Lexus LF-CC: Sport Car with Superb Efficiency

Lexus LF-CC is the new concept car for the Paris 2012 Motor Show. For many years, I never liked any model of Lexus due to its design. Lexus is not designed badly but it wasn’t giving a message or reflecting its character and, not charming at all.
However, with the Lexus LF-CC things have totally changed! I really like the LF-CC in terms of design and I am sure that many people will share the same thoughts with me. Lexus defines this new design concept as L-finesse design language and gives a bold statement of the car. And we can see the influence of LFA.
Lexus LF-CC offers three-LED projector headlamp with separate daytime running lights. Interior offers newly designed human-machine interface; dashboard is divided into upper and lower zone. Upper zone with a multi-display screen and lower zone with a new-design shift lever and touch tracer display. Also, Lexus improved the ergonomic with the LF-CC with driver’s seat and location of the buttons around the dashboard.
As usual, Lexus LF-CC is a hybrid car. LF-CC is powered by a 2.5-lt full hybrid powertrain with CO2 level lower than 100 g/km. 2.5-lt engine is coupled with a high-output electric motor with high-performance battery.
I am definitely sure that, LF-CC is going to be one of the most efficient sports cars on the market.
Lexus LF-CC can be seen at Paris Motor Show on stand 120, hall 4 at 8.45 on 27 September.

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Crash Avoidance System: Mercedes – BMW – Audi

Pre-Collision (Crash Avoidance) system started with Mercedes S-Class in 2006, it was called BAS Plus. And it was only available with Mercedes. What is pre-collision system? Pre-Collision or Pre-Crash system works regardless of your cruise control system and scans the upcoming traffic all the time and applies maximum braking pressure if the drive does not respond or slow to react to a high possible crash. Even if you are driving without cruise control, Pre-Collision / Pre-Crash system scans the traffic and applies brakes if an accident is unavoidable.

Unfortunately, Pre-Collision / Pre-Crash system are available only with Mercedes, BMW, VW, Rolls Royce, Lexus, Audi. And don’t confuse with radar-guided cruise control that has braking function during cruise control is engaged. This system is not capable of stopping a car when driver is not using the cruise control. This is the main difference between radar-guided cruise control and pre-collision / pre-crash system.

Mercedes calls it BAS Plus, BMW calls it Collision Warning including Braking Assistance and Audi calls it Braking Guard. Other manufacturers created different names for the same system. Therefore, if you would like to have pre-collision / pre-crash system, you need to ask your dealer. Because, this system is not standard, you need to pay for it and it does worth it :)

Unfortunately, car manufacturers do not promote this system that much as I was expecting. And I really don’t know why.*I couldn’t find an exact video footage for BMW, existing one is from BMW’s Research & Development.


Autosport International 2012 Full Coverage

I have been blogging since the Autosport International 2012 started on Thursday and I realised that, I need to have a post for each article I posted during the show. Here they are!

And last video Caterham Live Action Arena

BMW M3 Chrome, BMW M5, BMW New 3 Series 
New Porsche 911, Porsche 918 RSR, Porsche 911 GT3, Porsche Cayman R
Aston Martin DBR9
Mini Countryman and WRC version, Original Mini
Subaru Impreza
Ferrari 458, Ferrari 250 GTO
Lexus LFA
Jaguar XJR-S
Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Defender
Audi R8 GT
McLaren MP4-12C
Nissan GTR
Lamborghini Gallardo
Classic F1 Race Car, present F1 cars
Porsche 550 Spyder and LeMans racer 
Drayson Electric Racing Car
Ariel Atom 
Bugatti Veyron’s brake disk
Ford Focus and Fiesta WRC
David Coulthard
Fiat 500 Van
Pop Bang Colour
First day photos
A Fashion Statement by Ginetta
Second day photos with Tiff Needell
Models from the show
Porsche Stand
Third and Fourth Days


Autosport International 2012 Day 2

You can find the new photos from the Autosport International 2012. The show takes place in a very big area, one day was not enough to see everything.

And I met with Tiff Needell. He was very nice person and friendly to chat. It was a great chance to met with him.

More photos are available at Facebook Gallery
For more information Autosport International.


Motor Expo, Canary Wharf, London

If you did not have time to visit Motor Expo this year, here you have the chance to see all the vehicles!

Mercedes New SLK
Mercedes New C Coupe
Mercedes SLS AMG
Mercedes Actros
Mercedes CLS 63 AMG
Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover
Range Rover Sport
Land Rover Discovery
Nissan Leaf
Lexus LFA
Jaguar XJ
Jaguar XF
Jaguar XFR
Jaguar XK
Jaguar XKR-S
Bentley Continental GT
Bentley Continental GTC Ice Record
Bentley Continental GT Flying Spur
BMW 6 Series Cabrio
Mini Countryman

You can find the album on Facebook Page!

