Fashion Shooting with Danubia Sousa

I met with Danubia Sousa during the London Fashion Week. She is from Brazil and working in London. Probably the best combination in a fashion model :)
And she did a fashion shooting inspired by Lana Del Rey and with the 50’s, 60’s cinematic style.
By the way, Danubia was one of the girls dressed up as soldiers during the premiere of The Dictator movie in London.

Photographer: Katie Chez 
Makeup: Aga Malinowska 
Hair Stylist: Franco Sfetas  
Model: Danubia Sousa

H&M with Lana Del Ray

H&M and Lana Del Ray, an American singer and a Swedish brand. Despite the ocean among them, H&M and Lana Del Ray came together on the new ad campaign. When I first saw the photos, I never thought that the collection was from H&M. It looks amazing, high quality and expensive. I do know that H&M is a very good fashion brand but the ad campaign shows the H&M collection way better than I expected.
By the way, I could not figure out the car in the Lana Del Ray’s H&M ad campaign. The PR team did a great job to cover up the car!

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