Which will extend more? Porsche vs. Louis Vuitton

Car and fashion brands share similar symptoms in terms of marketing. They all try to charge more for with new products, prices are over-priced and they love to extend the product line. When it comes to product line extension nobody can compete with Porsche 911 range. Thanks to Porsche AG, 911 is the most extended car line on earth. Now there are 20 different 911s, I know that each model is targeting some particular customer group. Each car expresses a different feeling and etc, etc, etc. Basically, Porsche has lots of potential customers and Porsche does not wish to lose them :) So they introduce every kind of 911 to catch each niche segment. Actually they are pretty good at this though! Even though I don’t like it in terms of emotions but it works well to generate cash.
I noticed the same thing with Louis Vuitton also, they have lots of hand bags. Come one they do the same thing! And some of them are really ugly and expensive, who is buying those things !?! I am sure if I ask LV or anyone interested in fashion will give very good reason for each bag like reasons for twenty different 911s. From the LV perspective; whatever you do, do it with LV bag! Reasonable and good strategy and turn product range into mass :)
In my opinion the best 911 is the Turbo and the best LV is the suitcase :)
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Mini the Mini: I don’t want anymore new Minis!!!!!

Mini became very aggressive to extend its product range like a handbag company. Their aim is to make more money, more cars and more dullness. Actually dullness is very subjective for Mini. For many people, Mini is something really special like an iPhone but they don’t know why they buy it. Mini is the best handling small car on market with independent rear suspension and communicative steering wheel, but who care? I guess only twenty percentage of the current owners pay attention to these details and the rest is a consequence of popular culture. Therefore I compare Mini with handbag brands.
Instead of being exclusive, Mini decided to offer anything kind of weird vehicle. With the last innovation Mini Countryman, they shifted into a new level of craziness. I think these creative ideas are coming from Germany, BMW HQ. British brands are not obsessed with extension this much.
Extending vehicle range like extending handbag range, helps to generate more money but also helps to ignore your core values. For instance, Mini as a size! But with Countryman, the small SUV of Mini is far beyond mini size. That’s a huge SUV for Mini and introduced with the urgency to eat the market share before Range Rover Evoque arrives next summer.
I thought this very creative marketing strategy ends up with Countryman but noooo! Mini is planning to introduce more interesting vehicles; two doors Countryman and a three seated city Mini. I really wonder what was the aim of current Mini? Did not market it as a small city car? And now you will introduce a Mini for city.
I really wonder where you have these ideas to introduce really “interesting” vehicles like these. Which expensive marketing report is suggesting that, there are some people on earth who don’t like current Mini and found it big and they want to have a city Mini with three seats! If you ever read this blog please let me know through the email button in the right hand corner.
As Mini introduces more “interesting” vehicles, it will be become a more senseless brand. Good thing is, you will be marketing lecture books as an adverse example!
The undercovered Mini will be revealed in London on 23rd of September at London Design Festival and BMW design will be there. Don’t miss it ;)
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Pink perspective to automotive business

Right now I am trying to focus on totally something else and avoid writing on my blog. Because I have to concentrate on that subject! Anyway, as you are reading this post my concentration is diverted from that subject to this subject.
Enough with that and this game. I notice something very important for automotive business, I know none of the manufacturer will take it serious but I want to say it :) If you read any consumption report from shinny consultancy firms, you will notice that women don’t care about the price and they want to buy it when they see anything. Therefore, nothing is left on women sections of any department store. We can assume that, women buy with high price and ignore to wait until sales.
This is an important motivation to sell car which are hopeless or they don’t promise any muscular identity. Of course you cannot offer pink coloured Mercedes G Wagon, it has too much testosterone hormone for being pink. But there are some cars which have no hormones! For instance Nissan Micra. My dear blogger friend Iconjane has one. And I know many other girls who own a Micra. Micra is a women car, or in terms of German it has feminine article, Die. You cannot turn Micra into a VW Polo GTi! Micra’s target market is very clear, women!
For instance Fiat 500 is neutral car. It is neither male nor female. In terms of German, that is Das (neutral article). You can offer Abarth version with more horses and you can offer Barbie edition. It is very flexible product. 500 does not give the same message like Micra, “I am female or this car belongs to my wife”.
I cannot ignore the Honda Jazz also, that’s a women car and offers pink. Also Toyota Prius, kind of women car. Electric engine, no proper reason to buy, too silent, too boring; basically it does not offer any excitement. Actually that’s a hopeless car.
Anyway, my suggestion is to offer special women editions for these cars. Christian Louboutin edition, Chanel No.5 (I have no idea how to turn a car into a No.5), Louis Vuitton edition or pink edition. It should motivate women customers to buy! As usual with higher price, this is the basic of automotive business always charge more! So, if you have a women orientated or hopeless car focus on catching women’s’ attention, they would love it :)
By the way, men also spend pointless money on Ferrari Store and Porsche Design store. How do I know, I just look at the mirror !

