Smaller Maserati!

German cars, they are the reflection of perfection. On their every bit, you can see their precisely calculated angles, perfectly designed fittings, easy to use state of art technology and a bit boredom! Exactly, Germans are built too seriously (by Clarkson) every kind of details, possibilities is designed in their ultra hygiene marketing department and precisely calculated and measured the competitors reaction. Technically; Mercedes, BMW or Audi have no weakness. From this point of view, we can consider anyone who is blond, tall and female as Karolina Kurkova! So this perspective is not working very well all time.
If you wish to buy a car on E Segment, you will end with Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 and Jaguar XF. All of these cars are excellent, they offer very different type of driving pleasure and comfort with wide range of engine options. Actually, they all have at least three pages of option lists. Heated seats, cooled seats, memory seats for driver, memory seats for passenger, automatic boot lid, iPod connection and many more! However, they lack of soul a bit. Okay, Jaguar can be excluded but still I cannot find an emotional motivation to jump on these cars. Mercedes E63 AMG, BMW M5, Audi RS6 and Jaguar XFR are the most powerful and great cars to drive. You will have lots of emotional power to buy them but again, you can see a E200 CDi diesel on street or an Audi A6 2,0 TDi manual! Jaguar is not offering small engines, not yet.
From this very accurately made analyses, I can say that there should be an Italian car on this segment. And there is going to be one! Small Maserati Quattroporte in 2015. Yes, we have to wait five more years for it. Probably, Maserati is testing the prototypes in the middle of nowhere right now. After 2015, this segment will not be the same again. The exquisite, the sexy, the mozzarella powered small Maserati will be on earth. I am not expecting similar sales performance like Germans and it will probably be more expensive but it deserves. And most probably, this Maserati will not be offering night vision camera or cross wing stability control or some other “I want to grab more money” options but it will have its soul of essence.
Pictures are taken from;
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