Chrysler Ypsilon vs. High Heels

According to Chrysler (Lancia) in UK, a woman spends around £168 per month to look good. This can be extended more precisely; beauty products, shoes, clothes, magazines and lots of etc. From the advertisement, Chrysler (Lancia) is trying to give a message to women for substituting their high-heeled shoes for Chrysler (Lancia) Ypsilon. Chrysler Ypsilon vs. high heels is a big challenge!

Will it work? Of course not! Based on my experiences with fashion industry and blogger, women can live without a car but cannot live with a pair heels! Basically, women will not sacrifice to look good just for Ypsiolon.

Meanwhile, Lancia’s future is very unclear and Fiat Group may vanish the brand all of a sudden. That’s another risk as well. Lastly, Fiat is marketing Lancia under the Chrysler brand in UK. I really don’t know why.


Interview with Frank Stephenson

My trip to McLaren Technology HQ and interview Frank Stephenson (Design Director of McLaren).

Firstly I would like to start with Frank. He is the design director of McLaren and worked in Ford, BMW, Mini, Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and McLaren. You can find more information on interview. I had a great time with Frank in McLaren; he toured me around the building and showed every single place. The McLaren is really huge and I cannot define how it looks wonderful! After today, I can clearly say, Frank is a great designer and also a very nice person; and passionate with this work. When you listen to him, you understand the meaning of being a designer. And explain the designing a car with very simple words. I cannot ignore his passion to motorcycle. Honestly, after I had chat with him my perception towards motorcycle are changed. I never approach to them from the perspective Frank described me. You can find more about him in interview where you can find below.

Let’s go back to McLaren headquarters in Woking, UK. Woking is a very nice, small city, silent, relaxing and lots of green. Inside the green, there is the McLaren HQ. The structure of the building totally part of the nature, there is an artificial lake, precisely placed tree. While I was there, the view from the window was like a canvas. The building and nature so well integrated with each other and you would never think that McLaren is producing cars here, but they do.

I want to talk about the building a little bit more. It is a total perfection, everything is perfectly designed, measurement are precise. The air is in same temperature in each room, there is no thermal shock here. You don’t feel the cold weather from outside. And they achieved to isolate the smell in the food court from the rest of the building. By maintaining different air pressures.

The front part of the building is covered with glass and there are some curves. When it was first made, the wind was vibrating the glass. And McLaren F1 engineers designed a metal structure to eliminate this vibration through F1 technology.

And the corridors, when you first get inside you have the feeling that, I am in a James bond movie. Everywhere is perfect white, no dust or dirt at all. You go from tunnels, take lift with circular glass doors. There is nothing can annoy you with the building. Don’t think that, it is just limited with the management part.

I visited the manufacturing site of MP4-12C, where they produce the car. Manufacturing plant is usually involves with dirt, oil, bad odour. However, it looks cleaner than hospitals. I am extremely serious! The manufacturing site is so clean, and you started to question your personal cleanliness.

The paint shop? It is supposed to be dirty but it is cleaner than my five start hotels! Each car is painted by hand with people who are expert on their job. Perfection does not finish here, McLaren does not paint the parts of the cars separately. In order to sustain the same level of paint, all parts are painted together.

Later on, the rain test. I was expecting to see some water but no! They test each car with rain test and no single drop at all. And last, the high speed test inside a glass room. It is also supposed to smell exhaust gas but again there is no smell at all.

I saw manufacturing plants but I have never seen something like this on earth. And possibly cannot see in future as well. Even the manufacturing team wear Hugo Boss dresses from head to toe! They don’t have that ugly dresses like in other companies.

The MP4-12C, I witness to each stage of this car manufacturing. From naked chassis to ready for delivery. The manufacturing is so perfect, there is nothing wrong with the car. It is built like a luxury sedan. Parts are matching with no gap, the door is opened by sliding your fingers. The rear air brake works with hydraulic and acts as a proper air brake like in an airplane. One other example, navigation screen placed vertical to keep the car narrow!

The best part is the front head lights, at night you see the McLaren’s logo illuminated with LEDs and fins of sharks below it.

Lastly, McLaren is going to reveal more models! I don’t want to give more details. But I assure that, Veyron will not be alone anymore.