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Fiat 500 cover by Louis Vuitton

Yesterday Fiat announced their new micro sized petrol engine. 0,9lt engine with just two cylinders and producing up to 105 horsepower. Yes, it is less than one litre and two cylinders. Technically it is slightly bigger than a iPad!
This new TwinAir micro sized engine is also greener and producing less CO2, but I don’t know how much it is. Fiat did not provide any data for this. 0,9lt engine with two cylinders cannot make more CO2 than a couple of trees.
Fiat 500 is my most favourite car. Unlike Mini, this car has its own unique soul. You can find the excitement of the original 500 and touch of quality with reasonable price. That’s main point that diversifies from Mini, a normal price not a price of a small island for a small car.
Honestly, Fiat 500 is giving you everything which you can need in a car. Electronic climate control, glass roof, leather seat, automatic gearbox, micro sized engine, excellent design, xenon headlights, safety features and many other abbreviations. All of these things are packed in a very normal price! Apple is offering many thing with iPhone 4 but charging catastrophic amount of money.
When we talked about iPhone, we cannot ignore the sexy stuff of iPhone. Actually major reason to own one. Louis Vuitton accessories! LV is offering very sexy and expensive bag for iPhone, iPad and iPod. High quality finished leather is covering your ridiculously expensive gadgets. When I thought about the size of two cylinder Fiat 500 engine, I guess LV can make a bag for it. As you can see from the pictures, engine is that small.
Actually I have a better idea for LV. They should start to offer car covers and start from Fiat 500. You will have a leather car cover which will fit exactly to your car. For example; Fiat 500 cover will fit only to Fiat 500, nothing else! Of course it will be leather with LV logos everywhere. I guess many people will buy this cover, even if their car is parked somewhere inside.
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Addiction to boot by Mercedes and BMW

Mercedes and BMW have something in common; they love to put a boot into every car they produce. That’s not something unusual and people are looking for a boot in a car. However, boot is a very relative subject for cars. If you are planning to sell your car to families, you suppose to offer a boot which is big enough swallow everything inside. It is same for SUVs also, it should take everything inside :)
But you should not try to imply this mentality into cars with huge amount of horsepower or cars which are suppose to be remembered as fast car! BMW and Mercedes are the two very interesting car manufacturer which are trying to attach bigger boot as they create bigger horsepower. Especially Mercedes attaches a boot to every car except CLK GTR. SLR has a boot, SL has a boot, SLS AMG has a boot and E 63 Estate and BMW M5 are just boots nothing more. And those boots are huge, believe me. They are too big! I really wonder which customer is preferring a very powerful car based on its ability for Sunday family shopping.
If people care too much about boot size, nobody would buy a Ferrari or Porsche. They will be bankrupted due to lack of demand but they make huge amount money!
This situation can be summarized for ladies; boots are like handbags. It suppose to swallow everything inside but at the same time, it should be fashionable. You cannot be fashionable, if you are carrying a luggage with you all the time! It will take everything inside but it will looking extremely dull! You don’t choose handbags based on their ability to swallow things inside, you prefer for their design and their look. For fast cars, it is the same! Nobody cars about the boot size :)
Mercedes and BMW’s approach to fast car is like; Louis Vuitton’s attempt to integrate luggage and handbag together to make something very functional! If you are going to buy a Mercedes E63 AMG Estate or BMW M5 Estate car, you will be trying to buy a luggage handbag :)
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Spot the 911 differences in Louis Vuitton

Porsche 911 is the most iconic car which you can buy. 911 did not lost its soul and character more than forty years and it is the perfection of automotive. From the door handle to steering wheel, 911 is the top level of automotive engineering. Making the same car for more than forty years is not something very usual to see in automotive industry, especially a normal life cycle of a car is seven years. After that seven years, only the brand remains the same, the rest totally changes. But in 911, nothing has changed since it was first designed!
However, during last forty years marketing has changed! And we learned something called product range extension! This is helps to increase produce range by offering different kind of tastes, like Louis Vuitton is offering the same hand bag with different cover but they are the same! I am sure that if you ask Louis Vuitton, they can tell you one hundred different reasons why they are offering the same handbag with different looking! Interestingly, this is the same with Porsche 911. Now it has more than fourteen different types.
You can have 911 Carrera or Carrera 4 or Carrera S or Carrera 4S or Turbo or Turbo S or GT2 RS or GT3 or GT3 RS and this goes like that forever. You have to study for one month to memorize every single model! Like Louis Vuitton, it is a bit annoying. Because, Porsche is charging different prices for minor differences even the Ferdinand Porsche cannot realize those details.
I am sure, you can understand the difference in Nürburgring. Yes, all of us hang out in Nürburgring everyday! I wanted to find out the differences, but I didn’t go to Germany I just log onto their website. And I wanted to find out what are the differences of 911 GT2 RS, GT3 and GT3 RS!
Basically, they are all same. Designed for circuit, when you drive them in daily basis, your lungs will change their places with your kidneys. They are aimed to be light and to be fast. They are not offering much comfort and this will kill your back! Actually, I analysed their technical details but I don’t want to write them here. What I found out is, Porsche 911 GT2 RS is the best option. It is the fastest, the most economical, the lightest and the hugs trees with the lowest emission levels.
So if you are going to buy a hardcore Porsche 911, you don’t need to look for each model! Just buy the 911 GT2 RS which develops 620 horsepower, reaches 100 km/h in 3,5 seconds and top speed of 330 km/h! Who cares the other options ;) For Louis Vuitton, I think you should prefer the cheapest one, because they don’t offer any detail :)

