New London Black Cab from Karsan at Motor Expo London

New London black cab, from Karsan. Last week, during my visit to Motor Expo London, I had chance to see the new candidate for London’s black cab from Karsan Concept V1. I assume you may not know the Karsan, so here some information. Karsan is a Turkish automotive manufacturing company working with many global partners. And recently, they have designed a full electric black cab for London.

I had the chance to experience the potential new London black cab! Interior is very spacious and thanks to glass roof, sunlight enters directly to inside and for UK weather conditions this is something really good! Karsan’s black cab is electric powered and can be charged from the station all around the London and also the turning circle is the same with the traditional London black cab. Lastly, the instrument panel is a digital screen like other car on the market. Personally, I couldn’t get use to this new full digital screen instrument panel, I still like the traditional dials!

Overall, I couldn’t find anything really to complain. And they also mentioned that the rear suspension is better than the existing London black cab. This is real plus. Moreover, similar to London black cab, Karsan’s black cab is only available as black cab! Like the other brands, Karsan is not selling this black cab as a passenger vehicle or to any other market. Unique to UK! My personal opinion about this black cab is the contemporary interpretation of the iconic black cab. Especially unique sales strategy emphasise this!

And I have no idea what is that YouTube button on the navigation screen :)