Improved McLaren MP4-12C at London Dealer

McLaren MP4-12C is the second car wholly designed and manufactured by McLaren after McLaren F1. MP4-12C does not have a very charming and marketing friendly model name but that’s the only drawback. MP4-12C is designed by Frank Stephenson and you can watch my interview with him about MP4-12C on YouTube.
Last week, I visited the McLaren’s London dealer in Knightsbridge, placed under the most expensive apartment One Hyde Park. Like the factory, McLaren dealer is designed with perfection. And they show the improved version of MP4-12C with a special colour, Kiwi Green.
This MP4-12C is no different than the previous one, actually only minor things have changed and except vehicle rise system and door button, the rest of the software upgrade can be applied to existing owners with no extra cost.
The revised MP4-12C has more power, 625 HP without any revision on engine or exhaust, just a new software. New gearbox software to improve gear shifts. There is a new lightweight wheel design. Software update on in-car entertainment system to improve sound system and experience.
Unfortunately, physical door button is not available to apply to existing vehicles due to technical issues. But, it is better than the touch sensitive button. And I was sure that, McLaren is going to replace iPhone style door opening system. It was too sensitive for adverse weather conditions. Another cleaver feature that cannot be applied is the rising vehicle for speed bumps and adverse road conditions. This is a must for fast cars!
And McLaren is going to keep developing the MP4-12C and offer these updates with no extra cost to existing owners. Because, McLaren is a Formula 1 company and each season the F1 car is developed all the time. Therefore, McLaren transferred this philosophy mass production road car, MP4-12C to reflect McLaren DNA.
And thanks for the great hospitality to McLaren London Dealer.


Finally the New Range Rover with James Bond Inspiration, my 1000th Post

New Range Rover is my 1000th post in my blog.

New Range Rover is recently revealed to public in the Royal Ballet School, Richmond Park, London. New Range Rover looks like the combination of Evoque and the present Range Rover in term of exterior, therefore I didn’t like that much. It looks good, unfortunately not ground-breaking.

(The press event of the new Range Rover reminded one thing, James Bond. Because, the new Range Rover came out from the water like Bond girls coming out form the sea. Range Rover’s product placements in James Bond movies might have influence. Dr. No: Ursula Andress, Die Another Day: Halle Berry.)

However, the technology underneath the new Range Rover increased the bar higher. The present model was not able to offer the technologies you may find in German SUVs, especially in terms of safety systems. New Range Rover now offers; Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assistfeature enables to complete stop and available at low speeds, Intelligent Emergency Braking (with Advanced Emergency Brake Assist) brakes the vehicle if the upcoming traffic is too close or the driver is not responding to a potential collision (This is a great function and it is enough to buy the new Range Rover), Blind Spot Monitoring, Dynamic Response active lean control, another great feature is Reverse Traffic Detection warns driver for potential collisions during reversing and this is another must have feature as the Range Rover is big and may hard to reverse for some drivers and lastly Surround Camera System with T junction view feature.
Now the interior features of the new Range Rover (Now Range Rover offers the same luxury like in Mercedes S-Class); soft door close, power upper and lower tailgates for boot, cooler compartments, electrically deployable towbar, Land Rover classic Meridian audio system, 8-inch central screen , voice control, multi-massage seats and Executive Class rear seat (Two individual seats) and LED ambient lighting. And I hope that Range Rover’s navigation screen and instrument panel’s screens are improved and faster CPU is available, so go around the menus will be faster.
And the best bit, I like is the leather covered gear knob :)
New Range Rover 310 kg lighter and features new engines. V8 Supercharged produces 510 PS and reach to 100 kph (62 mph) 5.1 seconds (0.8 faster than previous one) and %9 more efficient.  3-lt diesel engine TDV6 produces 258 PS and 4.4-lt SDV8 diesel produces 339 PS. And SDV8 is %22 more efficient than the previous model. And I hope that 4.4-lt SDV8 will not ruin the weight balance.

And price starts from £70,000 and end up at £100,000!

Finally, the Range Rover may look quite similar to previous model but it is obvious that Land Rover realised the risk of new Bentley SUV and improved the technology and interior way beyond my expectations. Now Range Rover is ready for the Bentley SUV and compete with German SUVs way better than ever.

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New Hugo Boss Store in London

Hugo Boss recently opened their flagship store in Stratford, London. Here is the promotional video!

Audi City London Dealer Video

Audi City is a new concept from Audi for dealership network. I was thinking about the same technology and shared it with some British car companies and they said “no”. I assume, I should have spoken with Audi.
Audi City is a dealer where you can experience Audi vehicles and their technology in a state-of-art building. And Audi City is the new must see places in London.
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Christian Louboutin London Design Museum Exhibition

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Luke Hayes

Lamborghini Uncovered London

Lamborghini UK (HR Owen) exhibited very unique models of the Lamborghini brand all over London. Unfortunately, I did not have opportunity to visit this amazing exhibition to see Lamborghini heritage from the Miura to Aventador. 
Hopefully, HR Owen released a YouTube video from the exhibition. People who missed this event like me should not miss this video.
The cars shown in the exhibition are; 350GT, Miura SV, Countach 25th, Diablo 6.0 SE, Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster, Aventador.LP700-4.

BMW i Store in London with i3

BMW i Series started as a concept vehicles, moved to production and now there is a dealer for i Series. Couple of months ago I visited the BMW dealer in Park Lane, actually I couldn’t visit because it was under construction. I was thinking, BMW will refurbish the dealer and open again. However, it did not happen like that! BMW opened the first i Series Store in Park Lane, London.

Now, you have the opportunity to see the future of mobility by BMW in Park Lane, London. BMW i3 and i Pedelec bicycle. BMW i3 is powered by an electric motor with 170 PS of power and 250 Nm of torque with the top speed of 150 kph (95 mph). And BMW i Pedelec produces 250 W of power with 20 Nm of torque with the top speed of 25 kph (16 mph).

If you want to see more, visit the BMW i Store in Park Lane, London.

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Victoria’s Secret London Store – UPDATED

Victoria’s Secret London Store. I am sure you were searching for that on Google and you end up here :)
So here is the address and photo of the future Victoria’s Secret London Store. New Bond Street, W1S, London, and here is the proof :)


Victoria’s Secret New Bond Street store will not open on 25 July but Westfield Stratford Store will be open on 24 July!