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Car of the Day # 13 Lexus LFA

Finally I saw the Lexus’s performance car in Motor Expo Canary Wharf, London. It does not look really different but sounds extremely different.

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Lexus Luggage

Today Lexus announced its new product range. Don’t expect to hear a new car, that is the new luggage series. Like Porsche, Lexus decided to extend its brand with luggage and they expect people to buy them! However, there is a serious problem with Lexus. Unfortunately, except USA nobody likes Lexus. Even in Japan people don’t drive Lexus that much, they prefer Mercedes. Basically, Lexus is the king only in USA and not in Europe.
Sure, Lexus is a good car and reliable and efficient and boring and lack of passion (CT 200h is not that bad but not that good either). These types of positive and negative sides can be found in other brands also, however what makes them different is the emotional bond among the brand and the consumers. Therefore, we buy Porsche Design products and visit Ferrari Stores. These brands also have adverse sides but the emotional approach overcomes on those.
Unfortunately, Lexus does not have that type of bond among consumers. So, I am not expecting to see Lexus luggage that often.

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Toyota and Lexus are calling us again

This is a social responsibility post!
I recently read the news about Lexus and Toyota recall about brake fluid. Based on press release, brake hydraulic may leak from brake master cylinder and your brake will flash and you will lose some of your braking power.
More basically; if your brake fluid escapes from the car and your brake pedal feels like chewing gum, there is one explanation for this. You are done!! That small brake light which is flashing is the thin line between live and death. So if you have any of these very dull looking, boring, very boring Lexus or Toyota cars start running to workshop. I know new cars looks like Playstation games but there is no restart button!!! So, don’t waste your time going around internet and go to workshop now :)
The interesting point of this recall, what was Toyota thinking while designing the brake system. Come on, hydraulic brake system is older than electric windows. And they should have more experience of brake systems than heating system!
Toyota Recall
Lexus Recall

Do you want fake engine noise for your car ?

Since the hybrid phenomenon started a question popped up in my brain. The hybrid cars have the capability to drive through electric motor thanks to batteries. And also they are very silent, efficient and you know the rest. Hybrids are the tree huggers!
But there was a minor detail many people ignored! The electric engines are too silent, that’s not something bad but they too silent for pedestrians. You won’t notice this until a hybrid was one meter away to hit you.
The ultra silent hybrids emerged a new problem of car sound. Because, many of us understand that a car is approaching to us by hearing the engine noise. And hybrids do not have an engine noise while they are using the electric motor. So, we will not hear anything and hybrid might crash to us. I think there are some incidents have happened.
Today Toyota announced that, they will be coupling hybrid vehicles with virtual engine noise! I have never seen more ridiculous that this. A car is making faking noise !?! I hope they will be working with game companies. I cannot imagine this hilarious condition of automotive business. They are trying to find ways to make fake engine noise. I am sure some tuning companies will remap the noise and your Toyota Prius can sound like a Ferrari :)
I am sure some ladies are reading this blog, and I would like provide a different explanation. Hybrids situation is like making fake noises for your high heels and help other people to realize that you are approaching. It is that simple :)
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Toyota, Lexus

Enviromental Bicycle by Lexus :O

In automotive industry you can find many interesting things! As I mentioned earlier, you can have Porsche power drill, weird looking car branded shoes, pointlessly expensive car branded pencils and many interesting things, until now. Today, the world’s the most boring car brand announced something more pointless than Porsche’s power drill. Hybrid bicycle! Yes, a hybrid, an environmental bicycle. People who has nobody about hybrids, I would like to explain quickly. Hybrid is a technology which combine electric and petrol engine together to reduce CO2 level and offer more economy. This technology is designed for vehicle which are running with combustion engine not with feet!
Lexus’s obsession with hybrid concept helped to reveal this ultimately pointless bicycle. Who on earth will going to buy a hybrid bicycle. I know there are many people who bought Apple iPad without knowing what to do with that but this is more pointless than iPad. Bicycle suppose to be ride by feet for sport or for fitness not to save the earth! Or to show off that I care environment and I ride this pointless thing.
The batteries are charged by regenerative brakes, I hope that these brakes are working properly. And it has 8 speed auto gearbox with 240W electric motor. Actually there is one thing nice in this bike, its design. Lexus’s success on dull design on cars cannot be seen on this bicycle and I do hope that they will try this on their cars also ;)
Pictures are taken from;
Lexus and Worldcarfans Websites