Cherokee 1,3lt Diesel. I know 1,3lt Fiat diesel is only producing 95 horsepower but when we consider the sudden increase in diesel engines, Fiat could introduce 150 horsepower version of the same engine. Or, they could offer this small diesel in small Cherokee and introduce 2,0lt diesel in Grand Cherokee.
All of these are just predictions, however there is something very obvious about Cherokee’s future; it will have very small diesel engine to survive! Sorry Cherokee, you have to get use to small diesels ;)
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