I was the Guest in a Fashion Blog

Yesterday was a milestone for me. Don’t think that I invented a new type of engine or a new technology to use the lovely vegetable salary as a fuel. Actually what I have done is not that exciting but for me it was the first time.
Couple of months ago my blogger friend Sıla asked me to contribute to her fashion blog called Fashion By Siu. Actually I had some articles about fashion and cars but I was looking for something more exciting for a fashion blog. Hopefully VW and Lagerfeld helped me to solve this problem. VW’s new advertisement turns into our mutual blog topic :) So, there is no problem of finding a topic for her blog.
The only thing is to translate my English written article to Turkish. It sounds a bit weird, my mother tongue is Turkish and I am writing in English and translate it to Turkish :) Reality of internet world!
So, I did translate the article and she immediately posted on her blog. Actually the way she used the photos are much better than I do :) I think I am a bit lazy on this thing or my low energy consuming processor is too slow these kinds of party tricks ;) Anyway, it was a good experience for me to write in a well-respected Turkish fashion blog.
Now I am asking my friend Sıla to contribute my blog :)
Here is the original:
The most stylish car by Karl Lagerfeld
Here is the Turkish one:
Karl Lagerfeld ile Volkswagen Reklamı

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The most stylish car by Karl Lagerfeld

New Year’s Eve made a bit lazy. I was relaxed and I did not post anything in my blog. I think I need to give this kind of breaks time to time :)
Before I start on my post today, I need to give some brief information. Many of you may not know anything about Karl Lagerfeld. And some of you may say exactly this “Karl who?” This is a very common thing, especially in car blogs. So who is Karl? Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer living in Paris. He is well known as creative director of fashion brand Chanel. Also he owns his own brand Lagerfeld and also worked for Fendi. That’s enough for a car blog. Please Google him for more information, I am not a fashion expert.
Recently, Volkswagen introduced a new package called Style for Polo and Golf. Usual this “style” named packages are totally mess and dull! In addition, Polo and Golf are quite boring cars. So, combination of dull package with boring cars, ends up with a total boredom instead of freedom. However this time, everything has totally changed! Style package is introduced by Karl Lagerfeld. I know it does not sound interesting but in terms of fashion, these two cars are the most stylish cars currently on sale :) Nothing else on market is being introduced by Lagerfeld so, they are not stylish enough. Many people buy car for their “style”.
After this campaign, Audi A1 and A3 look like really boring :) Sorry but Audi A1 and A3 do not offer something special and stylish. Just four circles!
If you want to drive something stylish buy Polo and Golf with Style package.
Style package offers light alloy wheels, fog lamps, tinted side and rear windows and STYLE logo (this is really nice.) Style Plus package offers a sunroof or panorama roof and new alloy wheels.
In commercial he is being suprised by VW brand as it is made in Germany. He also adds, these cars should be in Paris!

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Starts on paper, ends up on paper

Usually I don’t watch the videos on iPhone applications. They might be boring, too long or I just don’t bother to watch. This time I wondered the Fendi’s video section on iPhone application and watched it. It was an interview with Karl Lagerfeld. As you can imagine, it is all about fashion but I like the last sentence of the interview. Fashion starts with paper and ended up in magazine or newspaper, paper is the starting point and where it ends up. This sentence basically defines the fashion business.
From this point of view, cars stars with paper and ended up in paper also. The design stage, sketches mostly starts on paper, then to computer and later on with clay models. The production is done with metals and finally the pictures are printed on magazine or newspaper. I know the end up product of design is a car and made by steel, however every car built on earth printed on paper. Either it is nice or ugly, you can find a picture of each car printed on somewhere. As Lagerfeld mentioned, starts with papers, ends up with paper! I think cars and fashion have more common aspects than we know!

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Fendi, Land Rover, Mercedes McLaren