Technical Details (As seen order);

Porsche 911 GT2 RS:
Porsche 911 GT3:
Porsche 911 GT3 RS:

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Hyundai vs. Louis Vuitton

Hyundia and Louis Vuitton are totally two different planets. They have share nothing in common! Their target groups are different, people who preffer Louis Vuitton don’t prefer Hyundia and it goes on like this. I know there might be some exceptions but they are totally two different brands. Until now!
Recently Hyundia US started to show a new commercial for New Sonata which using luxury icons like lobster, caviar, mega yacht and luxury basket ball. However, there something odd here! Boys are playing with a ball which has the same brown color with Louis Vuitton bags! And the logos on the ball are recalling LV. Actually Hyundia did not accept this and they are on court right now. Interesting case ;)
Here is the commercial; or click this link


Chanel – Aston Martin

I only owned one thing from Chanel and it was fragrance Allure. But it was not that extremely popular like other brands, it had something different! Since the Chanel introduced to fashion market, Chanel did not focus on agressive marketing strategy to extend the brand to extremey edge. They were offering clothes to women and they still many offer cloths to women. For marketing and financial perspective, Armani is doing better as they offer Armani brand in different segment and for different target groups. On the other hand, targeting many groups has the hidden danger of killing being exclusive! We can see Louis Vuitton hand bag in anywhere on this planet and I cannot say LV is very exclusive brand. Also there are not many Chanel stores like LV stores! However, you don’t notice Chanel bag or anything with Chanel very easily, unless you know Chanel quite well! Only people who know Chanel can notice you! And you should a female to have this privilege.
There is similar brand to Chanel in automotive industry, Aston Martin. Like Chanel, Aston Martin suffered financial problems, lack of sufficient demand but never focused on revealing an SUV (except concept vehicle) or extending product range which are not affiliated with Aston Martin. You can recognize Aston Martin easily from its exhaust noise but not everyone can understand this. Aston Martin is a noticeable car with its magnificent design like Chanel but some people cannot recognize the brand very easily unlike Ferrari. Also you cannot buy Aston Martin from everywhere, it has quite limited dealer network. And people who want to be really exclusive prefer Aston Martin, knowing that a Ferrari can offer better technology or a Porsche offers better comfort and safety. That’s the thing which keeps unique brand alive!
I am not fashion expert, for any mistakes or errors please leave a comment :)
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Aston Martin Website

Louis Vuitton and Mercedes G Class

Mercedes G Class is one of my favourite cars on earth. Most of you may have never heard of Mercedes G or you did not notice it on street. This vehicle can be considered as the grandfather of SUVs! It is still on production since 1979 and exterior design of this vehicle did not change significantly. You can buy 1979 G Class and replace some parts and it will look 2010! For me, G Class is a really cool car. It never changed its character and did not change its face. I know, Range Rover have similar characteristics but Range Rover changed its face many times and it is on everywhere! I do love Range Rover but I don’t find it cool like a G Class.
Despite these exquisite advantages of G Class, it is a nerve breaking car to drive. This car is equipped with three differential locks, which you cannot find in any other competitor. Front, centre and rear; when you use them all, you don’t need any ESP or ASR. Actually, system disengages all these things when you engage differential locks. As the steering is not light, doors are not easy to close, there is no sign of aerodynamics, handling is designed for off road, there is not front parking sensors (actually with those bumpers you don’t one!) and many more things are not available which can be found in any normal Mercedes. However, if you only have a compass and you don’t want to follow the road, this is the very few vehicles which could go straight to your destination by avoiding any natural obstacle. The main differentiating point of G Class is; its production. It is still made by hand in Austria. Yes, Mercedes does not mention this but it is one of the very rare vehicles which are built by hand.
However, this vehicle is very popular in US, especially in celebrities. I don’t know why but they love to drive G 55 AMG and bear the difficulties of G Class! Because, it is cool ;)
Now I want to talk about the Louis Vuitton. I don’t need to give information about LV, we all know it. If you have lots of money, you will buy one whatever they sell! Their marketing strategies which are targeting every living organism on earth. This helps us to see LV more than Toyota pickups in anywhere! For many people, LV is a luxury or snob hand bag manufacturer and this is kind of true. But LV did not start business with hand bags, they started with luggage. Luggage which did not change much for many years like Mercedes G Class. They are still made by hand, cornered, may be heavier than Samsonite. Those cornered hard luggage are keeping LV brand exclusive, if I had money to buy a luxury luggage I would not buy modern LV, I would go for the classic one. Because, that luggage reflects the LV’s character. Like, Mercedes G Class is reflecting pure off roader and also success of Mercedes in automotive.
If you could afford to buy Mercedes G Class, please try to buy old style LV luggage. Like G Class, you cannot see both of them very often and nobody really know them very well. But they are the best one ;)
Here is a video about G Class production;