Mercedes G-Wagon: Celebrity Wagon!

When you became a celebrity in Hollywood, there are customs which you must fulfil! You suppose to buy a very very big house with many rooms which you will never ever use it. You must buy many shoes, bag, hats, t-shirts from luxury brands. You should attend to every kind of party. You must pose on cameras and attend some pointless interviews. And many other things! It is obvious that you need to comply many rituals in Hollywood celebrity world!
However the most important thing custom to fulfil is to buy a Mercedes G-Wagon. Yes, you must buy the most off road oriented vehicle on earth, regardless of where you will drive! This is a must for any celebrity candidate. If you don’t buy a Mercedes G-Wagon, you won’t be a long lasting celebrity.
Honestly; G-Wagon is a great car, offers unexpected off road ability, contemporary retro design and many more things. And they are mainly focused on off road abilities. With G-Wagon, you can travel on every kind of terrain on earth, basically the best to drive around the whole planet. Unfortunately, these abilities do not come in a comfortable way. G-Wagon is basically designed for driving on place where there is no road exists. Therefore, everything is designed for that! Doors are heavy, steering is heavy, suspension is for off road, there is no electronic climate control, interior is angled, there is no sense of aerodynamics as it can be considered as a moving wall and there is no parking sensors for front. These might not sound ridiculous but when you start drive this car, you will notice all these things in your heart. Because, much cheaper alternatives will be offering much better comfort! But I don’t know why, Hollywood stars want to exercise their muscles while driving a G-Wagon.
Actually, G-Wagon is one of the coolest car available. For more than thirty years, its designed never changed and it is a very iconic car. And most probably many Hollywood stars prefer this car because it is cool! Like everyone says, appearance is more important than sense of facts! I think for that reason, many celebrity do not drive G-Wagon for very long time.
Here is a small list of celebrities who are driving G-Wagon;
Ashley Tisdale
Audrina Patridge
Beau Dunn
Hilary Duff
Jennifer Garner
Megan Fox
Nicole Richie
Renee Zellweger

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