Engine Oil Cartoon from Mobil and McLaren

Mobil and McLaren decided to make a cartoon to inform society about the engine oil. Honestly, that doesn’t sound that interesting at all. I mean engine oil is something dirty, smells bad and you cannot use it for fish and chips (I guess some does). Anyway, Mobil and McLaren made this cartoon to explain the role of engine oil and importance through a funny scenario.
It is really nice to watch, and features Jenson Button, Tony Stewart and Sergio Perez.

Photo Credit
Mobil McLaren

Hugo Boss Green Golf Lessons Video

Hugo Boss fashion brand released six video on YouTube. There is nothing unusual with this! However, these videos are about how to play golf, lessons! There are six different videos made by Nick Watney and Martin Kaymer. The main reason for these videos, Hugo Boss has a brand for golf sport, Hugo Boss Green. In order to increase the awareness of the Hugo Boss Greenand lead people to buy it more, they created these golf tutorial videos. And here is the list of the lessons;
How to hit a basic Bunker Shot by Nick Watney
How to play Chip and Run by Martin Kaymer
Teeing by Nick Watney
How to put like Nick Watney by Nick Watney
How to hit a Lob Shot by Martin Kaymer
How to hit a Fade by Martin Kaymer
After these videos, I am expecting to see Formula 1 driving tutorials from Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. Most probably, you won’t be able to try the tutorials but at least, you will have some knowledge.

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Hugo Boss