Psy Gangnam Style and Kia Cee’d

Gangnam Style is played everywhere we go, it became a sensation in a blink of an eye and received more than 350 million view on YouTube. Psy sings the Gangman Style with his unique style of dancing. This style became so sensational, millions of people follows him. Just check the crowd in NBC Today Show!

Psy is from South Korea, one of the most powerful economies in the world. And also home to Kia and Hyundai, also Samsung. This time, I want to talk about Kia. In just five years, Kia improved its design and became a serious competitor on market. Shifting from inferior product to demanding product! Many people noticed the improvement in Kia.

In Gangnam Style video clip, unfortunately I did not see any Kia! I was expecting a see Kia Cee’d instead of Mercedes SLK. New Kia Cee’d a global car and offers great features with a very distinctive design. The mutual point of Psy and Kia is their global success. I hope that, Kia will play Gangnam Style song in their future advertisements.

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