From what I see today, if you are planning to buy an exclusive sports cars. There is only one choice, McLaren MP4-12C. From design studio to customer delivery preparation, everything is perfect!

Is that all from McLaren, of course not ;) I want to keep some secret…

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And here is my interview with Frank Stephenson


Autosport International 2012 Days 3 and 4

This is the last album from the show! There are similar photos with previous albums but from different angle and some more interesting things ;) Ferrari 458, BMW M3 Chrome, David Coulthard, Mini Countryman, Electric powered racer, Classic Formula 1 racer, Ginetta cars, Porsche 550 Spyder (Let me know if I am wrong), replica Lancia Stratos,  Nobel and Live Action Arena! 
I had lots of rubber on my face while taking those photos :)
And I cannot skip Ian Cook (Pop Bang Colour). He paints his work only using by remote cars and tyres!
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Lancia with A New Face

Flash news from Ferrari! The legendary designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti is assigned to create a new design identify for Chrysler and Lancia. For those of you, don’t know the present situation: Ferrari is owned by Fiat, Chrysler and Lancia is also owned by Fiat; so they are under the same company.
Ramaciotti had significant design contributions on Ferrari F430, 550 Maranello and 612 Scaglietti. Based on these state of art beautiful cars, I can say one thing! In five-year time, we will see exquisite Lancia and Chrysler models on market. This revision on design identify will definitely increase the market share of these two brands.
Just think about Kia five years ago and now! It will happen the same with Lancia and Chrysler as well.

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Lancia in Venice Film Festival

Venice Film Festival started last week. If you expecting to read any commentary on the films, you are in wrong place. I am going to comment about the car, which took place during the red carpet. I cannot remember on which channel I watched the red carpet event, but the cars caught my attention!
As the event is taken place in Italy, I was expecting an Italian car brand for the stars’ logistical support. And I was right, Lancia is the sponsor! Venice Film Festival is sponsored by a stylish Italian car brand, nothing sounds wrong with this!
However, there is something going wrong during the event. The cars, which are transporting star to red carpet do not seem to be Lancia; from the back end they are resemblance to Maserati Quattroporte, but from the front they are exactly the same as a Chrysler. So, I did some Google research and I found out that, it is the new Lancia Thema.
New Thema is a combination of Fiat and Chrysler; looking American from the front and Italian from the rear. In other words, it is like a Pizza Hut in Italy! American company makes pizza in Italy :)
By the way, if you don’t from the front end Thema looks quite nice!

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Why we buy Italian Cars? That’s love pain!

Why we Love Italian Cars? This is the second unanswered question after what is the solution for love pain! Italian cars don’t have very good reputation in automotive industry, especially for reliability. Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lancia created some questions marks in everyone had, especially Alfa Romeo and Maserati were the king of trouble making! Many people were complaining about their Alfa Romeo or Maserati and they were talking about how it broke down on that street, on the bridge and etc. Of course I cannot consider them as a royal customers, they would probably never bought anything Italian.
But did this change the attitude towards Italian cars? Of course no. If you love car, you should love one Italian brand even if you don’t buy it. I did not say even if you cannot afford it. When I had my old Ford Focus in 2004, I had chance to Alfa Romeo 147 but I didn’t! Because I was afraid. Now I would definitely buy an Alfa Romeo MiTo, it is very sexy.
Many people were saying, don’t buy Italian cars but none of those brand were bankrupted! Actually Fiat bought all of them and saved them. This is the reality and they are still in business, also they are more reliable. There is only a slight problem with their reputation.
Recently I read an academic article which was mentioned on newspapers. In Rutgers University in USA, some scientists decided to investigate love pain. I really don’t know why they did this. Anyway, they found some people and them inside machine and they spotted the place on brain. Yes, the place which makes us malfunction when we are rejected or suffer from love sickness. Unfortunately I don’t have right to publish the images but we won’t understand anything from that.
The important point which I found out from the academic paper, Italian cars have the same impact on people. They are touching the same spots in the brain like love and when we lost our Italian car, we cannot forget it very easily. From the research, as the time passes the pain is diminishing but you can see Italian car very easily and you can buy one also. So you will not suffer from the pain.
From the combination from the academic research and my observations; I can suggests that Italian cars is touching the love points in our brains and we fall in love with those cars. Even though we know that Italian cars are not reliable, we try our chance once in a life time. For that reason, they still make profit. I am proud to find the answer for this unsolvable question.

