Mr Porter iPhone Application: Style Icons from Automotive World

Mr Porter is a brand of Net-A-Porter online premium luxury women shopping. Some people may never heard of Net-A-Porter. So, I would like to give a brief information. Net-A-Porter is the most expensive women online shopping place, it is a dream place for many women. And recently, Net-A-Porter started men version, Mr Porter. It has the same concept with Net-A-Porter but only for men!
Mr Porter offers an iPhone application to improve men style. That’s a really good decision, some people really need to improve their style! I hope they will install this application :)
In Mr Porter iPhone application, some of the style icons can be browsed. And there are three names who are very well-known in automotive industry; Stefan WinkelmannCEO of Lamborghini, Gianni Agnelli President of Fiat and Lapo Elkann grandson of Gianni Agnelli and responsible of brand promotion in Fiat.
Interestingly, there are no other names in this list from automotive industry and existing ones are from Italian brands. I think Mr Porter missed some names from United Kingdom, let’s be honest there are quite some people in UK automotive industry with their own style!

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