Carlos Sainz from 1990s

Carlos Sainz, if you were born in 1980s, I am definitely sure you know who he is. Otherwise, let me give a brief information. Before WRC was overtaken by the Formula 1 during 1990s, Carlos Sainz was one of the most famous rally driver. And at the same years, Ayrton Senna was leading at Formula 1. As the years passed, WRC started to disappear but Carlos Sainz kept racing. During his career, Sainz made the Toyota Celica one of the most desirable car during 1990s. Then Lancia Delta Integrale, Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Toyota Corolla WRC, Ford Focus WRC, Citroen Xsara WRC. Latter on 2007, Volkswagen Race Touareg at Dakar Rally.

Sainz is one of the most iconic rally drivers I have ever seen. And probably he will be remembered with his victories in future. Even though, I am not keeping up with the WRC but still checking what Sainz is doing nowadays. And also I cannot miss Luis Moya, his legendary co-pilot. These two names were bonded strongly with WRC during 1990s. If you ask someone what you remember from WRC from 1990s, they will say Sainz and Moya.

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Citroen, VW