Mophie Juice Pack Reserve: iPhone Mobile Charger

iPhone and charging, these two notions are pushing them each other all the time. When you use your iPhone heavily, you end with a flat battery. Unfortunately, iPhone is an energy-consuming mobile, like petrol engine Range Rover.

There are couple of reasons for iPhone hunger for energy. It has a very fast processor, screen is large, we play with iPhone all day long and using it like a normal computer. As a result of these conditions, iPhone’s battery leaves us alone in most awkward places.
There is a temporary solution for this. Mophie mobile charger, the one I currently own is the cheapest and lightest one, Mophie Juice Pack Reserve. I bought from Apple Store in Covent Garden, London. I did buy from Apple Store to avoid any potential problems.
I have been using Mophie Juice Pack Reserve for more than half a year and saved my life many many times. As I told you, Juice Pack Reserve is small and light with 700 mAh battery. This lightness brings a side effect; Juice Pack Reserve is capable of charging your iPhone up to %50! Due to its limited size and weight, it does not have enough energy to charge your whole battery. 
How to charge the Mophie charger? Just simply plug into any USB port until the green light is on, that’s all!
However, even the %50 give you a half day extra and way practical than carrying a charge all the time.
I highly recommend Mophie Juice Pack Reserve. It saves your life and looks stylish!