The new Range Rover: Evoque

Today we watched the launch of Range Rover Evoque formerly known as LRX. This is the new member of Range Rover family after Range Rover Sport. The launch of the Evoque was really magnificent, I really wish to be in Kensington Palace to see live. It was an excellent event, actually it was one of the best ones. I can say this clearly! Even though I watched the launch from web cast, I can understand that Land Rover paid very high attention. Instead of revealing it in motor shows, they made something totally unforgetabel. I really asked myself why I am not there and watching this from my computer’s screen. This is like watching the fashion show from TV or watching the world cup from TV. The feeling is the same!
Main theme of this event was the Evoque, when I make a reverse engineering to Evoque, I found out that it is evolved from Vogue and added E to represent electricity and g is replaced with q to pronounce it easier :)  Evoque will be the a competitor for BMW X1 and also Mini Countryman. I  don’t know anything about Audi Q1 or Mercedes small SUV model like MLK! Most probably they will introduce those model unless it won’t be rational for German brands.
As far as I understood from the speech, Evoque’s interior will not be made from blocks of plastic. If you ever seen the first Range Rover Sport, you can understand my concerns. It was totally covered with plastic, one step better than Discovery 3 and very far from Range Rover. If Land Rover will use plastic like old days or like they did it in Freelander, they should forget any unbelievable demand from customers. Because, they will immediately jump into Mini Countryman or BMW X1! Land Rover must forget the material plastic from interior. If it is Range Rover labelled, it should be a like a Range Rover. OK, I am not expecting the same luxury but please be reasonable, huge plastic buttons are not cool and you customer target is not polar bears!
Exterior design is beyond any Land Rover or Range Rover vehicle. I really don’t like three door SUVs but this one looks amazing! I would buy a four wheel drive model. I said four wheel drive model, because it will be optional! As the world has changed, Land Rover also changed and four wheel will not be standard on this car. If you want to drive without any problem during winter, you have to four wheel drive model. Actually buying a Land Rover or Range Rover with four wheel drive is like buying boots without their ropes! I am sure many people will buy the front wheel drive model but I won’t and you shouldn’t also. That’s a Range Rover, pay more, save more and buy four wheel drive model! Don’t buy iPhone and iPad and you will save enough money.
Everything was great with the event until Victoria Beckham. Yes, that’s the moment I became totally disappointed. When he was talking about designer, I was expecting to hear Nicole Farhi or Vivienne Westwood! Or Paul Smith or John Galliano or Tom Ford or Alexander McQueen or Thomas Pink! But not Victoria. I don’t have a problem with her but please be reasonable Range Rover is forty years old brand and you hired a popular culture designer !?! Sorry but, this is totally a wrong decision and it is too late. What will you offer next? Range Rover Victoria with animal print interior completed with diamonds? UK has many exquisite fashion designers. They are the best one on their league and also they are very respectful like a Range Rover! Actually I have never seen Nicole Farhi or Paul Smith on The Sun. No Comment!
My advice to Porsche, work with Karl Lagerfeld in your new SUV. Yes, you will have offer a small SUV! Everyone knows this. Karl Lagerfeld will be the best celebrity endorsement for your brand. And Maserati should be with Valentino, Rolls Royce can match beautifully with John Galliano.

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BMW and Land Rover Flickr Websites

Karl Lagerfeld and Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne; this is one of the most ugly car which we can see during last one decade. Despite its Porsche badge, it has nothing in common with a proper Porsche, I mean Porsche 911 which is the real Porsche. So this adopted SUV from VW Touareg have never been my favourite car. I know that, Cayenne was disaster for heritage but a great success for financial performance. It turned Porsche into a cash cow. Eventually, the new Cayenne much much much better looking Cayenne is on the way and I may say, it is better than the previous adapted one.

Karl Lagerfeld, he is one of the very well known iconic designers on earth. His style reflect a very unique character and even though I am not a fashion expert but I do know that he is one of the most remarkable designer and will be remembered for generations.

Now there is a two contradicting cases; one of them is Cayenne, even the Porsche will deny it in next twenty years and the other one is designer who will be remembered forever. But there is a intersection! Karl Lagerfeld is using a Porsche Cayenne! Yes, the most remarkable designer is using the most ugly car on earth. Lagerfeld is German and Porsche is German; that’s okay and he might wish to use German cars but why Cayenne?! Even though I am not a fan of Mercedes M Class or BMW X5 but those will be a better option. He might also prefer Mercedes G Class which will fit him much better than Cayenne ;)

Although; he preferred Porsche Cayenne, he knows something else we do ;) This the most fortunate thing ever happened to Porsche Cayenne :)

Pictures are from;
Porsche Website
Movie; Lagerfeld Confidential

Porsche Design for H&M

When we will see this slogan in advertisements? H&M worked with Jimmy Choo, Comme des Garcons, Karl Lagerfeld, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Viktor and Rolf, Roberto Cavalli and Elio Fiorucci. Every year H&M offers a special collection from a very luxury fashion designer and people rush into H&M stores to grab one of them. Offering limited edition clothes, shoes and accessories boost their sales and strength their brand image, also helps to improve brand royalty. This strategy became a part of H&M’s marketing strategy and every year, there is a new brand to offer.
As H&M worked with nine different fashion brands (may be more), I am expecting to see Porsche Design for next year. Why not? I love Porsche Design and I want to buy them with reasonable price :) All of those brands are luxury and their fanatics had chance to buy the reasonable priced ones by H&M, like ladies are buying Jimmy Choo from H&M. I know Porsche Design is working with Adidas but they could do an exception! I know that, if Porsche Design will be in H&M its brand image and target group may not fit with this picture. The others managed this very well, I think Porsche Design can do it also ;)