Hermes LEGO Birkin Bag: The Most Affordable Hermes

Hermes LEGO Birkin bag is made from Lego and inspired from the original Hermes Birkin bag. 
This bag is made from original LEGO bricks are used. As a result of this, Hermes LEGO Birkin can be named as the most luxury nerdy bag. And many people will not have the tendency to buy it!
However, the reality is totally different. Hermes introduced LEGO Birkin bag with a reasonable price tag. According to newspapers, it will be priced at £89! For this price, you cannot really buy anything Hermes and many people will definitely rush into this LEGO Birkin bag. Even though, they are not fan of LEGO or not a nerd at all.
LEGO Birkin will be the most affordable Hermes bag ever sold! And I can imagine the impact on daily life. We will see this bag with many people so much, it might become more common than a Louis Vuitton bag! At the same time, those people may not be happy with this nerdy Hermes LEGO bag but the price will vanish everything.

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Which Company is the Largest Tyre Manufacturer? It is Lego!

Lego is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world! I am not joking, this is the truth. Lego produces 381 million tyres each year and nearly half of the Lego sets include a tyre.
With this staggering number, Lego overtook the giant tyre manufactures Michelin (184 million), Goodyear (181 million), and Brigestone (190 million) by far!

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