Lacoste Car: Citroën

I always respected integration of fashion and automotive brands but it does not happen that often. Actually the brand which supposed to be engaged with automotive brands does not involve. As I remember Mercedes and Armani had a special edition CLK, Ferre with Mini and Prada with Hyundai Genesis. Yes, that’s right Prada and Hyundai worked together. I really don’t know whether these cars sold to customers or they were just PR campaign.
Now Citroën introduced a concept car with Lacoste. For me Lacoste is the most boring fashion brand! They are selling the same polo t-shirt for last two thousand years. I am pretty sure that if you dig enough in Pyramids, you can find someone with Lacoste polo t-shirt. Also the long sleeve polo sweat shirt offers the same dullness with senseless prices. Lacoste is the definition for over priced products. They are selling their perfectly boring t-shirts for very exciting prices! If they were producing cars, they would be selling VW Golf for 50 000 € !!
There is no price and product relation! It is just a Lacoste. And probably Citroën Lacoste will be priced with a lot of zeros and it will be the same car for next four decades and offering ridiculously too much colours options. Citroën says it is offering minimalist Lacoste styling (I have never heard something like this before) with golf ball style and plenty of performance from engine and lastly inflatable roof.
I have never heard something more pointless and ridiculous than this :) If I summarize; golf ball inspired car with plastic roof and nobody knows how many horses are inside the engine. And tyres looks like really ridiculous. Sorry Citroën, my review is not that good! I hope it will be a concept forever :)
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