The best picture to define this love is from Diesel’s advertisement campaign! Italian car needs “the balls” to own :)

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A flashforward for Lancia and Chrysler

May 2014; since last one year Chrysler cars are branded as Lancia in Europe. When the Lancia first announced this in 2010, nobody was expecting this kind of reaction from consumers. Actually it was not too much but nothing has changed for Chrysler, actually things got worse for Lancia.
Lancia is one of the most iconic car brands for whole time, Stratos and Lancia Delta gained unforgetable victories for many years. However, Lancia could not compete with other brands and it turn into a entry level brand in Fiat range. Despite the efforts for introducing new models, Lancia never found the old time success.
This is most probably based on low production quality, lack of clear brand identity, unclear brand image on consumers and so on. People don’t really what Lancia is! The decision was made in 2010 to introduce Chrysler cars as Lancia is like introducing Playboy as Euroboy to Europe! Example is not exactly the same but the mentality is the same. Let’s change the package and sell it to Europe. What a wonderful idea! Chrysler was thinking to boost sale by doing this. Like their insufficient turbo boost, this decision did not boost well.
Dull to drive Chrysler vehicles damaged the brand image of Lancia and generated a confusion! Which Lancia is the real Lancia. Consumers struggled so much and they gave with Lancia. Also the dullness of Chrysler vehicles was a major reason. Unfortunately, Chrysler is not very good at producing cars with passion. Sorry! Also vehicles like 300C which does not have a proper brakes and suspension, also highlights the major manufacturing problems in Chrysler!
Sebring cabrio, Sebring sedan and PT Cruiser cannot name as Lancia! Last one year, everyone witnessed to why not to buy semi Chrysler semi Lancia car. There is not synchrony, video is showing something else, audio is saying something else. Logo is Lancia, car drives like Chrysler.
This was a flash forward :) Mainly based on my imagination and witness the unsuccessful attempts to force brand to marry with each other with love. Like in human life, this does not work well for companies also. Lancia is something different and Chrysler is something different. The important thing for Chrysler to understand; people don’t have a problem with Chrysler, they have problem with your boring design, lack of features which can be found even on Ford Fiesta, unsatisfying driving pleasure, unstable product life cycle and many more things.
Before branding Chryslers as Lancia, they should think again and try to understand the reality underneath the Chrysler’s problem. Even Chrysler cars sold under Bentley, nothing will ever change!
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Lancia Delta Integrale

Product lifecycle of modern cars are only seven years, because people get bored cars easily and after seven years people don’t want to buy one. However there are some exceptions for this! Lancia Delta Integrale from 1979 to 1994.
If you were born after 1990s, you have never heard of this car and if you don’t know this car stop thinking about cars :) During the end of 1980s and until the middle of 1990s, Delta Integrale was a phenomenon car of the World Rally Championship! It won Constructors Championship six times from 1987 to 1992 and it turn into an icon for Lancia. It showed what Lancia can do. Its 2lt turbo charged engine was producing 215 horsepower (1993 model) and four-wheel drive was transferring all those power to the road. Not only its engine was magnificent, but also its design! Many people wanted to own one. And still today, we can see that why people love this car. The WRC successes and powerful engine completed with an Italian design, if this car was made by someone else with the same technology but without this design, it won’t be create this impressive.
Those fantastic years did not live for long. Lancia could not manage to carry on this heritage and brand’s reputation started to dissolve. After having financial problems, Lancia disappeared from the automotive business. Then Fiat bought the company launched the brand again. And when I read about new Delta model, I was expecting to see contemporary interpretation of Delta Integrale but the result was catastrophic. This new car was totally destroyed the legend of Delta Integrale. Lancia should have preferred a different name for this car and reserve this brand as an asset to use it later on. However, they didn’t do this and revealed a family car.
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Most of my friends are always asking which car I should buy and I am suggesting some brand which could satisfy their needs.
My Greek friends Stratos is looking for a car and he doesn’t like easily. But he is very lucky, there is car absolutely designed for him. Lancia Stratos; the only problem is, car is not produced anymore.
I hope that Stratos will read this when he comes back from military :)